Chapter 3: Rise and FallSoup can be ~ - 42Audio Logs - 9Radios - 1Notes: this is the longest chapter yet and also is filled come the brim through fetch quests and also can it is in confusing due to the compelled backtracking.

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There are likewise Audio Logs that space unobtainable relying on your an option of path, so for this chapter, the number in the bracket will only reflect the complete if you decided the Demon course as that gives you most accomplishments for completion.

After girlfriend come to, you"ll find yourself in a for sure house. Walk the end the door that your existing room and also you"ll watch Boris sitting at a table. Revolve to the left and head towards the door v (say it through me now) a absent handle. Speak come Boris and also you"ll it is in tasked v finding 3 Bacon Soup (3).

One have the right to is located just to the best on a shelf, if you revolve away from Boris. One is on a barrel if you revolve to the left indigenous the first can and walk with the kitchen area. The third is in the room you started in, hiding in package under the hammock. When you have all 3, go earlier to the kitchen and interact v the large pot to do Boris some soup. After ~ a few seconds, the pot will certainly glow again so connect once an ext to have a key pop right into your hands, then walk it end to Boris and also place the on the table so he deserve to reward you through a toolbox that holds ours lever.

Open the door with the lever, but don"t leave just yet. Instead, turn back and enter the submarine bathroom, located on the ideal of the hall just outside the bedroom. Walk come the far back wall surface and look in the bathroom"s left stall to discover 1 Bacon Soup (4) sit in the toilet. As soon as you"ve gathered it, you deserve to go out the door and you"ll soon notification 4 Bacon Soup (8) strewn approximately the floor (3 are in plain sight and also one is tucked away in between the Tasty Eats machines). Together you continue, you"ll find an outhouse-looking thing dubbed a "Little miracle Station" and also this is your arrival to a brand-new mechanic: hiding.

From this allude onward, anytime you see one of these, be sure to do a mental note of whereby it is since you"re more than likely going to need it. Hiding is only offered in two scenarios: being chased by adversaries or (more likely) as soon as you"re trying to stop Ink Bendy.

All enemies will automatically leave friend alone as quickly as you get in the outhouse also if they"re chasing you, and Ink Bendy will simply walk ~ above passed.

Turn the corner and also you"ll watch a very dark hallway. If friend look come the right, you"ll check out a flashlight top top a desk. Seize it and continue on her way. Turn right, revolve left, and when you check out a candle on the left next of the hall revolve left again. Looking at the shelving unit, relocate to the left corner and find 1 Bacon Soup (9) to add to your collection.Continue and on the way, top top the ideal of the hallway floor, will certainly be 2 Bacon Soup (11) for this reason grab "em. ~ your prompt next turn, watch on the shelf. Top top the reduced shelf is 2 jars of ink. Just above those is 1 Bacon Soup (12).

Keep going through the straight tunnel and also Boris will certainly leave friend temporarily. Wait a couple of moments and the door will certainly open. The next area is the Heavenly toys foyer, finish with an octopus fountain and also a bunch the Bendy cutouts. This area will be necessary later on, therefore remember it however for now, it"s gained nothing that interest.

Climb the stairs and also make your way into a toy production room. There"s a chance you will need to do the next few steps in a different order because the shelving systems that block your course will generate in different patterns.

While you"re in the room, squeeze all the Bendy dolls you deserve to find and also you"ll probably unlock the Inner Child accomplishment if you didn"t already. Once you"ve excellent that, go earlier to the peak of the stairs you came from and go come the best to traction the lever, to turn the power back on. Head ago into the toy room and pull the debris turn off the conveyor belts to acquire them relocating again. When that"s done, traction the lever on the next of the machine to clear the doorway and the desk. On said desk, you"ll find 1 Audio log in (1) by Shawn Flynn and also a blob of black color ink. Communicate with the ink and also it will change shape. As soon as it looks like the ink Machine, leaving it alone. Go back to the optimal of the stairs and also use the time clock if friend want, and also proceed through the door you just unblocked.

In this area you"ll be locked in the room so don"t shot to leave or explore; there"s naught of interest. You"ll soon be introduced to Alice Angel and after a delightful interaction, you"ll be enabled to leave down a hall on the left side of the room (when encountering the "Quite a Gal!" window). Complying with the hall, you"ll pertained to a sign that claims "THE ANGEL" and also "THE DEMON". You require both for completion however can only pick one of them for now. Your ideal bet is taking the Demon path, as you will get a Tommy Gun, which will certainly be very useful.

