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Bravado summer sprouts Co. Ghost Pepper & Blueberry warm Sauce, 5oz.

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Blueberry, raspberry, white wine vinegar, ghost pepper, ground black pepper, salt.

Bravado freckles Co. Ghost Pepper & Blueberry hot Sauce, 5oz.

Blueberry, raspberry, white alcohol vinegar, ghost pepper, ground black pepper, salt.

3 Like acquiring slapped with a grasp of blueberries

post by Wormwood on Apr 27th 2020

This sauce is interesting. I was expecting the to be considerably more fruit-forward in the form of tang, just due to the blueberries. Instead, it's an prompt heat, followed on the back of the palate after a few seconds with a scant fruitiness. I uncovered this surprising, considering just how tart and immediate most blueberries are. Not terribly sweet, on mine palate, but interesting. I wish i had better been able to taste the fruit, yet not a poor sauce.

5 deserve to you say hot?

posted by Indigo ~ above Apr 7th 2019

Looked prefer a larger bottle shape online, bought lock all.

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4 warmth to sweet

post by Nicholas Hempfling top top Oct 25th 2018

This sauce is unique. The starts off through a pretty decent kick, something I intend from the ghost pepper. However the heat very quickly fades come a sweet blueberry taste, almost totally overriding the warm of the pepper yet maintaining a tiny bit of that flavor. By rapid I mean, very quick - much less than 5 seconds after eating it the warmth fades. It does leaving a ever before so slim tingle whereby the warm used come be yet hardly noticeable. Over all i really like this sauce, good flavor and also unique finish. Reduction of one star for just how watery it is, that is the consistency of pulpy lemonade.

5 i Love This Site!!

post by Steven Robinson top top Oct 12th 2017

I got My warm Sauces In A an excellent Time and They to be Awesome!! I will certainly Be Getting much more From This website In The really Near Future!~Jacksonville, Il joined States~

5 great Flavor not Too hot

post by Vincent p on May 4th 2017

This has actually A Very great Flavor over there Is Heat and Later An after ~ Heat. The Goes well On Meat, Poultry and also Pizza Even. The Sauce Compliments there is no Overpowering. The Sauce Is slim So simply Be mindful Pouring the Out some Complain about This however It Is just Fine In my Book. This is among The ideal Hot sauce I have actually Come across And will certainly Be experimentation The rest Of The Product Line. Many thanks To This Sauce exploring My brand-new Favorite Pepper The Ghost Pepper In different Brands.~Miami, Fl unified States~

3 cake Spicy Blueberry

post by Geoff Sergeant ~ above Mar 19th 2017

I median The Flavor mix Doesn'T throw Me As lot As It seems To execute With some People. The Blueberry flavor I acquired Was heavily Sour and Vinegary, virtually Like Blueberry Wine the Went Bad. The Ghost Pepper Burn Is There yet Slight.~Austin, Tx unified States~

5 fantastic Sauce different Flavor

posted by Todd Simmons ~ above Feb 23rd 2017

Great smell And great Heat. The Berries really Come Out followed By A nice Kick. Very Deep Red Color. Very Thin. Does not Stick To foods Well yet Makes A great Marinade.~Boone, Nc unified States~