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Serving civilization experiencing homelessness the Miami and also Broward because 1922

Helping men, women, and also children v meals, for sure shelter, life-changing residential programs, employment, and also housing causing transformed lives. Our passion is to monitor the mr Jesus Christ"s good commission by serving others.


Give through Thanks

Help us serve countless men, women, and children during this upcoming Thanksgiving.

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us can"t do all the we perform without the assistance of our friends in the community. For just $2.10 you have the right to help carry out a delicious traditional Thanksgiving meal for those in the greatest of need.

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Toys because that Boys and also Girls Needed

Help united state gather 6,000 toys for boys and also girls because that Christmas. This is a great way because that your location of worship, business, school, or society to bless a son in an excellent need. You will additionally be blessing a family.

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Pack The Pantry

Help us pack the Pantry because that the upcoming autumn season. Over 250,000 meals will be served this fall. We will certainly send girlfriend or her organization paper bags the you deserve to fill with non-perishable items. Hope begins with a Meal.

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Faith Partners

Do girlfriend see people experiencing homelessness as a Mission Field? If you room passionate about using your faith to touch the lives of those who room homeless, hungry and in need, consider coming to be a confidence partner. There space so numerous ways to for you and your place of praise to gain involved and touch lives.

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Girlfriends 4 Girlfriends

Girlfriends 4 Girlfriends are a tremendous team of women who want to help solitary women and also women v children obtain safe and also affordable housing. Probably the best hurdle for women graduating our programs is to find safe housing. G4G is raising funds for various real estate projects. Learn an ext »


Cover Girls

Cover Girls space a tremendous group of ladies who desire to help single women and women with children break the bike of abuse, neglect, and also homelessnes. Cover Girls space mentors who provide of their time, talent, and treasure to assist women in the best of need.


Meals Club

Hope often begins with a Meal. many hurting human being come to one of our Centers to get something come eat and also we usage this opportunity to encourage lock to go into one of ours residential program or to aid them find another place of help. Friend can help fight hunger - end up being a Meals-A-Month partner.

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Our Radio Programs

Our Radio Progams not just highlight the job-related we do with the homeless, but we particularly enjoy having civilization in the neighborhood that room making a distinction come on the air. Just let us recognize you would favor to be a guest.

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In 2020 ours Supporters:

detailed 850,000 nutritious meals! listed 260,000 nights of for sure shelter! had actually over 1,000 Volunteersprovide over 10,000 Volunteer Hours! aided over 4500 men and also women find jobs! encouraged over 15,000 people in require through outreaches!

Changed Livesand so lot MORE!


Mike can Smile

Mike battled countless years of seeks to cocaine and also alcohol. His life to be radically transformed. That went ~ above to start his very own business and also now comes ago to volunteer. "I would never ever imagine the my life can be so wonderful. Ns am very, an extremely thankful and also grateful for all the help and love i received."

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The Miami Centers, situated in the Wynwood/Overtown part of Miami, have actually served the homeless and also needy since 1922. Programs and also services include: center for Men, facility for Women and Children, Jeffrey A. Tew education and learning Center, Community activity Center, Food Warehouse, and also Health Clinic. The cheap Barn, a thrift keep to progressive funds for the programs and train world for employment, is located in phibìc Miami. The Centers market emergency and residential programs. An additional building houses 78 men and has a conference center. The an unified Centers carry out 390 beds because that residential and also emergency services.

The Broward Centers are located in Hollywood and were opened in 1997 after offer the homeless and also needy of Broward start in 1992. It was the very first center in Broward come offer comprehensive programs for the homeless. The Hollywood center for Men has 128 beds because that residential programs and 38 emergency beds. The Broward center for Women and also Children was opened in 2004 and serves end 40 women and also children and also families. The is situated at the corner of Scott Street and also Old Dixie Highway, close to Sheridan Street.

“Since entering the program, I have actually come so far. I never thought the I would be going come college. Last year ns was on the streets and also really want to die. Thanks to every at the center that beleived in me and for every the donors. I am therefore excited.”