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Santa Cruz to mountain Jose Buses

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We make certain you can uncover a bus company from Santa Cruz to san Jose from the most reliable bus providers operating this trip.

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Bus Companies

Bus travel from Santa Cruz to mountain Jose is made possible thanks to Greyhound US.

Stations & Stops

Need a bus leaving indigenous Santa Cruz? Your starting point is in ~ Metro facility Bus Station.

If you"re onboard a bus traveling to mountain Jose, you can acquire hop off at , 1118 E william St, Diridon Station, Diridon Station, Eastridge Mall, Park Ave & Almaden Bd or san Jose.

Information top top this bus route

Daily Buses6
Earliest and also Latest Bus Departures7:25AM - 11:50PM
Minimum Price$9
Average Ticket Price$14
Minimum expedition Duration50m
Average Bus expedition Duration50m
Bus suppliers on This RouteGreyhound US


Frequently asked questions for your pilgrimage Santa Cruz - mountain Jose

How lot does a bus ticket from Santa Cruz to mountain Jose cost?

The typical bus ticket price from Santa Cruz to san Jose is $14. The best method to uncover cheap bus tickets from Santa Cruz to mountain Jose is to book your tickets as early as possible. Prices have tendency to rise as her travel date approaches, so publication in development to secure the best prices!

How lengthy is the bus ride native Santa Cruz to mountain Jose?

The typical travel time in between Santa Cruz and also San Jose is about 50m, back the faster bus will take around 50m.This is the moment it bring away to take trip the 27 miles that separates the two cities.

How countless daily bus relations are there in between Santa Cruz and also San Jose?

The variety of buses indigenous Santa Cruz to san Jose deserve to differ relying on the work of the week. ~ above average, there room 6 ~ above this route. Part buses run straight routes, while others have actually layovers. Simplify your bus pilgrimage from Santa Cruz to san Jose by comparing and selecting the bus that fits you take trip style and also budget ~ above incubadoradeartistas.com.

Which bus service providers travel indigenous Santa Cruz to san Jose?

When acquisition the bus native Santa Cruz to mountain Jose, you can travel comfortably and also safely through Greyhound.

What space the departure and arrival stations when taking the bus indigenous Santa Cruz to san Jose?

Buses traveling in between Santa Cruz and San Jose leave from Metro facility Bus station or Santa Cruz, CA, USA and also arrive at , 1118 E wilhelm St, Diridon Station.

What space the ideal sights and also things to do in san Jose?

Once in san Jose, you have the right to start experimenting the city and discover that surroundings. The height sights and things to perform are san Jose Betsuin buddhism Church, Cathedral Basilica of Saint Joseph, Cinnabar Hills Golf Club, san Jose academy of contemporary Art, mexican Heritage Plaza.

About Bus Travel

Bus travel Tips

Meet and also talk to locals in ~ the bus station while traveling from Santa Cruz to san Jose.There is no far better way to obtain inside travel info while exploring a new city 보다 to go straight to the people.

Start sightseeing the minute your bus pipeline the station. If you're ~ above the night bus indigenous Santa Cruz to san Jose, get comfy and also count the stars.

Buses have the smallest carbon footprint of every motorized transfer modes. A bus going from Santa Cruz to mountain Jose will emit half the CO2 emitted by a train, and also radically less than a car or one airplane.

Tune out to the fine sound of your finest music playlist on her bus expedition from Santa Cruz to mountain Jose while indulging in miles on end of beautiful scenic views.

Did friend know?

The bus driver through the longest job in the civilization drove an ext than 2,000,000 miles and also is a happy civilization Record holder.

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Did you recognize there are on average 4,400 intercity bus departures every job in the united state only? This number has been farming for 9 years in a row, yay!

It take away 27 hours to go by bus native Lima come Cusco, one of the craziest bus trips ~ above the world. This course is used day-to-day by locals and also backpackers.