You’ll be able to accept this side Mission native Wren in Konrad’s Hold during the Angels and Speed Demons key Mission.

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Find and pull nearby switch / choose up Wren’s head¶





Pull the bar in the middle of the area to open the door, (left), and also then head inside the mine and also reattach Wren’s head to she body. (right)

After you’ve accepted this side Mission, head over to the center of the area and also pull the lever to open up the door, then pick up Wren’s head and also walk into the mine come reconnect it to she body.

Search for Alkonost / discover that incessant beeping!¶

Once you enter the large room v circles scattered around, head up onto the left platform and melee the poop to cost-free Lark.

Once you’ve associated Wren to her body, follow her more into the mine to find for Alkonost whilst taking out any type of enemies on her way. You’ll ultimately come across a big room extended in rings, wait because that Wren to try and situate her friend and also then head as much as the left communication of the area and melee the poop to complimentary Lark.

Deactivate Lark’s alert / Activate Eridian Runes: 0/3¶

(1 of 3) Head onto the square platform on the floor come the right side that the room and also shoot through the first set that circles,

After listening to what Lark and his team have actually discovered, you’ll should open increase the next door. In stimulate to open the door you’ll should step on three different sqaure platforms roughly the room and also shoot v the circles to unlock the door.

Continue looking for Alkonost / find signal¶

Head to waypoint ~ above the map and also collect the ECHO log from the floor, (left), and then collect the eight from the best side that the room. (right)

Now that you’ve effectively opened the door, proceed deeper into the mine and also take out any kind of enemies ~ above the way over come the waypoint to find the signal. As soon as you’ve gotten in the room v the signal, choose up the ECHO and listen come the dialogue and also then collection the Alkonost’s eight from the right side that the room.

Before exiting the room to investigate the Disturbance make sure to situate the Eridian creating on the back wall, and then booty the White Chest indigenous the middle of area.

Investigate Disturbance / “Find” final Bot¶

Exit the room and take a left and also head towards the locked door which will open as you strategy it and as the door opens, a few Varkid will be wait on the inside. Death them and also then walk towards the center of the room to reason Lagromar to spawn.

Lagromar / pick up Alkonost’s Head¶

Lagromar isn’t hard to kill, however just make sure you’ve taken out all the opponents in the area before taking him on. You’ll want to make certain you save your distance throughout the battle and also use any type of Action an abilities and grenades girlfriend may have actually to assist take him under quicker.

Find method Out / Return Head and also Arm to Wren¶

Head with the currently opened door and also loot the chests on the method over to Wren and return Alknost’s Head and also Arm to Wren to finish the mission.

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