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This post will introduce you to the personality properties of the Bernese hill Dog Border Collie mix, also known as the “Bordernese.”

Bernese mountain Dog & Border Collie
The Bordernese is a hybrid dog the is a cross in between a purebred Bernese mountain Dog and also a purebred Border Collie.

If you room thinking about bringing one of these beautiful dogs into your household, continue reading to make certain that you can administer the necessary treatment for a Bernese mountain Dog Border Collie mix.

These dogs space gorgeous, and also they have countless nice temperament traits. However, they space not for everyone. They space large, active, intelligent working dogs that require a most exercise and training.

Let’s dive in to view if the Bordernese might be the dog of your dreams.

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Bordernese History

The Bordernese is a relatively brand-new hybrid dog. Therefore, that does not have actually much written history.

Since the Bernese hill Dog Border Collie mix is a combined breed dog, the is not well-known by the American Kennel society (AKC).

However, the Bordernese is acknowledged by the American Canine Hybrid Club, the Designer each other Registry and also the Designer dog Kennel Club.

Bordernese Behaviors

All dogs space individuals, so the is impossible to predict just how all Bernese hill Dog Border Collie mixes will certainly behave.

However, we have the right to take a closer look in ~ the temperament properties of the parent dogs to see just how the Border Collie Bernese mountain Dog mix could behave.

Border Collie Temperament

Many dog trainers and canine experts take into consideration the Border Collie to be the smartest breed of dog in the world.

Border Collies originated in the British island in the 18th century. These dogs were arisen to herd flocks of sheep, and many Border Collies are still offered as functioning dogs on farms to this day.

Border Collie
Border Collies prosper when they have actually a task to do.

If you are not going to use your Border Collie because that herding, friend will require to administer other outlets because that his intense functioning drive.

For example, you will require to provide ample everyday exercise and mental stimulation. Without sufficient enrichment, her Border Collie might display damaging or neurotic tendencies.

Border Collies excel in ~ canine sporting activities such as agility, flyball, nosework and disc dog.

These dogs are true athletes and they are not normally recommended for novice dog owner or apartment living.

However, if you are an experienced, active dog owner, there is no far better companion than a Border Collie.

You deserve to learn more about the Border Collie temperament by clicking here.

Bernese hill Dog Temperament

The Bernese mountain Dog temperament is not quite as extreme as the Border Collie temperament.

Therefore, once you incorporate these 2 breeds, you regularly get a much more docile dog 보다 a purebred Border Collie.

Bernese mountain Dog
The Bernese hill Dog is quiet a functioning breed, but it has a more quiet nature than the Border Collie.

Bernese hill Dogs were developed in Switzerland to work on farms, pull carts, and also protect property.

The Bernese mountain Dog temperament is recognized for being gentle, loyal and also protective.

Bernese mountain Dogs have actually a moderate power level and also do not need quite as much everyday exercise as a Border Collie.

To learn more about the Bernese hill Dog temperament click here.

Size and Appearance

Both the Border Collie and also the Bernese mountain Dog room stunning breeds.

It is basic to see how the Bordernese would be prized because that its good looks.

The Bernese hill Dog is a giant breed, yet the Border Collie is a medium-sized dog.

Border Collie and also Bernese hill Puppies
When you integrate the two, you often get the beloved appearance that a Bernese hill Dog but in a smaller sized size.

This is ideal for many civilization who love the look for a Berner but need a much more portable companion. No everyone have the right to accommodate a giant, fluffy dog in their home!

The common Bernese mountain Dog Border Collie mix weight variety is between 40 and 80 lbs. This is dramatically smaller 보다 a purebred Bernese mountain Dog, which can conveniently get over 100 lbs.

The mean Bernese mountain Dog Border Collie height is under 28 inches at the withers.

Bernese hill Dog Border Collie colors are usually a mix of brown, black and white. However, other color combinations room possible.

Border Collie Bernese hill Dog mixes have thick coats that call for a many brushing and grooming.

We will discuss Bordernese grooming demands in the next section.

Do Bernese hill Dog Border Collie mixes shed?

The answer to that question is a resounding yes!

These dogs are heavy shedders. Their lengthy coats shed throughout the year, however especially double a year throughout shedding season.

You space going to want to invest in part heavy-duty brushes, brooms, and a great vacuum cleaner.

If you cannot tolerate dog hair on her clothes and furniture, you space going to want to cross this each other off your list.

There are some things that you have the right to do to minimize shedding, yet you will never be able to eliminate dog hair in your residence if you carry home a Bernese hill Dog Border Collie mix.

How carry out You Groom a Bordernese?

You need to brush and comb your dog’s fur a few times every week to stop tangles.

You will likewise need to lug your Bordernese to a professional groomer a few times every year for haircuts.

Make certain the groomer also clips her Bernese mountain Dog Border Collie mix’s toenails and also cleans their ears.

Is the Bernese mountain Dog Border Collie Mix Hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, this each other is no hypoallergenic, for this reason if you suffer from allergy this is probably not the best mix because that you.

If girlfriend are searching for a hypoallergenic breed, examine out our write-up for other options of hypoallergenic dogs.

How carry out you train a Bernese mountain Dog Border Collie Mix?

Obedience training is a really important part of gift a responsible owner.

Berner Border Collie mixes are really smart, so they respond well to hopeful reinforcement training.

If you get your Bordernese as a puppy, authorize up because that a puppy socialization course as soon as possible.

Puppy socialization course is a an excellent way for her Bordernese to communicate with other dogs and also learn crucial canine social an abilities such together bite inhibition.

