It’s a “merry-not-so-scary” time at her Columbus Zoo beginning this weekend throughout “Boo in ~ the Zoo” gift by Wendy’s. Register using the link below to win a household four-pack of tickets to carry your lil’ gouhls for trick-or-treat, special shows, and also themed areas. Running through October 31st, details in ~

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These room the rules governing all contests aired on Rewind 103.5/104.3 radio and on the website, uneven otherwise specified. In the complying with rules, “Rewind 103.5/104.3” way Franklin Communications, Inc., dba Columbus Radio Group and also its parental corporation, Saga Communications, Inc., which own Rewind 103.5/104.3 radio:No acquisition is important to enter any Rewind 103.5/104.3 contest.To it is in eligible to win any type of prize on Rewind 103.5/104.3 you need to not have actually won noþeles on Rewind 103.5/104.3 in the previous 30 work or any prize valued in ~ $600 or much more in the previous 6 months. Just one winner per family members is permitted within 30 work after a family has a winner. Any kind of prize awarded come an ineligible listener will be deemed null and also void, and an alternative eligible winner might be named.Anytime you speak to the Rewind 103.5/104.3 studios friend assume that your call will be transfer or recorded and you grant us permission to transfer the contact or record it for later on broadcast.As a winner of a Rewind 103.5/104.3 contest your voice, surname and/or snapshot may be used for promotional, broadcast, or net purposes without any kind of compensation come you.Prizes awarded space not redeemable for cash. No compensation is transferable. No substitution because that a prize will certainly be made at the request of winner. Rewind 103.5/104.3 reserves the right to substitute a prize of comparable value.All winners of all contests are responsible for every taxes on prize awarded. All winners the a prize valued at $600 or an ext will be compelled to finish the proper tax develops at the Rewind 103.5/104.3 studios before claiming prize. All winners will be sent out a 1099 MISC federal tax kind if in one calendar year the prize value of all prizes won exceeds $600.In the occasion the winner is subject to or the subject of any order or legal procedure issued by any kind of governmental firm having jurisdiction over the work of the winner (i.e. Garnishment, son support order, judgment, lien, and also the like), Rewind 103.5/104.3’s delivery of the prize to the main representative the the governmental entity claiming a appropriate to the prize shall be hence deemed as (Rewind 103.5/104.3) awarding the prize to the winner. Rewind 103.5/104.3 candlestick be entitled to count in great faith, upon any documents gift by the representative seek to collect the compensation in lieu that the winner. Rewind 103.5/104.3 shall not be liable for any claim by any winner for loss incidental thereto.All Rewind 103.5/104.3 contests are open up to all eligible residents 18 or end (unless otherwise specified) living within 75 miles of station transmitter(s). Contestants must possess a valid form of identification bearing the photo of the contestant acceptable to Rewind 103.5/104.3 that will certainly be presented to Rewind 103.5/104.3 and also accepted prior to the compensation is awarded. Employee of Rewind 103.5/104.3, it"s declaring agencies, affiliates, dispute sponsors, employees and also immediate family members of each, and employees of every media of mass interaction within a one hundred mile radius the the Rewind 103.5/104.3 key studio are not eligible to win any contest. Prompt family includes the spouse, great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of the employee and his/her spouse. This also includes individuals for who the employee is existing legal guardian.Winners will be intended to claim prize in ~ the Rewind 103.5/104.3 studios, 4401 Carriage Hill Lane, Columbus, Ohio 43220, in between 9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday v Friday (excluding holidays) within 30 job of being notified that they are winners, unless there is an expiration date on prize, which will certainly be particularly stated.All federal, state, and local laws and also regulations apply. Challenge is void whereby prohibited.Rewind 103.5/104.3 reserves the best to disqualify any entrant if any kind of contest rules are violated in any kind of way. Rewind 103.5/104.3 presume no liability for situations, repairs, or incidents arising from any aspect of any prize forgive in any type of contest. Rewind 103.5/104.3, its advertising agencies, affiliates, contest sponsors, employees, and immediate family members of each room absolved and also shall be organized harmless from any activity or liability occurring from any type of contest or compensation awarded in any contest.As a licensee of the FCC and a trustee of the public airwaves, Rewind 103.5/104.3 make reservation the right to interrupt and/or discontinue any kind of contest or promotion (and no award the readily available prize) at the discretion of Rewind 103.5/104.3 management if civilization events, the nationwide mood, or public security so warrant.Rewind 103.5/104.3 to make reservation the appropriate to amend the rules to any type of contest at any time. Rewind 103.5/104.3"s decision is always final. In the event any type of one that the general dispute rules i beg your pardon govern every Rewind 103.5/104.3 contests contradict with any details contest term, the details contest term will certainly control. For any kind