During a expedition to Canada v her kids, a family mystery is learned about from Sam’s uncle Lester.

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Director(s)Pamela Adlon
Writer(s)Pamela Adlon and also Louis C.K.
Characters Introduced
JaritaJane Carr
LesterNigel Havers
Sad LadyMegs Calleja
First countries ManRay Thunderchild

Those Ghost the White Rock: Duke


For part reason, it seems fight it out encounters a the majority of spirits within White Rock. The very first being this mrs Jarita phone call the Sad Lady. Who who battle each other encounters top top the beach. Adhering to that, while at a museum, this very first nations man, who yelling around how his family’s things were stolen, yells about and only fight it out seems to recognize him. To say the least, that is all rather strange.

Aunt Marion: Max, Duke, Sam, Frankie

Something revealed to us by Sam, yet is nothing new, is the she likes feeling needed. Perhaps even wanted. To it should come as no surprise she decides come visit her aging Aunt Jarita and also Uncle Lester. Especially since, at least in my mind, they carried some sense of normalcy to Sam. At the very least in regards to what family should seem prefer vs. Just how Phil normally was/is.

I mean, look in ~ them. They room an old English couple, with each other for more than 30 year at this point, also moved to Canada together, and also they seem so well adjusted. Though, no couple is without your secrets. Of which Lester’s tiny sister Marion is his.


You see, Phil, possibly after she was thrust out the the family members for marrying a Jewish man, seemingly made decision to simply not speak on she family. And also while the is clear that, eventually, Lester was introduced, it seems that Phil’s family has made the a habit the cutting world out of their lives. For example, Donal, a brothers of Phil and also Lester’s who died? after his passing, the wasn’t speak about. Then the mrs in question, Aunt Marion, after placed away at some time in the 40s, it appears her name came to be taboo together well.

Which sort of shakes Sam come her core for there was a woman out there, who passed away in 83, when Sam was in high school, that she feeling she type of failed friend know? Sam has actually such a desire to be needed, to aid those close come her, even if they space a pain in the behind, the she feels guilt end this mrs she never ever met. One that battle each other may have actually seen the ghost the on the beach.

But, despite that quite somber topic, everyone had actually a good time. Even Max who is dealing with Harvey (an ex ns assume), getting an additional girl pregnant. Of i m sorry she blames Sam since she i will not ~ let Harvey sleep in her room. Also, Frankie delighted in herself too since Uncle Lester formerly was a male who was very much into building things and also even catches fish through a net. Something i beg your pardon piques Frankie’s interest.

Other significant Facts & Moments

Phil looks so hurt she wasn’t required to see she brother and also Lester, though understanding, is a little upset his sister wasn’t carried along.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

You ever before listen come the design template song and realize it really represents just how Max and also Frankie often talk to Sam? Perhaps even how Sam, in ~ times, feels about Phil?

Collected Quote(s)

That’s due to the fact that you’re aware and you’re starting to capture a glimpse the what a big world she in and also you feeling small.


Generational Trauma


After hearing about how Donal, after his death, was never ever talked about; just how Marion, after being committed, was never talked about; alongside just how Phil to be treated ~ she gained married to Sam’s father, that helps placed some pieces together. At least in terms of Sam’s family members line and their issues. Because that there has been a lingering, though no necessarily pressing, question of why Phil acts together she does and how that affected her gift a mom to Sam. Much less, maybe how that influenced Sam as a mother.

Well, now we have actually our answer. Phil appears so needy due to the fact that she doesn’t desire to finish up choose her brother or sister. Someone anyone knows around but doesn’t interact with. They just pretend they don’t exist. Other which, possibly subconsciously, acquired passed under to Sam’s kids. V Max, every this guilt she likes to litter Sam’s way, possibly it isn’t because she is just a spoiled brat. Can it be the someone in the DNA of Phil’s family members made it so this seething anger just comes the end in how Max lashes out?

What I median by the is, if we recognize Max and Frankie love their mom, they discussed this feeling of abandonment in the Eulogy episode and likewise with just how Sam favors Duke. Perhaps like exactly how Phil favors Sam in comparison to her brother. And with that, Max’s guilt and also her often being a real annoying chaos isn’t simply her being bratty however manipulating her mommy the only method she to know how.

After all, I’m certain they have actually seen, or know of, all the rubbish their mommy dates. Maybe they have even picked up on her must be needed. Therefore Max might be performing this helpless act since it keeps Sam engaged and monitoring vs. Simply letting her execute her own thing.

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As because that Frankie? i think the is the exact same thing. She sees household as something unimportant since she has actually an uncle that never ever sees her, a dad which barely communicates, yet here is Sam. In mine mind, one of two people she is make the efforts to stroked nerves Sam because she sees, through her interactions through Phil, perhaps that is exactly how their family members shows they care. They perform so by stroked nerves the mess the end of one another.

Yet, top top the various other hand, possibly she foresees Sam abandoning her too and is simply trying to speed up the process. Not obtain so overly attached that when it ultimately does happen, the is bald devastating. All because she believed Sam was various but, in the end, she wasn’t. She was choose every various other member the Frankie’s claimed “family.”