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SynopsisThe largest rise of dark skin gals the this century! The begin of high institution life with best and also strongest girls out there!!High college teacher Imada Sasamichi has been assigned to work at this school, only to find out that everyone in the course is a dark skinned gal! Kuroi, Kuroiwa, Kuroiso...all the names have actually kuro (black) in them! Meanwhile, Kuroi Mariko already fell in love v her teacher...!?It's the begin of this lust-filled girls straight love-attacks on teacher's life!(Source: MU)


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This manga is very hard-core. The students space horny as hell. And also the teacher deserve to not manage himself. Ns hope over there is ten an ext volumes!!it is super funny- if you like dirty sex jokes. I had to write a review- and also i hope world will buy this from Amazon.jp the art is amazing- yet only one volume has been madethe writer is busy with his brand-new series, i think. If there is an ext volumes i will certainly jump because that joy- literally friend won't think your eyes while analysis this.This to be my very first review- i am seriously hoping and praying for more volumes. I can see on the websites this chapters get a many attention and also comments. I am no sure exactly how it selling in Japan, i guess that will certainly be the key. Yet you deserve to never suppose an English translation come hit shop in America, since it is too hard-core. That puts other ecchi manga to shame and also is a must-read for all fans of the genre - this girls space crazy and also he loves it however at the exact same time the is fear he will lose his dream job. If he deserve to keep it in his pants and keep the students completely clothed is the biggest challenge of his career. EDIT: part will be exit on amazon.jp top top Oct 9 2019- OMG ns am soooo HAPPY around that!!