The Angel course takes you right into a solitary room with 1 Audio Log by Susie Campbell and the achievement

The course of the AngelChoose the means of Alice.


1 guide

The path of the DemonChoose the way of Bendy.


1 guide

and take you to a room flooded through ink and 1 Audio log (2) through Joey Drew. Proceed through come the door and also follow the linear path till you find Boris and also he"ll offer you a pipeline to safeguard yourself with. Proceed through the door into one more room complete of Bendy dolls (again, squeeze them for the achievement!), and also you"ll find a door release device that calls for 2 levers to be traction at the very same time.

Follow the left route (Boris will continue to be at the bar on the right) and follow the cables ~ above the floor. At the finish of the hall, you"ll watch a poster v "The Butcher Gang" on it and when you get close to it, you"ll be assaulted by Piper, a member of claimed gang, only looking a tiny more...disfigured. That takes 5 or 6 hits to go down however when the does, pull that lever and walk ago to Boris whereby the door is now opened.

Along the way, you"ll see one more hall on your left. Go down a short method and you"ll see 1 Audio log (3) by Wally and also Thomas sit on part crates. Take it and also move ago to Boris.

Go v the door to discover 2 Bacon Soups (14) top top the workdesk to her right, and also follow Boris right into the following room to find yourself top top Level K of the building. Head downstairs and also into the elevator and interact with the buttons. You"ll be required to Level 9 and also thus starts the journey into madness and backtracking.

*NOTE: indigenous THIS point ONWARD, YOU will VOID AN achievement IF you DIE!I would recommend attempting this achievement now, because there is no factor not to. If you space about come die, you can force-quit come the dashboard and also reload your save, so you can proceed without having actually died. If you quit however, it might screw up your previously grabbed bacon cans. You"re walking to need to play with this thing in your 2nd playthrough anyway, therefore if girlfriend don"t gain the collectible achievement by the end of this one, you deserve to re-collect the bacon cans then.

Level 9Once friend arrive, automatically turn left and note the boarded increase door. This is essential for later yet you can"t do anything with it simply yet. Do a mental note of its location and also then head downstairs, hitting the punch clock on your way, and grabbing 1 Audio log (4) by cutting board Connor at the bottom of the stairs.

The big door will open and you and Boris will certainly follow the hallway into a large room filled with ink and dead, lots of dead Borises (Bori?). Follow the boardwalk to the left and also walk follow me the planks. When you obtain to a T-junction, turn ideal for 1 Audio log in (5) by Susie Campbell top top the desk. The following T-junction leads you to the left, however there"s nothing at the end but another Boris and also a Piper, both on gurneys, so simply turn right and also upon reaching the following landing, look to the appropriate to see 1 Bacon Soup (15) top top the floor next to a crate. Go with the door, monitor the hall, and also once getting here in the following room, do an immediate left for 1 Bacon Soup (16) ~ above the floor by the heap of crates.

Alice will monologue a bit and also offer friend an exit if you carry out some services for her. Head back to the elevator the means you came and also once you get ago to the room through the elevator in it, you"ll be given a task by Alice: collect gears for the machines on Level K with the wrench she will certainly provide. Grab the wrench and also make your way back to the stairs leading as much as the elevator, taking out the Searcher in the process. Struggle the punch clock and press the elevator switch to open up the gates, then connect with the Level K button.

It"s worth noting that Alice has noted you some warnings about Ink Bendy, aka the octopus Demon. Remember the outhouses? This is wherein they come in. You"ll be traveling up and also down the building"s 5 floors and he can appear at any kind of time in any room, so unfortunately, ns can"t carry out a heavy warning about his arrival yet I will cite when he showed up because that me personally. In regards come his spawn locations and times, the Bendy Wiki says:"He can spawn in all locations except for the for sure house and also the dark hallway on Level K, specifically all locations in Level 14, Level 9 and also Level S.When squid Bendy is surrounding as that spawns, a sound of heart beating will certainly be heard, together with the whispering-like ambiance farming louder, and the area surrounding him ending up being coated through ink splatters the same, similar thing webs. Boris will even cover his confront in fear when this happens."

In various other words, always be looking out for him! The game says not to run too lot or you"ll lure him, but I"m not entirely sure exactly how accurate this is so run if you wish. Just remember to hide as soon as you need to.

Level KOnce you come on level K, a Searcher will pop up and also attack. One or 2 swings will work out his hash for this reason ascend the stairs and also take out one more one.

