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After finishing the “Follow the Sheikah Slate” mission, girlfriend will uncover yourself in ~ the top of the great Plateau Tower. Go near the exit as displayed in the photo below (picture1) and start going down the tower. To do so, you will first have to press the A switch to go down and then host down the Left pole of her joystick (picture2).

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Be mindful though, climbing spend stamina! Be certain to take breaks during your descent by stopping for a moment on the miscellaneous platforms. Once you with the bottom the the tower, the Old guy will come ago and speak to you. He will ask girlfriend to enter the Oman Au Shrine and also to retrieve its prizes so you deserve to trade them v him because that a Paraglider (picture3).


This object is clearly the only means to leave the “Great Plateau” Area (picture4). Follow the Old male who will certainly then look to the horizon, and also talk to him again to discover where the shrine entrance is. Climate go about the little lake until you with the Oman Au Shrine (picture5). You will certainly only have to connect with the door to acquire inside (picture6).


You will discover all the indications to finish the Oman Au Shrine in the “Shrines” ar of our Zelda: Breath the the Wild Walkthrough. Inside of it girlfriend will acquire the Magnesis Rune the will enable you to move metal objects. When the shrine is over, the Old man will ask friend to join him at the top of the an excellent Plateau Tower. Open your map, go to the “Great Plateau Tower” and also press the A button to teleport! (picture7)


Then, have a chat through the secret character who will define to you the you will uncover three new shrines by scrutinizing the see (picture8)… The pictures listed below will show you their locations. The an initial Shrine is located in the west that the temple of Time (picture9). The 2nd is ~ above a hill additional than the temple of Time (image10). Finally, the 3rd one is also further, come the right of the 2nd Shrine (picture11).


Get down of the tower and head towards the damages behind the good Plateau Tower. Continue your trip by adhering to the marker you put on her map, to finish up getting to a damaged bridge (picture12). Then climb on the leaf of the bridge and jump, in bespeak to with the other side of the it. Climate go down the stair to reach the second component of the damages (picture13).

Go with the appropriate side the the ruins and avoid the mechanical monsters by climbing on the walls (picture14). Once you obtain to the bottom the the area, rise on the wall that will certainly take you come the Ja Baij Shrine (picture15). Girlfriend will discover all the indications to finish the Ja Baij Shrine in the “Shrines” ar of our Zelda: BotW Guide. Within of it girlfriend will obtain the Remote Bombs power, permitting you to lay bombs, activate remote mechanisms and also destroy walls.

Once the second shrine is validated, use your bomb ~ above the enntrance gate to unlock it (picture16). Then continue your journey to the ago of the holy place of Time to find the Old Man’s wood hut (picture17). Go inside and get a Woodcutter’s Axe (picture18). Then walk to the ar where the Old man is and cut among the huge trees close to the cliff (picture19).

By doing this, you will develop a passage! to walk on the tree trunk to reach the various other side the the area (picture20). Once your with the various other side, do not pay fist to the adversaries that might be on her left and climb the cliff straight (picture21). Top top the wall surface you will certainly see numerous Rushrooms which will certainly tell girlfriend the path to follow. With the Rushroom top top the wall and climate take a break on the platform close to the mushroom.

Continue to climb until you with the top of the mountain. At the top, girlfriend will check out the entrance of the Owa Daim Shrine (picture22). Go to the “Owa Daim Shrine” section of ours Walkthrough come understand just how to usage your brand-new Stasis Rune and validate this new mini dungeon. You will certainly then have to go into a snowy area. We recommend you to do the mystery side quest called “Old Man’s Recipe” first, due to the fact that it will allow you to acquire a warmth Doublet (picture23).

This outfit will enable you to stand up to the cold weather that this brand-new area. Teleport come the entrance of the Owa Daim Shrine and climb up the wall surface to with the snowy area (picture24). Monitor the yellow marker displayed on the map in order to with a tiny hill (picture25). This is whereby you will uncover the enntrance gate of the fourth and last shrine of the area (picture26).

The “Keh Namut Shrine” web page will define how to usage the Cryonis Rune to validate this brand-new Shrine (picture27). When you will come the end of it, you will certainly be stopped by the Old man who will certainly ask friend to sign up with him whereby the 4 Shrines intersect, at the temple of Time (picture28).

Go come the Temple, get in the ruins and also interact with the illuminated frosting (pictures29and30). You will then have actually the an option to profession 4 soul Orbs for a Heart Container or a Stamina Vessel (pictures31and32). We recommend you to take it a love Container first, in bespeak to increase your life bar rather of her stamina.

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After making your choice, the mysterious male will ask girlfriend to climb on the roof. Come out on the ideal side that the Shrine to find a ladder (picture33). Usage it to with the roof and also talk v the Old man who will disclose his true identity: Rhoam Bosphoramus, the last King of Hyrule (pictures34and35). Rhoam will then explain the events of the critical 100 years and it will certainly validate “The diverted Plateau” mission. Then, the will offer you his Paraglider.