Check this overview out to learn just how to struggle the an enig boss, Nel, in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel!

Remember the quest in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel wherein you speak to Nel a dick? Well, now you can go one step further to assignment it out for him! That"s no all, you can also fight the afterwards. He has actually a high chance to fall a legend sniper as well.

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Now i bet you"re wondering exactly how to go about doing this, right? of course, and that"s why I"m here. I"ll walk you with the procedures needed come fight Nel, and also tips to make things easier. I"ll even show you the sniper he have the right to drop due to the fact that unlike Nel, I"m not a dick.

Credit to the header video clip goes to youtube user, deathmule. He additionally shows himself using the total on an additional boss,Iwajira, in ~ the end.

This overview will go over everything about the secret boss Nel including:

Name calling - What you have to do prior to you can fight Nel.Nel struggle - Details top top the actual fight.

Name Calling

The first thing you require to recognize is the location of Nel. He"s in Regolith Range, specifically the area you walk to ~ beating Deadlift.

There is a pursuit from a dead soldier that ends v you walking approximately an NPC called Nel and also telling the he"s a dick. The drops to his knees in Darth Vader fashion and also yells no. The ar of this pursuit is displayed on the map below. It is wherein the character arrow is.


I don"t understand if you have to do this quest first, yet given his conversation after you begin the fight, ns think friend do.

Spelling that out

To yes, really upset him, you have to spell out dick right in prior of him. To do this, you need to pick increase the letters "D" and also "K". Castle are located on the top of two towers, the highest structure in the area.

The "D" is situated on the tower throughout the canyon from the building with a satellite top top it. You"ll be able to see the in the distance. Jumping to gain this one is tricky, you"ll have to jump top top a pipe to begin.

Jump away from the structure then, twin jump to obtain to the next platform.Do a regular jump come the following part.Do a twin jump come the platform above, this one is tough to get.


After that simply jump come the last platform move forward till you watch the letter "D".

The "K" is located across the cavern, in prior of the structure with the satellite on it.

Go to the front wherein you see IC 57 and also use the run booster to gain on the mid tier that the building.Jump ~ above the an initial platform to the right, climate double jump and also glide all the method to the round platform sticking out in prior of you.

You"ll watch a ramp you can walk up. Follow this come the top to find the letter "K".


Now head ago down come the IC 57 sign and you"ll view 2 clues to placed the letters.After putting the 2 letters in, Nel will get upset and call girlfriend a jerk. That will start running, simply follow him.

Watch the header video clip if you require a intuitive explanation of just how to obtain the letters.

Nel Fight

You can"t hit Nel at the beginning of the fight, that will stay green. Once he gets into position, he will certainly summon opponents to that location. You need to kill every the enemies before you deserve to kill Nel.


The enemies, consisting of Nel, room in the level 21-29 selection when play normal and 47-50 variety when playing True Vault Hunter Mode.

You additionally need to be careful at wherein you death him, because on time I killed him, he dropped the sniper best off the cliff and I couldn"t get it.

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The legendary sniper he drops is dubbed Skullmasher and also it fires a spray choose a shotgun. That still has actually the range and properties of a sniper rifle, so it is really nice. You can fight Nel lot of times, simply save and also quit, then get the letters and place lock again.


That wraps up my overview on fighting the secret boss, Nel, in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. Be sure to visit my beginner"s guidefor more tips and links come my various other guides. If friend have any kind of questions or suggestions, let me recognize in the comments!