If you embrace your Bernese mountain Dog Border Collie mix as an adult, you need to still sign up because that a simple obedience class.

You might even want to sign up because that one-on-one training with a personal trainer. Exclusive training is especially advantageous if you are working on any type of behavior issues.

For assist with training your dog, you need to take a look at The virtual Dog Trainer through Doggy Dan. Doggy Dan is an expert Dog Trainer based in brand-new Zealand. His online resource contains Hundreds of fantastic Dog cultivate Videos that will certainly take you step-by-step with the process of occurring a healthy, happy well-behaved dog.

Finding the appropriate Trainer

Please make certain you discover a trainer that supplies positive, force-free methods. Stop trainers that usage punishment or “dominance.” Also, prevent trainers that use shock collars, choke chain or pinch collars.

Positive combine training is the most humane and also effective method of training. The is also the many enjoyable type of training for you and also your dog.

After you have mastered the basics, you and your Bordernese can get connected in an ext advanced tasks such as canine sports, therapy occupational or search and rescue work.

Staying Healthy: Bordernese health and wellness Issues

Veterinary treatment is very important, however it can also be an extremely expensive—especially because that a big breed dog.

Keep in mind that medications are dispensed by weight, so everything will be an ext expensive if you own a big dog.

Before you lug home any brand-new pet, talk with a reliable veterinarian to make certain that you are prepared to take care of the medical care for that particular form of dog.

What space the Most usual Health Problems?

Bernese hill Dogs and also Border Collies are both at risk to some genetic health problems.

Luckily, blended breed dogs actually often tend to it is in healthier than their purebred counterparts. This is because mixed breed dogs have a broader gene pool and also are much less susceptible to genetic conditions.

However, the is still finest to be prepared.

Talk through your veterinarian around the following health concerns:

Eye IssuesCancerAllergies/ Skin IssuesDeafness

You can aid keep your ideal friend healthy and balanced by happen him come a vet at least once every year.

Also make sure to keep him top top monthly avoidance for fleas, ticks and also heartworms. Talk v your veterinarian about the ideal products for your dog.

Do no forget to get your pet spayed or neutered at the ideal age. Her veterinarian have the right to advise you around when to schedule this necessary procedure.

Important Note: couple of things are much more important than our Health. It"s no various with our dogs Health. Some visits (and money) to your vet have the right to be avoided if just you understand what to do when your dog is ill. The Ultimate guide to Dog health and wellness is the answer. No dog owner should be without this comfortable guide. It"s no instead of for her vet yet it will save you Money and also Heartache. This Dog Health overview will help you easily understand and also recognize symptoms before they end up being a serious trouble for her dog. Click here to see if girlfriend agree.

Bernese mountain Dog Border Collie Mix Nutrition

Feed her Bordernese a high-quality dog food.

Steer clear of commercial foods items that are complete of filler materials such together corn or pet by-products.

With big breed dogs, it is finest to feed your dog multiple tiny meals transparent the day. This helps stop a life-threatening clinical emergency dubbed Bloat.

What is the typical Bernese hill Dog Border Collie Mix Lifespan?

The lifespan because that a Bernese mountain Dog Border Collie mix is generally between 10 and also 13 years.

Although that might not seem long, the is longer than the lifespan of a purebred Bernese mountain Dog.

Giant breeds merely do not live as long as other dogs.

When friend mix a Bernese hill Dog v a smaller breed, friend usually extend the lifespan by a couple of years.

Bordernese Rescue and Adoption

How carry out you find a Bernese hill Dog Border Collie mix because that sale or because that adoption?

Since this is a mixed-breed dog, you more than likely will no encounter too plenty of (if any) Bernese mountain Dog Border Collie mix breeders.

Instead, you will certainly likely have the most luck recognize a Bernese mountain Dog Border Collie mix puppy or adult increase for fostering through a rescue group, pet shelter or humane society.

A good way to begin your search is to visit your local animal shelter. Also if there are no Bordernese accessible when girlfriend visit, the staff have the right to take under your name and also phone number in case any become easily accessible in the future.

You should likewise reach out to any type of rescue groups in your vicinity that specialize in Bernese mountain Dogs, Border Collies or gigantic breed mixes.

You can additionally use web page such as, and to search for adoptable Bernese hill Dog Border Collie mixes in your region.

Avoid Puppy Mills

Another factor to focus on adoption organizations is to prevent buying a Bordernese puppy from a puppy mill.

A puppy mill is choose a puppy factory.

It is a commercial breeding operation wherein puppies are bred for benefit with little regard because that health, temperament or humane life conditions.

Puppy mill owners usually sell their puppies over the internet or with pet stores.

If friend do end up purchasing a puppy indigenous a breeder, make sure you visit the breeder in person so that you deserve to make certain that that is a high-quality, moral breeder and not a puppy mill.

We created the definitive guide on finding, selecting, and also dealing with dog breeders. This will provide you the smarts and also confidence to save you money, time and also heartache. Check out On…

The Bordernese Price Tag

How lot does a Bernese hill Dog Border Collie mix cost?

The answer to that inquiry varies depending upon the shelter, rescue, or breeder.

If you purchase a purebred puppy or designer dog puppy indigenous a high-quality breeder, the price will most likely be more than $1000.

On the other hand, if you take on a Border Collie Bernese mountain Dog mix native an pet shelter or rescue group, the fostering fee will likely be somewhere between $75 and $300.

Adoption fees usually encompass some straightforward veterinary solutions such as spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip, and also a heartworm test.

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We hope the this article has answered many of your questions around what to suppose from a Bernese mountain Dog Border Collie mix.