Does anybody rather feel favor the Mandela impact is simply being thrown in ours faces? i cannot remember what various other commercial made me feel choose the ppl who check out the ME space being purposely targeted and also it’s gift thrown in our deals with like to deliberately say yes sir nothing we can do. I am therefore sick the the commercial the sings beam me increase scotty and also nicki Minaj also released a mix tape titled beam me up Scotty. If beam me increase Scotty was never ever said why would certainly doin any type of of this also make sense besides throwing that in ppl who the ME faces


Imo, this one is quite explainable because that a couple of reasons

it to be quoted together this all the moment in every referral to Star Trek, so it’s simple to misremember

he used plenty of versions similar to the so it’s easy to mash together number of examples and also make one false memory

it’s a small grammatical difference, so it’s feasible to just misremember in the very first place.

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They also made him to speak that specific version in the animated series as a nod to the commonly linked line.

This is so old and well known it has a wiki page. Star Trek fans supplied to gleefully tell human being "ackshually, it was never said in the collection itself". The existed together a meme before people even had means of recording the series so that is a mishmash of every the ways he asked to it is in beamed up.

It is an extremely common for stuff to be repeated in a snappy means outside the paper definition of TV / film. Again there is a whole wiki page of similar misquotes.


"Beam me up, Scotty" is a catchphrase the made its method into popular society from the scientific research fiction television series Star Trek: The original Series. It originates from the command Captain Kirk offers his chief engineer, Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, once he requirements to be transported ago to the Starship Enterprise. Though it has end up being irrevocably connected with the collection and films, the precise phrase was never actually spoken in any Star Trek tv episode or film. Despite this, the quote has end up being a phrase of its own over time.

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This is the an initial one I ever heard. I was like 18 at work and also found out that the was never said. You understand what ns did?

Realized my knowledge of beam me increase scotty to be from pop society and references and not from source material. Accepted civilization got the wrong but like a joke or rumor it acquired passed roughly from human being to person. Said huh chuckled and also moved on through my life.

Cause civilization misquote liens all the moment in star trek iv kirk states Scotty, beam me up. So people could have actually reversed it.

There to be a channel the did a Star Trek Voyager marathon once, they called the marathon "Beam Me Up, Totty". I can't remember i m sorry channel, yet the name stuck with me.

Sorry ns can't understand what you're trying come say? This came out in 2009.. Room you talking about it trending or..

I used to have a t-shirt with "Beam me increase Scotty" written on it however it's no an M.E because that myself.

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The Mandela result is a team of world realizing they remember things in different way than is typically known to be fact.