MACON, Georgia (WMGT/ – neighborhood bands and also dance groups are getting ready to placed on a big show in Macon.

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Hundreds of civilization are intended to fill Henderson stadion on Sunday for the yearly Battle the the Band.

Families have the right to expect food and music by AJ the DJ and DJ Smooth. Various other bands will certainly be in attendance favor Northest, Southwest and also M.A. Evans Elementary. Miles College will likewise perform during the event.

Organizers to speak this is an opportunity for the familyh to have a an excellent time in Macon.

“This is simply a funny day because that everybody, this present is made for everybody. Forget about the worries, forget around the troubles, and just come enjoy some good teams performing,” states Neal Haslem.

Gates open up Sunday in ~ 2:00PM. The occasion starts in ~ 4PM.

Tickets space $15. Every ticket sold will advantage the center Georgia High college Band Programs.

Tickets will certainly be obtainable for purchase directly from any kind of of the participating schools as well as at the Cherry blossom Festival Office (794 Cherry Street), Kali run Studio for the arts (493 2nd Street), and also Habersham Records and also Tapes (1477 Pio Nono Ave). You’ll additionally find ticket at Overtyme Bar & Grill in Macon and from Tracy Harper in Milledgeville.

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