Recording at house is not proper without a box of audio interface since this tool is supplied to acquire a much more professional sound the end of her inputs for recording and also mixing in the computer. If friend are in search of a dependable box, Behringer UMC404HD vs Focusrite 2i4 space two appropriate models to walk from these famous audio equipment manufacturers. When they room equally a an excellent choice, you may want to see what they deserve to offer below before shopping so then us can choose better.

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In this article, us aregoing to give you details about:

The importance of Audio InterfaceWhat room Behringer UMC404HD and also Focusrite 2i4What Behringer UMC404HD and Focusrite 2i4 look LikeWhat Behringer UMC404HD and Focusrite 2i4 have the right to offer to youHow room the Sound top quality of Behringer UMC404HD and Focusrite 2i4Behringer UMC404HD vs Focusrite 2i4

Audio Interface

Recording at residence becameour an option for developing the an abilities and to walk the path of musician withouthaving come spend much renting a full sized studio which numerous of us have to do inthe past. Thanks to the breakthrough of an innovation which is not just make lifemore convenience but likewise for an ext people to reach what supplied to it is in untouchablefor countless of us back then. With a reasonably small budget, today we can currently geta reliable devices to assistance the recording procedure especially through the helpof plethora of music software.

Building a basic homestudio deserve to be together affordable or together expensive as you want it come be and also it alldepends ~ above the users or musician who room going to use the setup. If you aremaking music or songs with vocals and instruments, what we need will be theinput such together microphone and also a etc or keyboard, a computer for recordingprocess, and also then an output for monitoring objective whether the is speaker orheadphones as you choose better.

Among this equipment,we likewise need an additional box and also it is an audio user interface to be placed between yourinput and computer. This piece of hardware might come in different shapes andfashion yet most the them are covered in a box and also its main purpose is come expandor enhance the sonic capability of her computer. The most significant benefitof having actually one in her setup is we will obtain a dedicated port to plug a condensermics, instruments, and other signal to computer.

What’s an ext amazing, notonly lock will carry out the inputs through a ideal port, lock will likewise improvethe sound top quality of ours computer due to the fact that everytime us record brand-new track orlisten through the monitor, the user interface will reproduce a an ext accuraterepresentation that the sounds which is why an user interface is often deemed as anessential for anyone who room recording your music or producing centered on thecomputer. In addition, podcasters can additionally benefit native the performance of agood interface.

When looking for one, users may obtain overwhelmed by the wide selection of choices but first, the most vital thing will be deciding ~ above how plenty of ports you need because it is just one of the key reasons we have actually them. Most an easy models space equipped with two different inputs because that microphones and also instruments however if you room recording numerous sounds at as soon as such together drums set or recording with much more sources, the more, the far better so we can put each mic for each section properly.


About Behringer UMC404HD

If you want to improveyour all at once sound quality and also have already collection the budget plan to acquire a reliableaudio interface, currently is the time to shop for the unit. Those huge options isgreat to let us pick which the many ideal crate to carry home, yet it can be atime consuming as well. Because that those who want to shop quickly, you may want come seewhat other world are using due to the fact that the one that suits most people will have ahigh chance of to solve our choices as well.

Behringer is one of thebest choices when searching for a trustworthy audio equipment however with less budgetthan many of its competitors since they are famous to have actually lots ofbudget-friendly choices in the catalogue including for an audio interface.Especially because that anyone who plan to record several channels at once, the UMC404HDmodel is a very ideal choice for you because this model is already featuredwith 4 inputs v phantom power and also the renowned Midas amp for clean and also nicesound.

Behringer UMC404HD Design

As you have the right to see ~ above thesample picture above, this interface is very similar to many others in the sameline because all of them room coming v these black color fashion merged withsilver lining ~ above the prior part. What we look top top audio interface especially onbuild is the chassis and also a steel model like this one is nice to both keep theunit sturdy and long lasting. The knobs and buttons at the front room all nicelyattached come the box and also feels nice come operate.

Behringer UMC404HD Input and Output

When looking for an audio interface, the an initial thing you might want to take into consideration is the I/O because it is deciding how beneficial the devices will be in real-life operation. Together the surname suggest, Behringer UMC404HD is featured v 4 XLR/TRS inputs and Midas preamp behind for your microphones or instruments. Every of these inputs are likewise paired through their own obtain knob, Line/Inst switch button, and the Pad button with light indicator for users to keep their intake level.

Next to these panels, weget the last section which is compiling a Stereo/Mono switch button, mainoutput volume, straight monitoring button, a headphone jack, and also the levelvolume. Rotating the box, we get 4 ¼-inch inserts, two XLR and also two ¼-inchMain out, two sets the RCA and also ¼-inch playback output, a phantom strength switch, aMIDI In/Out, a USB port, and a DC In strength input.

Behringer UMC404HD Performance

The following important suggest to think about for an audio user interface is your sound quality and also as numerous users have actually said, the UMC line including this UMC404HD is a pleasant to use while the performance is better than what the price seems to be. Midas preamp is developing nice and also clean sound regardless of in high obtain while instrument prefer guitar also nicely reproduced since it has no worry with the hot pickups yet in ours opinion, the drums set user or MIDI customers will advantage the most from this box.

About Focusrite 2i4

Before deciding ~ above youroption, the is wise to watch what the other manufacturers are likewise offering sothen we deserve to compare them and also see if any kind of of these selections will it is in the finest pickor if girlfriend should relocate forward. Another great interface because that musicians who want toconnect your analog MIDI come the computer and get a much better sound high quality out oftheir input is Focusrite 2i4 native the renowned Scarlett line which is not onlypleasant to occupational with but additionally pleasant to the eyes.

Focusrite 2i4 Design

We admit that Scarlettinterface is one of the most, if not the most attractive audio interface in themarket because they space visually pleasing with the bright red steel chassis anddurable building and construction to save your box beneficial for long. Instead of utilizing thetraditional tiny LED light, this line including 2i4 version is wrapping theirknobs lining v an LED light for the gain function. The remainder of knobs,buttons, and switch available are additionally stuck firmly and also nice to touch.

Focusrite 2i4 Input and also Output

Different from the 4-inputs model like the UMC404HD, Focusrite 2i4 is a straightforward interface with only two XLR/TRS combo jacks because that the main input at the front and also in a glance, very similar to the 2i2 tiny brother in our Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Vs PreSonus AudioBox here. This two channels are featured v their own obtain knob, pad button, and Line/Inst move while the channel two is additionally equipped with devoted phantom power switch so condenser users should use this port.

Checking the rear part,we deserve to see the two well balanced output port, two sets of RCA for line output, a setof MIDI In/Out harbor for your controller, and also a USB harbor for connecting withcomputer and also powering the interface.

Focusrite 2i4 Performance

On the performance,Focusrite 2i4 is as good as the popular little brother and in operation itdoesn’t introduce any type of unusual level of noise as well as the preamp sound beingvery clean and pleasing. The latency is additionally quite low or even zero whenrecording guitars however some users have been experiencing specific issues as soon as recordingvocals, probably since of the headphone amp gift underpowered yet, countless ofus likewise don’t find any type of latency if in comparable situations so simply beware aboutthe possible problem.

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Now, let’s to compare Behringer UMC404HD with Focusrite 2i4. As you may already know, they space quite similar in regards to delivering a trusted performance and also clean preamp sound top quality but, UMC404HD is richer in input port moreover, all of them are phantom it is provided while 2i4 only have actually one channel with the power. It additionally allows much more effects connected to the box with the four inserts which space not present in the other interface.