The walking Dead"s tiny boy has actually survived among the toughest difficulties his life will certainly offer: high school.

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The young man charged v playing Carl Grimes ~ above the AMC series announced that he finished high college on Tuesday afternoon. Chandler Riggs common a tweet reading, "officially done with high school wow." This comes after his final AP test which to be completed ~ above Monday, together told by a former tweet reading, "just took my 10th (and last) ap test ever. Rip my brain."

just took my 10th (and last) ap test ever. Rip my brain.

— chandler riggs (
chandlerriggs) may 16, 2017

Riggs" future ~ high school has actually been a topic of debate amongst fans that The wade Dead, which the young actor joined in 2010 in ~ 11 years old. After being congratulated on accept to Auburn college (a school located in Alabama which he will not it is in attending in the autumn -- in favor of one in-state school) by former co-star Jon Bernthal, the uproar the "Is Carl going to die?" concerns took the internet by storm.

Riggs" character survived Season 7 the the AMC series, however, and the actor additionally shared his excited to start filming ~ above the eighth season simply a couple of weeks ago.

just finished reading 801 of twd and also oooo man it"s good

— chandler riggs (
chandlerriggs) April 19, 2017

"Just finished analysis 801 of <The wade Dead> and also oooo male it"s good," Riggs created upon gaining the an initial copy that his manuscript for the new season.

Heading into the new batch of episodes, Riggs is no the only young actor getting to such a milestone and also sticking through the display while act so.

Other Young Actors


Unlike countless of the young actors on The go Dead (see: Sophia actress Madison Lintz, Lizzie actress Brighton Sharbino, Mika actress Kyla Kenedy), Riggs" young character has survived the zombie apocalypse through seven seasons. Involvement him will certainly be Katelyn Nacon, that plays Enid on the series, and also was newly upgraded to collection regular because that the upcoming batch the episodes.

Nacon joined The walking Dead late in its 5th season. Since, she has showed up in just under 20 episodes of the series, coming to be heavily associated with Lauren Cohan"s Maggie character together the two ladies started calling the Hilltop home.

Like Riggs, the 17-year-old actress is celebrating her high college graduation this spring, as well. Attending college in the loss will not effect her recently upgraded role on The go Dead.


The Yearbook

Riggs" graduation native high school didn"t come without his parents playing their duty in the yearbook. What some adolescents might deem as embarrassing in Riggs" place is actually one of the many epic collages a kid his age can ask for.

While he may be famous, Chandler Riggs is tho a high institution kid, and also his parents took out an ad in his yearbook, come celebrate all that he"s accomplished.

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Another student in the actor"s graduating class posted a picture of the ad on Reddit. The looks similar to anyone else"s senior ad, except for the sheathe of entertain Weekly staring up at you from the center of the page.

It"s a page Riggs must be very proud of. Fight the connect embedded below to for a glimpse in ~ Riggs" page in the high institution yearbook together posted by his classmate ~ above Reddit.

The actor that plays Carl is part of my graduating class, and also his parents bought a web page for that in the yearbook. Indigenous thewalkingdead

How"s that for hitting the bucket list prior to completing high school?