Let's play balloon gum, bubble gum! This fun youngsters birthday party video game will entertain youngsters of every ages and also tests your listening and also counting skills. Setup a game today!

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What girlfriend need


Have the kids gather in a chop circle and make a fist v both hands. Then, have actually them hold their fists out in the center of the circle. Select someone to be the "counter".

The counter takes among their fists and also tap everyone"s fists (including their own) as they to speak this rhyme: "Bubble gum, balloon gum, in a dish. How many pieces execute you wish?"

Whoever lock tap last states a number between 1 and 20. Then the counter taps everyone"s fists again as they counting to the mentioned number.

Whoever castle land on last, has to take the fist out of the circle and also place that behind your back. Climate the respond to would start anywhere again with "Bubble gum, balloon gum ..." and repeat the process.

Once both fists space tapped, that person is out. And this goes on till it small it under to one - the winner!

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