Borderlands 3 has cross-play top top PC, Mac, Xbox, and Stadia, but no PS4 or PS5 support

The headliner that today’s Borderlands 3 update is may be cross-play support, yet for me, a man who likes to grind out skill points, I’m just right here for the level cap increase. You can now take it your personalities up come level 72, and also there space up come 70 skill points to mull over.

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I’ve never ever been a min-maxer in Borderlands 3 — I play this video game pretty casually — however I obtain a kick the end of seeing overpowered builds and the rationale behind them.

I’m also into the idea of being able to revisit Bloody Harvest, damaged Hearts Day, and Revenge that the Cartels anytime I want — these once-time-limited seasonal events can now be toggled on year-round. If you missed the end before, you deserve to flip ’em on to knife the Year 1 and Year 2 rewards whenever you please. Gearbox also has brand-new challenge-based skin unlocks because that the recent Cartels variant, “The Revengence of Revenge that the Cartels.”


There’s still part FOMO, though. Mini-events in Borderlands 3, favor the True Trials, room still schedule-based. The “finale” is running till July 1 at 8:59 a.m. Pacific with every one of the True Trials impacts flipped on. “That way all the Trials bosses get the same an extensive boost to health and damage, they’ll every drop their two particular Legendary items from the week, and also the chest in ~ the end of each trial will certainly be chock-full that Legendaries,” according to Gearbox. If you’re gunning because that the level cap, this is potentially the method to perform it.

Okay, earlier to cross-play. You probably heard from that one eyebrow-raising Randy Pitchford tweet that PlayStation is excluded, and that’s quiet the case.

You have the right to opt into Borderlands 3 cross-play as of today, and also the supported platforms room Xbox One, Xbox collection X/S, Steam, Epic games Store, Stadia, and Mac. You’ll have to pick out a new Crossplay display screen Name, and the mechanism uses change Matchmaking.

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I was holding out hope that a deal would certainly be settled to likewise include PS4 and also PS5 adhering to the initial report after the Pitchford tweet, but that’s no the situation yet.