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At $12.50 to $13.75 for a sandwich, they may seem a little pricey, however that's until you view the dimension of them. Tartine's bread is big. A single slice might be a foot across. The sandwich you gain is so huge that it requirements to be reduced in three, and each piece is enough for a reasonably-sized lunch. I'd indicate coming below with a team of three and ordering 2 sandwiches to separation (because nobody should be forced to eat a sensibly sized lunch), or come alone, eat half, and save the rest for dinner. The bread is good even when cold.

Tartine Bakery's sisters restaurant Bar Tartine serves an excellent meals in ~ night (one of ours my most memorable bites in mountain Francisco was a simple dish the brown bread smeared with butter flavored v koji and topped through cured salmon roe) and pressed sandwiches with a few other small plates during the day.

The Reubano, ($13) made with smoked ham and also cheese pressed with burnt onions and also house-made sauerkraut on sourdough bread, is not particularly reminiscent of either the Reuben or the Cubano it's called after, and not quite as good as either of those would have been. The bread is perfect (as expected), and the grilling job is optimal notch, yet the filling is lacking balance—without the thousands Island the a good Reuban, or the spicy pickles and mustard in a Cubano, this sandwich comes off together heavy.

Word come the wise: carry out not believe the waiter when she tells you that their house-made sodas space well-balanced and also refreshing. Stick through the iced tea.

Jalapeño Popper Grilled Cheese.

While ns really destruction their vibe and also had an exciting time eat sandwiches in the bright, open up dining room on a cool mountain Francisco evening, the sandwiches at The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen space unfortunately lacking in one vital respect: the cheese doesn"t really melt.

In some cases, this is due to negative planning. The chalky chevre on the Jalapeño Popper grilled cheese ($9, above) cripples the sandwich before it also hits the grill, and also the minute quantity of Monterey Jack added to the can't rescue it. It's prefer tossing a pair of water wing to the guy who currently has a cinder block tied about his ankles prior to pushing that in the river.

In other cases, it's executional in nature—our Mushroom Gruyère ($9) had a few perfect bites whereby the fontina and also gruyere oozed about the potatoes, melted leeks, mushrooms, and also caramelized onions, but part of the sandwich to be still cold in the middle.

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Luckily, you deserve to get any sandwich v a bowl of their good smoky tomato soup because that dipping, which adds some much-needed humidity to the 'wiches.