Go with the hall and also a Piper will certainly appear. Two hits will certainly take that down and also he"ll drop one of the gears. Pick it up then continue left into the Bendy doll room. An additional Searcher will certainly appear, for this reason whack that then search the box in the room through the tiny light over them. Occasionally you"ll obtain lucky, occasionally you won"t. I uncovered mine:- in the box behind the Searcher that assaulted me when I gotten in the room- in the same room as over but at the dead finish with the Alice angel dolls

Once you have actually all 3 gears, go back to the elevator, wacking the Searcher in ~ the bottom of the stairs as soon as again. Hit the switch to speak to the elevator and also keep one eye the end for octopus Bendy. There"s an outhouse ~ above the height of the stairway if girlfriend see/hear his phone call card.

Enter the elevator as soon as it arrives, hit the door button, hit the 9 button, then ride the rails down.

Once you"re top top level 9, run earlier to the door wherein you gained the wrench and also interact v the garbage can on the right. Alice will provide you the next task: collect ink native Swollen Searchers ~ above level 11 using the ink Syringe she gives you. Walk up the stairs, fight the punch clock, go into the elevator, walk to level 11.

Level 11This component is tricky because, while you can strike with the syringe, that does very small damage and leaves you much more open to damages than the pipe, wrench, or axe.

Once you acquire up to level 11 you"ll watch a swollen Searcher. These are your targets yet they"re no going to simply stand there and let girlfriend poke them. Prior to trying to get your Searcher ink, rotate to the right and open the door, following the hallway approximately until you find 1 Radio (1).

Afterwards, return to the elevator area and also approach the Searcher. If he seeps right into the floor just proceed forward, an additional one (the same one?) will show up further under the hall, in addition to another member that the Butcher Gang: Fisher.

Stab him through the syringe a few times and a glowing ink blob will drop. Interact with it and the squid in concern will be included to her inventory, leaving girlfriend with just 2 more. Again, head down the hall and you"ll notice another swollen Searcher in the right of the hall. One poke will down that so collection his ink and also return come the elevator area.

Another one need to be there so poke him and also collect the ink once an ext and you"re done. However, we desire to continue down the submarine hall, away from the elevator to whereby we check out a flickering light.

Once you reach the finish of the hall, you"ll check out arguably the many frustrating thing this video game has: the Projectionist. While that won"t hurt girlfriend here, it is in warned the he is super aggressive, therefore to it is in on the for sure side, don"t rush right into the room he"s in.

While encountering the home window you experienced the Projectionist in, revolve to the right and also pick increase 1 Audio log (6) through Wally Franks ~ above the barrel.

By now, the Projectionist need to be gone, so open the doors to get entry come the room and also collect 1 Bacon Soup (17) off the crate automatically in former of you, and 1 Bacon Soup (18) ~ above the table alongside the ink pond on the floor.

Once you"ve ordered the items return to the elevator and head back to Level 9. When again, return the ink come the garbage deserve to on the right of the door and pick increase the plunger she presents you. Go earlier upstairs, struggle the beat clock, and move approximately Level P.

Level PAs you leave the elevator, turn left and you"ll view our last member of the Butcher Gang: Striker. Smack him with the plunger a couple of times and also he"ll autumn your an initial valve core.Proceed forward and on her left will certainly be 1 Bacon Soup (19), for this reason grab it and also continue onward, do a right at the "I DON"T desire TO WORK below ANYMORE" wall. Make a left at the T-junction in ~ the "HE WILL collection US FREE" wall. Inside the very first room is a Searcher, therefore plunge him to fatality then look at on the left for 1 Bacon Soup (20) on the desk.

Head to the back of the room and you"ll find 3 Bacon Soup (23) (two top top the crate and one on the floor next to it) and a Searcher will certainly likely strike you. There"s also a wall surface panel through our second valve core here, and also to gain it, you have to spin the three valves until the fluid in the pipe is level v the black color dot. I suggest transforming the much left and also middle valves first, then doing the much right. As soon as you"ve excellent this, open up the panel box beside it and voila.

Now leaving the room and move come the far finish of the hall of the T-junction come the room with the Piper lying on the table. As soon as inside, Piper will vanish and also you"ll spot the valve core an equipment on the left near the corner. Another Searcher will show up, so dispatch him and tinker through the valves in the stimulate of right, left, middle.

Once you"re excellent head ago to the elevator and also go under to level 9. Struggle the beat clock, run downstairs, autumn the item in the garbage, choose up the axe she gifts you and go earlier upstairs, but don"t walk in the elevator. Instead, move past it to the boarded up door and break it down. Within is 1 Audio log in (7) by grant Cohen.

