This is a walkthrough because that Shai Utoh Shrine in The Legend the Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). This shrine"s location and puzzle solution, and how to obtain the concealed treasure chest have the right to all be found here.

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How to discover Shai Utoh Shrine

You can discover the shrine behind Lakeside Stable in ~ the base of Ubota Point in ~ a cavern with a breakable wall surface of rock.

Shai Utoh Shrine location

Shai Utoh Shrine Rewards

Shai Utoh Shrine Rewards
Traveler"s Sword Ancient Core Spirit Orb

Shai Utoh Shrine Walkthrough

Shrine solution 1 2 3 4 5
Use Stasis come lock the ramp in place and climb the platform.
Lock the next ramp in ar to climb the upper right platform.Open the chest to get a Traveler"s Sword.
Use Magenesis ~ above the chest and also drop that close come the upper left platform.Stand ~ above the appropriate side that the ramp and also lock that in place with Stasis to reach the top left platform.Use Magnesis on the chest to lug it approximately the platform and also bring it to the end of the room near the ramp.
Bring the ramp down so the it get the upper ramp towards the shrine.Use Magnesis ~ above the chest and also place that on the ramp come lock it in place.
Head up and use Stasis top top the next ramp to reach the shrine.Inspect the shrine because that a Spirit Orb.

How to obtain the endowment in Shai Utoh Shrine

Chest location just how to uncover
Use Magnesis ~ above the chest and hold up as high together possible.
Drop that on the opposite next of the ramp to launch attach towards the ago platform.

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Open the chest come receive an old Core.

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