From volcano cabins in Hawaii to Appalachian hill getaways, watch as these home buyers set out to find elaborate log cabin homes. Follow me the way, you'll redefine just how you think about log cabins.

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In 1974, president Ford bespeak the evacuation the Boston, OH. Theories as to why had the cover up of a mutation-causing chemistry spill; excessive paranormal activity; and Boston being taken over by a satanic cult. However what really happened in Helltown?

Bizarre foods items America is back with an additional helping that stateside adventures together chef, writer, and culinary explorer Andrew Zimmern continues his search to taste the weird and also wonderful foods that have the right to be uncovered in the US.

Jason Roberts and Nikki Dinki room going head to head through guilty satisfied favorites roughly the country. Will their healthier options win the end in a customer taste test, or will certainly they just get burned?

Join the Tennessee Wraith Chasers as they travel across the country, investigating America’s many haunted towns. From well known hotbeds favor Gettysburg and also Salem to tiny towns through dark pasts, Haunted towns explores the areas that shaped the darker chapters the American history.

For generations the Appalachian Mountains have actually had an ext sightings of mysterious creatures than anywhere else in the united States. Now a team the hardcore hunters and trappers room out to identify these unexplained creatures.
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Most world only fantasize about living on an island, yet we'll prove that an Island Life is feasible for anyone. Tropic dreamers will certainly be displayed island properties the fit into any kind of budget, native ultra-affordable to totally outrageous. We'll follow everyday families as they search for their own slice of paradise and also prove the fantasy deserve to be reality.
House Hunters walk island hopping as soon as the recent shoppers aren't simply looking to acquisition a home, they're looking to buy whole island! Follow families as they tour three separate private islands searching for the ultimate tropical getaway. Indigenous beachfront chateaus to multiple holidays homes, just one island will make the cut.
From cutting-edge futuristic designs to multi-million dollar restorations of standard RVs, this designers and also craftsmen carry outrageous, one-of-a-kind equipments to life. We'll follow as they race to their client's end up line!
Buyers get assist searching for their dream residences on the sand in exquisite coast destinations. Together with their agents, they tour properties prior to choosing houses that fit your budgets and also wish lists.
The 200 villagers of remote Tanana, Alaska, brave too much cold, challenging terrain and continuous danger to bring on a practically extinct method of subsistence living.

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Prepare to witness unusual and unexplainable occasions spawned native a tragedy that has actually left behind spirits established to wreak havoc. A Haunting speak the terrifying true story of the paranormal as told by the human being who skilled them
Ghost Asylum complies with a passionate paranormal team together they inspection the can be fried in ghost searching locations. Quite than emphasis on supposedly haunted homes, the members that TWC investigate some of the many terrifying asylums, sanitariums, and mental hospitals in the U.S.A.