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The essential requirement for guaranteeing good off-road power for her truck is come get enough ground clearance. Enlarge tires protect against the essential structures under your auto from hitting the ground.

They will additionally enhance her truck’s towing capacity. Thankfully, the F150 is perfect for many modifications.

This write-up will reveal you to the best tires that have the right to fit the stock F150. Us will evaluation the best and also optimal tires sizes because that the 17’, 18’’ and also 20’’ rims on the stock F150.

What Is The greatest Tire because that a share F150?

The best tires you can install on a share F150 without removing the crash bars are between 33 and 34 inches. However, if you pick the biggest one that deserve to size her wheel arch, your Mileage per Gallon (MPG) can fall a bit.

If you desire to transform that number into inches, you division by 25.4. That gives 12.4 inches. The 2nd number, 70, denotes the tire’s element ratio or percentage.

The number denotes 70% or 0.70. The facet ratio multiply by the broad of the tire offers you the height of one sidewall.

For example, the sidewall, in this case, is 315 x 0.70, which is same to 220.5mm or 8.68 inches. Lastly, 17 is the measurement of the rim the the tire will certainly cover.

Biggest Tires on stock F150 17 Rim

The largest tire sizes on the stock F150 17” rim include:

Biggest Tires on stock F150 18 Rim

The perform of the largest tires you can get on a stock F150 with 18” rims include:

Biggest Tires on stock F150 20 Rim

For the 20” rim, the best tire sizes available are:

What have to I Consider before Choosing A Ford F150 Tire?

The wrong tire can impact your drive quality. Also, it is an essential to strike a balance in between your budget and also physical requirements prior to getting a tire for her F150 truck. Right here are a few of the components to save in mind:

Choosing the perfect tires tires for Ford F150 is very important, so that you have to take note some very first considerations prior to making the decision.
Use case: part tires have labels “P” and “C” which suggest passenger and commercial applications respectively. If you desire the ideal experience with big tires, get All-Terrain (AT) tires.Tire noise: various tires make distinct sounds when they space in contact with different surfaces. Part F150 tires produce more noise contrasted to others. Thread architecture determines how much noise a tires makes. For example, Highway Terrain (HT) tires are appropriate for led roads. Do your research and also read what experienced vehicle drivers have come say on online forums.Weather condition: access the sort of climatic problem in the region you reside. Check if the tires is draft to occupational all year round or for a particular season, such together winter. That is ideal to choose a product that can provide safety, optimal performance, and also reliability at all times.Life expectancy: Ford F150 tires have various lifespans. Many tires that develop a really sleek drive usually have actually a much shorter life span. Therefore, consider your budget and also maintain the balance in between life expectancy and also performance.Load capacity: most tires because that 18-inch rims top top the F150 deserve to lift as much as 3300 pounds. Although some variants can offer you as much as 4000 pounds.


1. Do huge Tires adjust The basic Look and Feel that The Ford F150?

Yes. Her truck will show up taller when looking in ~ it. While you space driving, you will certainly feel higher and gain a better view of the road. Your off-road experiences will feel lighter and smoother.

However, you might need your mechanic to work on her odometer and speedometer, together they are adjusted for your formerly smaller wheels.

2. Deserve to I install Bigger Tires there is no Swapping Crash Bars?

It is possible. However, that could not it is in a good idea. The wear, tear, and noise will be a lot for your vehicle to withstand. You won’t get a pleasant emotion while driving your truck.

Furthermore, swapping her crash bars affects your safety. Ford set up the crash bars to boost your protection in the instance of a collision. Stay within the border of 33-34 inches on the Ford F150.


The capacity to boost the appearance and performance that the F150 renders it a renowned vehicle. Moreover, the benefits of installation bulgy tires on this beast are numerous.

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Your auto will obtain an aesthetic and aggressive look. Enlarge tires will raise your F150 greater to minimize the danger of damage to your chassis and also engine.

They also administer sufficient traction with the ground to provide a superior driving experience. Thankfully, this is crucial on wet, slippery, or muddy roads. Make the choice to go bigger and also better!