These signs indicate details events the you have completed v that character. Every character has actually its very own post-it note to fill out, and also each enhancement to the keep in mind unlocks an object or cooperative baby for the game. Marks with a red outline, together in the picture below, show that the event was completed on tough mode. (A black rundown for note #8 suggests beating Greed Mode, when a red outline suggests beating Greedier Mode.)

With the relax of Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth, there are 3 new additions to the post-it note. They room all in the last heat of the note.

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If we give them the adhering to order:

1 2 34 5 67 8 9

Then they are:

Mom"s love (or the Lives)IsaacBoss rush (reached by defeating Mom within 20 minutes)Satan??? (in The Chest)The Lamb (in the Dark Room)

Mega Satan (reaching The Chest or the Dark Room through the golden Key or similar)

Ultra Greed (final ceo of Greed mode)

Hush (reached by defeating Mom"s Heart/It stays in much less than 30 minutes)

While it was technically possible to perform #7 prior to Afterbirth, it to be not part of the post-it note, and also isn"t conserved in the game"s files. That way that even if you had actually earned it, you will need to repeat the achievement to earn the mark on the note again.

In addition, with the relax of Afterbirth+, there"s a brand-new final boss whose completion also modifies the post-it note.

Beating Delirium will cause the post-it to end up being wrinkled. Beating it on tough will reason the post-it to be bloodied around the edges.

Those icons tell you, i beg your pardon "end boss" you have defeated with the present character.

With her Isaac, you defeated Mom"s love (heart), Satan in Sheol (upside down cross) and Isaac in the Cathedral (cross).

The red tint tells you, that you defeated them throughout hard mode.

In the spoiler, you"ll see the remainder of the symbols

1. Mom"s heart | 2. Isaac | 3. Boss rush | 4. Satan | 5. ??? / Blue infant | 6. The Lamb


These symbols denote the particular points you"ve beaten with that character.

The red border speak you that the certain point was beaten in tough difficulty.

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So on her image:Isaac has actually beaten

Mom"s love on difficult (the heart on the optimal line)Satan on hard (upside under cross ~ above the right)Isaac on hard (cross ~ above the left)

The Isaac one is an assumption though, as I haven"t unlocked the cathedral yet.