12-time Grammy-Award-winning R&B singer Kenneth Edmonds, aka "Babyface," referred to as this townhouse home.Evan Joseph

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A turtle Bay townhouse once owned by 12-time Grammy-Award-winning R&B singer/composer/producer Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds is ago on the industry for $5.69 million.

The five-story home, at 241 E. 52nd St., was constructed in 1899.

At 15 feet wide, that is slender yet elegant, and features 3 bedrooms, three and a fifty percent bathrooms — add to a personal garden and also terrace.

Inside, the 2,700-square-foot residence boasts 6 fireplaces, a French nation kitchen, and also original details favor a wrought-iron spiral staircase, high ceilings and also custom millwork.

Outside, there’s a 50-foot garden through a terra cotta patio, a stone paved terrazzo and also a cabana that serves as an outdoor life room.

There’s likewise four Sycamore trees surrounded by tall stucco walls that market unusual privacy in the middle of Manhattan.

At simply 15 feet wide, it’s a skinny spread. Credit: Evan Joseph
A formal living room looks the end at the trees.Credit: Evan Joseph
The home’s initial staircase has been preserved. Credit: Evan Joseph
The house boasts six fireplaces.Credit: Evan Joseph
There is a dining room because that entertaining….or need to it be an entertaining dining room?Credit: Evan Joseph
The small kitchen is inspired by a French country house.Credit: Evan Joseph
The backyard has an outdoor life room perfect because that grooving in.Credit: Evan Joseph

Edmonds lived right here from 1998 come 2004 and also by 2014, the home had sold come a MetLife exec because that $5 million.

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Due to the fact that then, the home has been stripped that its R&B details: for instance, a record studio has since transformed right into a 700-bottle wine cellar.

The listing brokers room Douglas Elliman’s Kirsten Jordan, the Million dollar Listing brand-new York, and also Nicholas Lounsbury.