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Nov. 8 (incubadoradeartistas.com) -- Kate Hudson states she came to embrace Brad Pitt dating rumors.

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The 38-year-old actress confessed being linked to Pitt was type of "awesome" while mentioning romance reports on the Watch What wake up Live after display Tuesday.

"That to be the craziest rumor of all time," she told organize Andy Cohen. "There"s nothing true come that. Together a issue of fact, i hadn"t actually viewed him in, like, 4 years."

Hudson was connected to Pitt earlier this year following the actor"s separation from Angelina Jolie. She stated she had fun through the rumors despite the speculation gift untrue.

"It was kind of an awesome rumor," the star said. "I type of chosen it. I was like, "OK, fine. We"re having actually twins!""

Hudson is date Danny Fujikawa, and also made her red carpet debut v the musician at the Los Angeles premiere of her movie Snatched in May. She couldn"t help but gush around her beau in one interview v E! News in September.

" yes, really amazing, patience relationship," the star said. "He renders me happy."

"I"ve recognized him for plenty of years, however we never saw each other like that until a year ago -- well, last December -- whereby we just sort the looked at each other and also went, "Oh, wow. This is weird. Ns really prefer you," and also the rest is history," she shared.

Hudson will following star in the movie Sister v Maddie Ziegler.

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