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A fan Visual Novel about a embarrassy Braixen that tries her hardest to overcome her shyness to get her owner come take an alert her feelings for him.My very first small game/novel project that I"m hope to practice and also grow with.It"s a item of work and also nothing professional yet I"m hoping that it grows and improves together with me, becomingsomething great and exciting for everyone in the end.Story Summary:In a region that is still in it"s babysteps towards human and Pokémon life together, a young boy and his childhood friendfind a wounded and also barely alive Fennekin.Taking it home with lock they nurse it ago to health and also discover a bond that goes beyond friendship.When the boy suddenly has to move he leaves his two friends behind there is no goodbye, no hearing native them again till years later...By now they"ve all grown as much as be different people with different dreams and also plans for their future.The Fennekin advanced to a Braixen through now and needs a new place come stay.And also though his an extremely traditional family doesn"t think much of the idea the human and also Pokémon living with each other under the same roof the now young guy gladly take away Braixen in.What the doesn"t know yet is that his old friend and also Braixen has actually a mystery or two and some habbits the she seldom has control over...A big shoutout to every my patrons end on Patreon, without i wouldn"t be able to invest the time into this and also improve at all. Thank you for her support.Play latest version online here: web browser Version (WIP) (Might have loud music/sounds)The latest variation was no optimized for play online and will potentially have actually bugs that execute not show up on the download version.This is up because that everyone the doesn"t desire to download but/or only wants to take it a rapid look at it.
Dream Molder component 1 Upcoming... ??????
H-Scene lay out Sample - Someone brand-new (NSFW!) success ~113 Mb22.07.2019
H-Scene lay out Sample - Office Night (NSFW!) success ~147 Mb15.07.2019
H-Scene map out Sample - share a time (NSFW!) victory ~102 Mb15.07.2019
H-Scene map out Sample - Ferris Wheel (NSFW!) win ~109 Mb14.07.2019
Character map out Demo v0.2 (Upcoming NSFW! Update) check out Changelog - ~15.07.2019
Character lay out Demo v0.1.1a (Bugfixes) Win32 ~544 Mb18.05.2019
Character map out Demo v0.1 Win32 ~600 Mb14.04.2019