My earlier tire acquired flat. If i pump it increase now, it have the right to hold the wait for around 30 minutes to an hour before it"s completely flat.

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I took out the inner-tube yesterday, pump in a little bit air and also put it into water, do the efforts to uncover a hole yet couldn"t discover anything.

Could that be that the tires is as well old and also I have to replace it?

EDIT: many thanks to all your response. Next to soap water, I uncovered out warm water is yes, really helpful and also that was what I offered to resolve my tire. There was a very tiny feet on the tube that ns couldn"t uncover when I provided room temperature water.



Sometimes it can be hard to uncover a small hole. Periodically it helps to mix water and also dish soap together and also either pour the over the partly inflated tire, scanning because that leaks or submerging the tires in a bucket the soapy water. The soap will bubble and also make holes much more apparent. You additionally probably want to immerse the valve to see if the leak may be originating native there.

If the difficulty is coming from the valve, climate you will desire to go ahead and just change the tube.

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Take the tube out and pump it increase so the it balloons to 2-3 times its regular size. There have actually been times when the puncture is too tiny to detect in typical situations, even soapy water, but this has actually never failure me! even the the smallest puncture, like from a brake cable sliver, will display itself. Listen for the hiss and also then mark it v a pen to find it after girlfriend deflate the (Usually ns make 4 present coming out away indigenous the hole, like an X however with the middle taken out, this pic is simply an X, but the 4 lines provides it less complicated to pinpoint).

If this doesn"t produce any results it might be in the valve. If you have a Schrader, gain your finger wet and also put it lightly over the height (I spit top top the ground and put my finger in it) this will enable you come feel any type of air leaking out. V a Presta that is a small harder, but wrap your wet thumb and also index finder approximately the optimal of the valve to examine it. Most of the moment you deserve to fix the Schrader using a core tool, not certain you have the right to do something to resolve a Presta (but as well as a bent core bolt I"ve never ever seen a Presta valve leak)