Handsome Jack is back! This time together a class for your latest adventure to Pandora!

Handsome Jack is just one of six playable characters in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. Being the master mind the the group, he surely has actually some tricks up his sleeve.

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel | Jack Doppelganger

Just together his course title say. Jack’s specialty is summoning his digital version to fight because that him. Through the ideal upgrades, friend will acquire an endless army of Jack that has Kill bonus, rise Jack Damage, and health allies in the process.

Borderlands Jack skills Overview

Jack’s action skill is Expendable Assets, this is your skill to summon Digi-Jacks. This Digi-Jacks will certainly constantly be summoned as shortly as the term is still over there (Maximum 2 in ~ a time)

THE HERO that THIS STORYAll about Jack and his Digi-Jacks. This branch rise Digi-Jacks abilities and add various bonus for the Jacks
GREATER GOODStill has actually some bonuses because that Digi-Jacks, however most space Kill skill and carry out bonus come Jack’s ability
FREE ENTERPRISEAll about guns damage and also offensive capacity, v a quite touch on firm bonus…

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Builds guide | ideal Jack Skills

Best Jack an abilities | Hero the this story


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The Hero the This Story >> Greater great >> free Enterprise

You start off this build with one of two people Bolster or best Foot Forward. These skills will expand the duration of your Digi-Jacks and increase their HP, i beg your pardon is sufficient to assistance you in early on fights.

Both You have My Shield and Take Their liberty will certain Digi-Jacks defense. Skinny on Me improve the strength of your Digi-Jack. Encourage The ranks is your final goal for this tree.

Greater good increase the damages of Jack and add more Kill ability bonuses (Movement Speed, pistol Damage, crucial Damage) The final purpose of this tree is to make her Digi-Jacks count for a death – i m sorry is constantly guarantee every time girlfriend summon them.

Free Enterprise need to be her last pick for level 50 – 70. All of the an abilities in this tree work finest when you have actually a the majority of guns. You may want to discover swapping the end weapon right now to cause some bonuses.

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The most an effective skill of totally free Enterprise is funded By… which need you to know how to switch to the exactly weapon at the ideal time (The bonus will be based on the agency of your last weapon)

This builds sync well through the Protagonist class Mods (COMS) Which will certainly further rise Bolster and Take your Freedom.