One in this comedy collection about teens Cory Matthews, that balances his theories on life and friendship against those the his off-the-wall Philadelphia-based family. This program starts with a black color cat -- Salem, native "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" -- walking about John Adams High school after being dropped turn off there through "hippies." Mr. Feeny talks with students Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and also their classmates around Pearl harbor Day. Topanga shows Cory a photo of her grandparents, who became engaged ~ above Dec. 7, 1941. Then, Cory stumbles upon Salem, that overhears Cory wonder what that was prefer to live in the people War II era. Suddenly, the group is transported back to the "40s. There, Mr. Feeny notifies everyone the the U.S. Has just gotten in the war. Immediately, Shawn think he and Cory need to enlist. Topanga is uncomfortable by the news. Amy is additionally distressed, v both Alan and Cory answering Uncle Sam"s call. In ~ the same time, Eric is can not to enlist as result of his level feet and ticklishness. He offers the enlisted Jack his snapshot to store in the foxhole. Later, before heading overseas, Cory asks Topanga to marry him. In Europe, Cory receives a love letter indigenous Topanga, together Jack gets weird looks after ~ hanging Eric"s picture. Cory insists to Shawn that, must he dice in battle, climate he will certainly marry the "peach" Topanga. Earlier home, Eric watches end his mom and also her riveting in the ago yard. Meanwhile, Salem do the efforts to call Sabrina so the he have the right to escape the "40s and also its pre-kitty litter sensibilities. Eventually, the war concerns an end but Cory celebrate a bit too beforehand as he exits the foxhole as a blast go off. Shawn find his dog tags and also assumes the worst. Through Cory missing, Shawn keeps his word and also proposes come a sad Topanga. Earlier in France, Cory is actually not dead, however amnesic, living with cafe waitress Versailles as "Pierre." Nevertheless, the still can"t gain the image of "mystery girl" Topanga the end of his mind. Back in Philadelphia, Topanga prepares to marry Shawn because Cory has actually yet to it is in located. Meanwhile, Eric and also Jack head come Paris and also finally uncover Cory. Ultimately, Topanga decides not to marry Shawn, particular that Cory is alive. Cory, however, prepares come wed Versailles. Prior to they do, Topanga come on the scene and also interrupts the ceremony, in ~ which suggest Cory"s memory returns. Salem, disgusted the he couldn"t discover love in Paris, then flies to "down-to-earth" Los Angeles and prepares to meet the "I Wish" actors as the time-warp adventure continues. Includes commercials.


NETWORK: alphabet DATE: November 7, 1997 Friday 8:30 pm RUNNING TIME: 0:30:10 COLOR/B&W: color CATALOG ID: T:51400 GENRE: Comedy SUBJECT HEADING: Comedy SERIES RUN: abc - TV series, 1993-2000 COMMERCIALS: TV - advertisement - Diddy Kong Racing video game^TV - advertisement - "Mortal Kombat: Annihilation" motion picture^TV - advertising - Burlington cloak Factory^TV - advertising - citizens King restaurants^TV - commercials - Wal-Mart stores^TV - advertisement - Bisquick biscuit mix^TV - advertisement - Yoplait yogurt^TV - advertisement - green Giant create a Meal! frozen foods^TV - commercials - "The small Mermaid" motion picture^TV - advertisement - Tropicana Bursters juices^TV - advertising - United method organization^TV - advertisement - Ford automobiles^TV - advertising - "Jingle every the Way" home video^TV - commercials - Arby's restaurants^TV - advertising - Listerine toothpaste^TV - advertising - "Flubber" activity picture^TV - advertising - JC Penney stores^TV - commercials - Twix candy bars^TV - Promos - "Monday Night Football"^TV - Promos - "Penn & Teller's home Invasion"^TV - Promos - "The Wonderful civilization of Disney: Angels in the Endzone"^TV - Promos - "Spin City"^TV - Promos - "Dharma & Greg"^TV - Promos - TGIF^TV - Promos - "Eyewitness News"^TV - Promos - "Disney's One Saturday Morning: Recess"


Michael Jacobs … executive, management Producer mark Blutman … executive, management Producer Howard Busgang … executive Producer Bob Tischler … Co-Executive Producer Jeff Menell … Producer Matthew Nelson … Producer Karen MacKain … Producer Russell Dague … associate Producer Alan Myerson … director Michael Jacobs … developed by April Kelly … created by Patti Carr … Writer Lara Runnels … Writer ray Colcord … Music through Phil Rosenthal … theme Music by Ben Savage … Cast, Cory Matthews william Daniels … Cast, George Hamilton Feeny Betsy Randle … Cast, Amy Matthews will Friedle … Cast, Eric Matthews Rider strong … Cast, Shawn Hunter daniel Fishel … Cast, Topanga Lawrence Lindsay Ridgeway … Cast, Morgan Matthews Matthew Lawrence … Cast, Jack Hunter wilhelm Russ … Cast, Alan Matthews Nick Bakay … Cast, Voice, Salem Saberhagen Yvonne Scio … Cast, Versailles Kevin short … Cast, Mailman Brook Lee … Cast, Dime-A-Dance Girl Maurice LaMarche … Cast, Narrator/Radio Announcer man Adams continue searching the collection ➾

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