The partner Eevee in Let"s go is pretty special. Here are all the distinct moves it have the right to learn, ranked.

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The partner Pikachu and Eevee are both wonderful Pokemon in the Let"s go series, receiving a boost to their stats compared to a continuous Pikachu or Eevee. Both additionally received a grasp of exclusive moves that are seriously overpowered, through Eevee having one because that each the its advancement types.

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If you have Let"s go Eevee and also want to exploit these great moves, it"ll count on what your all at once build is composed of. Each relocate on this perform (except for Veevee Volley) has actually 90 power and also 100 percent accuracy, each v a different an additional effect. But, overall, part are much better than others. Here are every one of Eevee"s special moves, ranked.

Updated June 25, 2021 through Michael Christopher: countless Pokemon fans space still waiting for a extension of the Let"s go series, possibly with entries in Johto. However, that doesn"t seem choose they"re coming any kind of time soon, or at all. Because that now, we"ll proceed enjoying the jewel that space the Kanto Let"s go games. We"ve refreshed this perform to keep it as much as date. We"ve also added an entry explaining how to teach your partner Eevee these moves. 

There room three relocate Tutors approximately Kanto that will teach your companion Eevee these one-of-a-kind moves. They"re all uncovered in Pokemon Centers — one in Cerulean, one in Celadon, and one in Fuchsia.


Bouncy balloon Buzzy Buzz Sizzly slide


Glitzy bright Baddy bad


Sappy seed Freezy Frost Sparkly Swirl

when you"ve went to a tutor found afterwards this list, the earlier ones will additionally teach the special moves.

eevee using veevee volley
Veevee Volley is the only relocate on this perform from i beg your pardon Eevee will get STAB damages (Same-type assault Bonus). But, the various other moves top top the list are so good that this one takes the bottom spot. Veevee Volley is somewhat of a mix between Return and also Swift. It is powered up by Eevee"s friendship level v the trainer, and it never ever misses.

However, that does have actually some usefulness when offered by Eevee as soon as it isn"t in battle. If an additional Pokemon is out, making use of Veevee Volley will power up its stats, which is nice.

While the remainder of the moves room taught by a move Tutor, Veevee Volley is a special partner power move.

eevee using bouncy bubble on a charmeleon
as the Water-type relocate representing Vaporeon, Bouncy balloon is one HP-draining move. In ~ the traditional 90 power and 100 percent accuracy, the matches the various other special moves in regards to stats. On peak of that, it will reclaim Eevee"s HP by fifty percent of the complete damage that the target takes.

This is, the course, pretty great. But, it doesn"t to compare to the value of the other moves. It has actually niche uses, however health restore isn"t as essential in this game as other effects.

zapdos gift hit through freezy frost
Freezy Frost is the Ice-type relocate that is intended to stand for Glaceon. It has actually the 90 power and 100 percent accuracy of all Eevee"s special moves. The included effect come this one resets all the stat changes of every Pokemon on the field.

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This deserve to be good for eliminating her opponent"s stat boosts, yet it"ll likewise eliminate your own, which is unfortunate. Because of this, it will certainly be lower on this list. That"s not to to speak it"s a poor move, though, as every one of Eevee"s signature moves in this game are still great.

The Electric-type Buzzy Buzz is expected to stand for Jolteon. Together the 90 basic power and also 100 percent accuracy, Buzzy Buzz will constantly paralyze the target when it lands. Having actually a guaranteed paralyze move is fantastic, however paralysis does not constantly guarantee the opponent won"t have the ability to use a move, the method something favor sleep will.

Regardless, it"s a great move that deserve to be offered to avoid threatening enemies like Fighting-types or various other physical attackers. That does lose points because that being a relocate that offers Eevee"s Special attack stat, though, as Eevee"s physical attack is higher than its distinct Attack.

all of Eevee"s one-of-a-kind moves have weird, cringe-worthy names, yet Baddy negative is more than likely the worst. Skip that, it"s a pretty an excellent move. Together the Dark-type move, representing Umbreon, Baddy negative has the regular 90 power and also 100 percent accuracy, and adds the impacts of Reflect to Eevee"s side of the battle.

This weakens the power of the opponent"s physical moves. Reflect is always a good choice, and it will safeguard Eevee from physics Fighting-type moves that space super-effective.

Glitzy glow is the Psychic-type move that is intended to represent Espeon, with 90 base power and 100 percent accuracy. This move additionally uses special Attack, yet it has actually a bit an ext use 보다 Baddy Bad and other one-of-a-kind moves in Eevee"s move pool.

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This relocate not just sets increase a irradiate Screen, further an increasing Eevee"s already-great unique Defense, yet as a Psychic-type move, it will be super-effective against Eevee"s just weakness — Fighting-type Pokemon.

favor the remainder of the Eevee moves, Sappy Seed has a base strength of 90 and 100 percent accuracy. This one is Grass-type, and also it"s intended to stand for Leafeon. This move is one of the few physical people in the partner Eevee relocate pool.

This one adds the effects of a Leech Seed come the target that hits. This impact will drainpipe the opponent"s HP by a tiny each turn and also heal Eevee. It"s slightly far better than its closestly equivalent, Bouncy Bubble, due to the fact that it continues to heal every turn.

together the Fire-type relocate meant to represent Flareon, Sizzly slide is a really an excellent move because that Eevee. The 90 base power and also 100 percent accuracy of all these move both apply here, however it additionally has an included effect the is fantastic. This relocate will constantly burn the target, injuring castle every following turn and also reducing their strike by half, till they pass out or the burn is cured.

one more nice note about this relocate is the it is a physical one, meaning it"ll usage Eevee"s higher Attack stat fairly than its one-of-a-kind Attack.

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Finally, we come to the ideal move for your companion Eevee in many cases. This Fairy-type move is supposed to stand for the newest Eeveelution, Sylveon. In enhancement to the 90 base power and also 100 percent accuracy, Sparkly Swirl heals your entire party of every non-volatile standing conditions, consisting of burns, freeze, paralysis, poison, and sleep.

the is enough on its very own to do this move great, however it has an even much better use that many could not notification at very first glance. As a Fairy-type move, it"s super-effective versus Fighting-types, an interpretation it"ll provide Eevee great coverage against its one weakness, similar to Glitzy Glow.

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