Season 6 illustration 19 - Crouching Tiger, covert Donna

Sky litter a party that has everybody gagging. A video of Donna getting intimate through a coworker walk viral. Walt puts on one exhibition hoping to gain his finances top top track. Ceaser’s apartment is invaded by his daughter. Air date : 25th-Apr-2018

Season 6 episode 1 - Ceaser A.D. (After Dutchess)

The 113th shop is in shambles as soon as a solitary Ceaser becomes more interested in chasing women. Donna receive a threaten phone call. Black color Ink Atlanta"s anniversary party turns right into chaos. Dutchess delivers an explosive low punch to Sky. Air day : 6th-Dec-2017Read More

Season 6 episode 2 - This renders My Boricua Come Out, Mami

Teddy is on edge together his brother encounters life in prison. Sky provides a phone speak to that will readjust her life forever. A letter indigenous the IRS could mean financial damage for Melody. A brawl breaks out at black color Ink as soon as Donna"s ex-husband"s sister reflects up. Air day : 13th-Dec-2017Read More

Season 6 episode 3 - Texas below I Come!

Ceaser obtain alarming news from his doctor and also resolves to readjust his ways. Melody is shocked by Lalo"s solution to your financial issues. And also Sky top to Texas come reunite through the youngsters she offered up for fostering 15 year ago. Air date : 20th-Dec-2017Read More

Season 6 episode 4 - A Thief amongst Us

When $10,000 is stolen from the shop, Ceaser jobs Sky to uncover the culprit. Bae freaks out when Rob wants to take it their connection to the next level. And Melody has actually a failure when Donna publicly attacks her artistry and questions she character. Air day : 27th-Dec-2017Read More

Season 6 illustration 5 - assist Me Howard

Sky loses her cool once Ceaser puts she in fee of 113. Kevin musters the courage to come out to his homophobic father. After an STD scare, Ceaser is forced to break up with his next chicks. Donna’s ex-roommate trashes her on the regional news. Air date : 3rd-Jan-2018Read More

Season 6 illustration 6 - Ceaser for mayor

Air day : 10th-Jan-2018Read More

Season 6 illustration 7 - illustration 7

Air day : 17th-Jan-2018Read More

Season 6 episode 8 - The Lingerie Soiree

Things obtain physical as soon as the new manager-in-training criticizes Donna; the crew tries to obtain Melody come come ago to the shop; skies gets emotionally over she tense partnership with her son. Air day : 24th-Jan-2018Read More

Season 6 illustration 9 - Seoul searching

The crew heads to Korea to uncover Bae"s missing mom; skies goes ~ above the strike after hearing a rumor about Ted and also Kitty; Bae fears the worst as soon as the find for her mother hits a dead end; Donna is shocked through the results of a pregnancy test. Air date : 31st-Jan-2018Read More

Season 6 illustration 10 - view Ya, Korea

Bae continues the find for her lacking mom in Korea while struggling to deal with her pregnancy; O"Sh*t clashes v Alex end a client; sky becomes unhinged as she starts to concern Bae"s past. Air date : 21st-Feb-2018Read More

Season 6 illustration 11 - Kim Jong skies

The crew calls skies out because that her habits in Korea; Nikki fall a bomb ~ above O"Sh**t; Bae is shocked by Rob"s reaction to the news that she"s pregnant; Ceaser and Kitty rekindle their romance; Jadah attempts to play matchmaker. Air day : 28th-Feb-2018Read More

Season 6 illustration 12 - The publication of Genesis

O"S**t rushes to Atlanta because that the birth of his fourth child. Sky freaks out as soon as Ceaser contacts her son, Genesis. Bae wants a shotgun wedding, yet Rob has actually other plans. And Ceaser has an emotionally meeting with Sky"s son. Air day : 7th-Mar-2018Read More

Season 6 episode 13 - job Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

Melody meets her father"s estranged family for the first time; the remainder of the crew heads to the slopes; Ceaser devises grand romantic gestures for Kitty; skies loses she cool once Teddy hooks up v a fellow Black squid employee. Air date : 14th-Mar-2018Read More

Season 6 episode 14 - C and also C Forever

Donna is in hot water after ~ Alex write-ups a scandalous video clip on her instagram. And Sky attempts to repair her broken relationship through the kid she provided up for fostering 15 year ago. Air date : 21st-Mar-2018Read More

Season 6 illustration 15 - Migos and also Oprah and also Horses and also Rainbows

Donna is rushed to the emergency room. Skies embarks top top a spiritual journey. The Fat Jewish stops by the shop for a tattoo preferred by his Instagram followers. Air day : 28th-Mar-2018Read More

Season 6 illustration 16 - Baby-Making manufacturing facility

O"S**t do the efforts to lug the mother of his children together, skies decides she"s ready to have actually a baby, and Walt hits rock bottom. Air date : 4th-Apr-2018Read More

Season 6 illustration 17 - illustration 17

Air day : 11th-Apr-2018Read More

Season 6 illustration 19 - Crouching Tiger, covert Donna

Sky throws a party that has actually everybody gagging. A video of Donna getting intimate with a coworker go viral. Walt place on an exhibition hope to obtain his finances ~ above track. Ceaser’s apartment is got into by his daughter. Air date : 25th-Apr-2018Read More

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