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What ever happened come Banquet cook bags? (American, brand, buy)
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i think they to be awesome carry them back they space perfect fopr choose me ups ns dont know where they have them please carry that back
Aside native the increase of microwaves, the is. In my bachelor days, those little frozen blobs of chicken a la king, salisbury steak, red sauce, etc. Were my go-to warm meals. Anyone else miss out on the days of boiling their food in a plastic bag, closely extracting the bag native the scalding pot, frantically in search of scissors to reduced open the bag, climate dodging the fiery components as castle splashed ~ above the plate? On second rhought, maybe we"re much better off without BBBs.
no i wish they would certainly come back. I needed to shed weight and I ate these for lunch and was really filling and also I lost about 130lb in less than a year. Loved the Turkey and gravy an Roast Beef and also gravy and the chipped beef and Salisbury steak. Please bring them back.
Please bring ago the Banquet boil Bag Meals. Ns loved them every and very handy come take for lunch. Loved the Turkey and Gravy also Roast Beef and Gravy, Salisbury Steak, Chipped Beef. The Turkey and Beef only had approximately 78-80 calories and the Salisbury Steak didn"t have a lot either. I shed over 130lb using these as my having lunch at work with 35 calorie bread. Very filling. I would love to be able to buy this again. When we find something really good they stop making that or we can"t find it anymore. Wish good things it is in left alone.
Please bring ago the Banquet boiling Bag Meals. I loved them all and an extremely handy come take because that lunch. Love the Turkey and also Gravy additionally Roast Beef and also Gravy, Salisbury Steak, Chipped Beef. The Turkey and Beef just had about 78-80 calories and also the Salisbury Steak didn"t have actually a many either. I lost over 130lb using these together my having lunch at job-related with 35 calorie bread. An extremely filling. I would certainly love to be able to buy these again. As soon as we find something really good they battered making the or we can"t discover it anymore. Wish great things be left alone.
Write to the Banquet agency and ask lock to lug them back. This forum has nothing to perform with it, it"s for opinions and questions.

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I mental those. My grandma supplied to do them because that lunch. I entirely forgot about them. This brings earlier memories. LOL
Tabatchnick soups (as well as creamed spinach) room in bags that deserve to be made in boiling water (or you deserve to remove the product native the bag and microwave in a perfect bowl)!
Ah, hell, I"d forgotten around those. Salisbury steak was my home-from-school lunch. Every one of the above brought earlier memories.But, microwaves, y"know.
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