Hit the beat clock and also enter the elevator come go earlier to level K.

Level KOur next task is to damage 15 Bendy Cutouts, and also this is where things will get nerve-racking. There space two techniques to this: go from the elevator come the furthest allude and perform the job on the method OR walk to the farthest point and carry out the task on the method back to the elevator. Because that the benefits of safety, ns recommend the latter.A Searcher will pop out of the ink pond nearby. Friend should understand what to carry out by now.

Go increase the stairs, death the Piper and also the Searcher, go through the hall, walk with the damaged doll room, death the Searcher, follow the hall ago to the submarine ink room, go ago to the room where we very first met Alice, go with the toy do room, make a right at the optimal of the stairs and also interact v the beat clock.

Now you must be in a huge room (Heavenly Toys) through cutouts everywhere. Damage the 8 cutouts here (4 on one of two people side) and also Ink Bendy will more than likely appear because, understandably, the doesn"t like his stuff gift broken.

Hide in the outhouse until it"s safe, then make your method back upstairs and hit the punch clock. Go back through the toy make room, Alice"s room, and the hallway, which will certainly take you come Cutout 9.

Follow the path and also destroy the cutouts on the way to the destroyed doll room, where there will be a Searcher hiding in among the dead ends, and also a couple of more cutouts.Once you go back to the elevator room, jump turn off the landing between the stairs to damage the final cutout, and use the barrel come get back out.

Immediately operation up the stairs and also hide in the outhouse until it"s safe. Head down to level 9, save at the beat clock, run downstairs and interact with the garbage. As soon as you do this, run ago to the bottom of the stairs with the heap of barrels and also jump up. The angle could take part tweaking, however I discovered that jumping in between the two upright barrels offers you a little ledge which you can then run from. From below you have the right to hit the Searchers and the Butcher gang without taking any type of damage.

Once the room is clear, Alice will contact you back over and also gift friend a final present: the Tommy Gun. If you didn"t die as soon as (the final fight with the Butcher Gang us just had actually is the hardest portion), then you will receive an achievement:

Blazing MetalUnleash the Tommy Gun.


From this suggest forward, fatality won"t impact anything other than your pride. You shouldn"t have any kind of issues though, since you (hopefully) have actually a Tommy Gun and also anything you face will just drop prefer a ton the bricks, through the exception of squid Bendy that retains his invincibility. If friend did die, however, the total will turn to ink once you communicate with it and also you"ll be earlier to her gent pipe.

Our following objective is in the depths, but prior to we go down, we will be acquisition a detour back up to level K and taking the stairwell earlier down come level 9.

In reality, this could have to be done earlier but with ink Bendy running roughly there was more of a danger for death. Also, there are Searchers in these halls and while there aren"t too plenty of of them, the pistol makes quick work of them.

Exit the elevator top top level K (mind the Piper that will likely be coming under the stairway on her left side and the Searcher in the ink puddle in front of you!) and open the door to your right.

Head downstairs and also you"ll watch some dressers and cans labeling "ink". ~ above the left next of this landing, on top of a dresser is 1 Bacon Soup (24).Go down the stairs, happen the landing through the music note snapshot and the one v the monitors(?) ~ that, till you end up on a new landing with several crates and a Bendy doll. On the floor here, you"ll find 6 Bacon Soup (30) for this reason grab those and also continue downward.

On the an extremely next landing will certainly be a pile of chairs, and on the left side will be a workdesk with 1 Bacon Soup (31) sit on it.

Continue down the next 5 landings; there is nothing of value on any type of of them. As soon as you with the bottom that the sixth landing, you"ll watch a shelving unit holding 7 Bacon Soup (38) and just left of the is a table with 4 Bacon Soup (42). Move ago down the landings and also you"ll ultimately reach a door v a gear snapshot to that is right. You"ve made it back to level 9 so call the elevator and when the arrives, fight the 14 button.

Level 14The final task is to collection 5 squid hearts turn off of corpses strewn about the area. It"s straightforward enough, yet the concern stems indigenous the Projectionist roaming the inky abyss and also you can"t operation as fast as you could before since of the ink levels.

The Projectionist himself is a rather dangerous guy. Through the gent pipe, it will take a staggering variety of hits (the Wiki claims 72 yet that"s not right, however. I shed count quickly after 7), and the gun will certainly take about 16. The trick because that the Projectionist is to stay out the his line of sight and also usually he won"t watch you; that seems basic but there were times wherein I thought I to be safe and he came clambering over and also destroyed me. The other trigger is once we collection the hearts we"re after.