of contest requiring call entry you have to use just the following number unless otherwise specified: (614) 457-1043. For texting it is 77000. The human being operating the telephone at Rewind 103.5/104.3 has actually the final decision regarding who is the to win caller.Rewind 103.5/104.3 shall have actually no responsibility for contestant’s inability or fail to participate, fail to success or claim any kind of prize based on break down or obstacles with telephone, cabinet phone, texting, email, or web access, or any type of other scenarios in any contest past Rewind 103.5/104.3’s control. For any type of contest including on-line voting: If one entrant receive irregular votes, including however not minimal to, votes created by a robotic, programmed, script, macro, or other automated means, Rewind 103.5/104.3 make reservation the right to disqualify the entrant in its single discretion and/or use another means to determine the winner(s), ex. – random an option or appointing a dashboard of judges. For any kind of contests including tickets to live performances or events, winners will need to follow every COVID guidelines and protocols placed in location by the concert organizer. Rewind 103.5/104.3 is not responsible for for any type of event cancellations or reschedules.Rewind 103.5/104.3 is no responsible for net crashes or slowdowns caused by network congestion, viruses, sabotage, satellite failures, phone line failures, electrical outages, natural catastrophes or plot of male or God, lost, late, misdirected, postage-due, unintelligible, returned, undelivered entries or email, or lost, interrupted or unavailable satellite, network, server, Internet service Provider (ISP), website, or other connections availability, access or traffic congestion, miscommunications, failure computer, network, telephone, satellite or cable hardware or software application or lines, or technological failure, or jumbled, scrambled, delayed or misdirected transmissions, computer system hardware or software application malfunctions, failures or difficulties, or other errors of any type of kind whether human, mechanical, electronic, or network. Persons who tamper v or abuse any kind of aspect of this contest or website, or action in violation the the official service, together solely determined by the station, will be disqualified. No sponsor nor promo parties space responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information whether caused by website users, tampering, hacking, or by any type of of the programming or equipment linked with or supplied in this contest, and assumes no duty for any type of errors, omissions, deletion, interruption or delay in procedure or transmission or interaction line failure, theft or destruction or not authorised website access. Rewind 103.5/104.3 is not responsible for injury or damage to participant’s or any other person’s computer or residential or commercial property related to or result from participating in this contest. Should any section of challenge be, in Rewind 103.5/104.3’s single opinion, compromised by virus, worms, bugs, unauthorized human being intervention or other causes which, in the single opinion that the station, corruption or dilute administration, security, fairness or appropriate play of this contest, or dispute plays, Rewind 103.5/104.3 reserves the ideal at its single discretion come suspend, change or end the contest.Rewind 103.5/104.3 has not made nor is in any type of manner responsible or liable for any kind of warranty, representation, or guarantee, to express or implied, in truth or in law, loved one to any prize, including however not limited to that is quality, mechanical problem or fitness because that a details purpose. Any and all warranties and/or promises on compensation (if any) are detailed only by the manufacturer, and winners agree to look specifically to together manufacturers for any type of such warranty and/or guarantee. The complying with are specifically concerned E-contests and also E-Mail society promotions top top appropriate information in required areas must be entered correctly and completely or you will be disqualified.To win a compensation you should reside within the hearne area that Rewind 103.5/104.3 as identified at the to exclude, discretion the Rewind 103.5/104.3 management.Any difficulties with the net or email space not Rewind 103.5/104.3’s responsibility.Contestants who register to get involved on our website may be required to create a published copy of evidence of registration before being allowed to take part in the contest. Because of the nature of our programs that are heard on-line end the internet, contests may not be heard at every on Rewind 103.5/104.3. Contests heard on the radio station’s internet audio stream might be slightly delayed from the moment the contests room heard on the transfer station, and also will be to run behind the broadcast signal. Thus, all contests heard top top the web are delayed.

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This hold-up can last for as lot as 30 secs or more. This method that when Rewind 103.5/104.3 contests room played that call for a particular caller to telephone the radio station (such together “Caller number 9 once you listen the sound effect”), listener to the on-line audio stream might be at a disadvantage in participating end those listeners that hear the contests on-air.A copy of this rules is accessible during service hours at the Rewind 103.5/104.3 studios 4401 Carriage Hill Lane, Columbus, Ohio 43220Updated September 9, 2021