CEDAR CITY – Cedar City Police are asking because that the public’s aid finding a automobile stolen indigenous the Wal-Mart parking many Tuesday morning.

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At around 6 a.m. Policemans responded to a report that a steal white 2010 Ford explorer that had actually been parked in front of the retail giant at 1330 S. Providence facility Drive.

While police did not confirm the particulars the this morning’s incident, earlier radio transmissions report the victim had actually been shopping and loaded her items into the vehicle when she establish her keys were missing. The woman then went ago into the save to find for her keys. Having no success, she returned to the parking many to discover her vehicle and all her purchases v it gone.

A household member the the victim claimed the cameras in ~ Wal-Mart detailed video footage showing the suspect complied with the woman to the front door and also then went ago and got in her explorer to rummage around. Prior to taking she SUV, the suspect got ago in his car and pulled it the end of the parking lot before coming ago to take her vehicle.

“The creepy thing is the guy watched her and then followed her till she went into the save then went earlier to the vehicle and rummaged with the vehicle and also found the keys,” that said.

The suspect then checked out his very own car and also moved it turn off site and also returned to the vehicle, the household member stated. At that time, the doubt then waited because that the victim come return and also upon seeing her going back in the store then took the vehicle.

The incident serves together a reminder to citizens, specifically during this holiday shopping season.

Cedar City Police Sgt. Jimmy Roden said citizens should keep their vehicles locked at every times – also while control – and also never leave tricks in the car. In addition, he said, close all the windows and also sunroof and also never leaving the vehicle running and unattended.

Police space encouraging anyone v information around this alleged theft to call Cedar City Police room at telephone 435-586-2956.

Ed. Note: CLARIFICATION: The household member’s quote was readjusted and a paragraph included to the story come clarify the the suspect only followed the victim upon her an initial time beginning the store at i beg your pardon time he returned to the vehicle to rummage v it and find she keys. In addition, radio transmissions explained the mrs as having been shopping but the household member could not check that.

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