As you exit the elevator, you"ll view a Striker corpse in prior of you. Seize the heart and you"ll listen a high-pitched squeal. That"s the Projectionist warning you that he"s coming. You"re for sure this time however there"s tho 4 more and girlfriend won"t be together lucky with them.

Head downstairs and Alice will certainly alert you to the Projectionist. Look over the railing and also you"ll watch a flickering light. That"s him. Proceed downward and turn left, going under the stairs and making an immediate right to a boarded up path. Break it down and also move onward, breaking the various other barricades in your method and you"ll concerned a big pie blocking your way. Look come the right and also you"ll watch a valve. Rotate it, go back to the elevator, and also head approximately level P.

Get off the elevator, kill the Striker, and also walk into the door beside the "I DON"T want TO WORK below ANYMORE" graffiti. Go under the hall and also follow that straight. This area was complete of squid before, but now that it"s drained, we deserve to grab 1 Audio log (8) This will likewise unlock the achievement:

Once you"ve got the log, head back to the elevator and return come level 14.

Back ~ above level 14, go ago down the stairs however this time, rotate right, going down the other set of stairs. Head into the ink and wait close to the corner. Peer gradually over to make certain the shore is clear (or at the very least, that the Projectionist isn"t close come you) and move come the shaft ahead. ~ above the crate next to it will certainly be 1 Audio log (9) through Norman Polk. Don"t worry, play it won"t alarm the Projectionist come you.

Head right into the doorway on your far right (the one the Projectionist should have actually gone through) and also inch your means down the hall so the Projectionist doesn"t notification you; as a allude of reference, there will certainly be a cartoon of Bendy walking with a suitcase play on the wall, and an outhouse will be top top the appropriate of it.

Look left and see one more Striker corpse through a heart next to it. Seize it and also immediately turn approximately to hide in the outhouse, simply to make sure the Projectionist doesn"t nab you.

Exit the outhouse when it"s safe, go down the hall and keep to the right.

Follow the wall surface and you"ll check out some broken boards hanging off a wall, spanned with Bacon Soup posters. Head into this nook to collect your third ink heart and prepare come fight, run, or die. If you fight, might the odds be ever in her favor. If friend run, head back to the outhouse indigenous the critical heart. If you die, you more than likely tried to run away and also got caught.

When I got the heart ns backtracked the precise path ns took to gain to it and also the Projectionist met me along the way. I whacked him with my pipe once and also ran previous him, do it come the outhouse and suffering a solitary hit from him. Also, friend should understand that the gun have the right to stun him, making the much less complicated to fight and kill him.

Assuming you endured the last encounter and also grabbed your 3rd heart, leaving the outhouse once it"s safe, walk to the right and make a sharp left. Head down the hall and also when you watch another wall made that boards, keep ideal (again, there"s a cartoon of Bendy walking with a briefcase in ~ the end of the hall) and also after yet another right turn, you"ll check out a big area divided by boards, some of which space supporting a projector, mirroring the Joey drew Studio title card. Hug the right wall surface and you"ll uncover a crate with an additional corpse and also heart 4. Take it, operation to the projector, make a spicy right and head right into the outhouse. Wait it spins it"s clear, leave the outhouse, turn right and also look ~ above the ground. One more heart (and the last one!) will be sitting there, so as soon as again, snag it and return come the outhouse. Alice will need your return, but of course, you have to wait for the Projectionist to obtain out of her path.

When it"s safe, backtrack come the very first outhouse we offered in the area and also wait inside. If you try to leave the area too quick the Projectionist will watch you and also you"ll must run anyways; the wait is only for 10 to 20 secs anyway.

After you"re safe, return to the crate through Norman"s Audio Log and follow the lefthand next around, until you can gain up the stairs and return come the elevator. Operation if girlfriend want; it should be safe. Also if it isn"t, you"re much faster now therefore you need to make it.

Head ago to level 9 and prepare for sweet, sweet, relief.

Level 9On level 9, hit the beat clock, go down the stairs, drop turn off the items, and also let Alice complete her speech. If you leaving and try to get in the lift before she finishes talking, the video game will softlock and the elevator will be glitched in place, making friend trapped. As soon as she claims "it"s time to go home" you might proceed upstairs and into the elevator.

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Congratulations, you"re free!

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