It’s almost time for the release of black Ops Cold War and also Warzone Season 3. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming major update:

Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 3 is practically upon us, ~ weeks that waiting. Unfortunately, Warzone Season 2 was probably its many disappointing update yet, and also we’re really hoping this new content drop will be the one to rotate it every around.

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Right now, we’re eagerly awaiting some new content for our favorite speak to of Duty titles. And battle royale fans room excited to view fixes come the game’s most overpowered weapons and also skins.

(Source: Activision)

There are likewise “big surprises” ~ above the method in Warzone’s Season 3 update, and also we can’t even imagine what to expect! However, we do have actually a brand-new Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 3 leak, providing us our very first look in ~ the game’s brand-new content!

UPDATE: black Ops Cold War and also Warzone Season 3 early on Patch notes Revealed

Now, as we countdown the hours until the Season 3 update, here’s every little thing you have to know around what’s to come:

How to Pre-Load black color Ops Cold War and also Warzone Season 3 Update

To pre-load call of Duty‘s brand-new update, here’s what you should do:

Head come your black color Ops Cold war or Warzone application and also select ‘Check for Update.’Check her downloads folder.

The capability to pre-load is dependency on both console and region, with PS4 devices commonly being maybe to access it earlier than others. If the upgrade isn’t appearing for you in ~ the moment, give it a tiny longer.

🚨 Season 3 Pre-Loading is LIVE 🚨 game stations users can now start pre loading #Warzone upgrade 1.36 so that they have the right to drop right in to the occasions in Verdansk ASAP! The fun starts in just under 9 hours. 🎉

— ModernWarzone (
ModernWarzone) April 21, 2021

File Size

Right now, reports indicate that the brand-new update for black Ops Cold War and also Warzone Season 3 is approximately 8.1 – 13.1 GB for black Ops Cold war owners and 25.2 – 25.9 GB for Warzone players.

Black Ops Cold War upgrade Sizes

PlayStation 5: 12.3 GB

PlayStation 4: 8.1 GB

Xbox collection X / Xbox series S: 11.6 GB

Xbox One: 8.3 GB

PC: 13.1 GB

Warzone upgrade Sizes

PlayStation 5: 25.6 GB

PlayStation 4: 25.6 GB

Xbox collection X / Xbox series S: 25.9 GB

Xbox One: 25.9 GB

PC: 25.2 GB

However, this is most likely to differ slightly by region. Recently, we finally got our very first Warzone record size reduction update, yet Activision’s shooters are still taking up a incredible amount that space.

Thankfully, there’s a new way to tranfer games to an exterior hard drive and also save an are for PS5 players.

(Source: Activision)

Season 3 Release date & Time

But the all necessary question is: as soon as is the release day for Season 3?

Black Ops Cold War and also Warzone Season 3 will begin on April 22.

The brand-new season will certainly begin automatically following the main Warzone Nuke occasions conclusion. And we’ll shortly be heading to a new 1980s-themed Verdansk with new POIs to explore in Warzone.


But what new content is coming in the next major update? take it a look at the black Ops Cold War and also Warzone Season 3 Patch notes to find out!

Right now, Warzone players think this is the worst state the game has ever been in. But with a brand-new Warzone meta getting here in Season 3, possibly things will certainly soon change for the better.

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And now that Warzone’s Roze skin is being changed, there’s a new overpowered all-black skin in Warzone to use.

But together we look to the future, this call of Duty leaker is already revealing black Ops Cold War and also Warzone Season 3 Reloaded!



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