Salman Khan has returned to preeminence our TV displays with yet another Weekend Ka Vaar that Bigg boss 10. Below are the Live updates


Salman Khan reverted to preeminence our TV display screens with yet one more Weekend Ka Vaar that Bigg ceo 10 last night. And it was too damn fun, wasn"t it? Om Swami, who lugged the home down through his villainous antics to be reprimanded through Salman. Not just that the BB10 host also discussed the nominations and the an enig task the Manu Punjabi and Lopamudra Raut failed come complete. Likewise Read - Bigg ceo 15: Evicted contestant Donal Bisht says Tejasswi Prakash, Vishal Kotian room fake and also toxic; picks two contestants who must win the display

Tonight four wild card entries room going to set foot inside the Bigg boss house. Plus there will be Vidya Balan cultivating her upcoming film, Kahani 2. Every in all, we room in for means too lot entertainment ~ above tonight’s Weekend Ka Vaar that Bigg boss 10. But if you space unable to clock the show tonight, stress not! us have got the Live updates right here on Take it a look: also Read - Bigg boss 15: Shocking! Afsana Khan’s fiance Saajz is happy around Salman khan pulling her up; wishes this repeats every Weekend Ka Vaar

The episode opened up with creating intrigue and also suspense in the mental of the contestants, together Vidya Balan paid a visit including some much more twist. Entering the residence on the track Lamhon Ke rasgulle, Vidya an initial began to connect with the contestants who she had actually assigned a secret task earlier in the work wherein they had to prepare a mimicry act. Starting the performances, Manu Punjabi and Manveer Gurjar spreading Bani J conversely, Rahul Dev, Bani and Gaurav Chopra left everyone in splits by it spreads widespread Manu, Manveer and also Swami during the lock down task. Likewise Read - Bigg boss 15: From exchanging warm hugs at night to at an early stage morning cuddles; Karan Kundrra and also Tejasswi Prakash steal romantic moments but get captured on camera

Bowled end by Rahul’s impersonation skills, Vidya appreciated his power the most. The end of curiosity, Vidya questioned Manu and Manveer that what will happen to your yaarana if castle both reach the finale. Manu and Manveer gift at your humorous best revealed that they setup to break-up the prize ; if Manu will store the trophy, the to win amount will certainly go in Manveer"s kitty.

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Furthermore, Vidya introduced the 2nd task inside she put a crate filled with good and poor placards in front of the contestants. She more asked 2 contestants to was standing on the podium that will be subjected to judgement at the hand of the contestants. If Vidya choose one quality, the housemates had to attribute it come the contestants stand on the podium if labelling it as great or bad. Very first ones to stand on the podium to be Bani and also Lopamudra Raut that recieved couple of hard-hitting responses native the contestants. While Lopa stayed unaffected by the task, the endure turned out to be not so pleasant one because that Bani.

Soon after, Vidya joined Salman on stage and he asked her around her endure of conference the contestants. Vidya narrated a funny story around how she ended up hugging Swami by mistake. She additionally mentioned the she is feeling bad around unintentionally hurting Bani during the task. Salman then presented a game wherein castle were required to narrate few unheard stories about themselves if the other person had to guess if it’s true or false. The video game took an exciting turn together both Salman and also Vidya revealed some bizzare, funny, and true stories about their lives. Relocating on, Salman and Vidya recreated Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge"s scene that is collection in 2016. While Vidya decided Katrina Kaif as Simran, Salman stood behind shah Rukh Khan"s cutout imitating his voice and dialogues native the top movie.

After warning the contestants around the storm coming inside the house, it was time to lug them face to face with the biggest difficulty of the season. After announcing that there won"t be any eviction this week, Salman introduced the greatest twist in the form of 4 wild map entries- Jason Shah, Elena Kazan, Sahil Anand and also ex- contestant Priyanka Jagga start the residence as challengers. As they joined Salman on stage one ~ the other, the asked lock to pick one contestant they wish to challenge.

Jason chose Gaurav, Elena picked Nitibha, Sahil decided Rahul Dev and also lastly Priyanka picked Bani (as if we are surprised).

Furthermore, Bigg ceo left the housemates flabbergasted together the four challengers to be revealed come the contestants in a dhamakedar style. The glass partition in the life area bursts right into pieces after ~ an explosion and the housemates uncover the wild card entrants standing on the other side in one adjoining house.

Priyanka, who as us all recognize shared a an excellent rapport with Swami was dissatisfied with how he carried out himself. She warned him to behave inside the residence from currently on.

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