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Pricing for Casas Adobes write-up Acute Rehabilitation Center

Nursing Care $9,008* (click listed below for pricing info)
Assisted Living $4,459* (click below for pricing info)
Memory Care $7,359* (click listed below for pricing info)

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Reviews that Casas Adobes write-up Acute Rehabilitation Center

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amazing therapy team. They whole staff there got my love one with a very tough time and also helped us even after the remain too.

I worked in this building for 17 years and specialized a huge component of my life to it. I truly loved my patients and also caring because that them together a CNA from 2001 to 2012. I ongoing on to treatment for them from 2012 come 2017 as an RNA help them maintain and improve their mobility, motor functions and assist them in regaining the capability to feed themselves, transport themselves and also follow a weekly practice regimen. Ns did this fully on my very own from 2014 to 2016 running the regimen with only guidance from the Rehabilitation Director and also no assistance from the nursing department at all. Part days...most job I had over 20 patient on mine caseload. I was also responsible because that weighing new patients and weighing every the rehab patients every Sunday, which can be and usually was as numerous as 60 plus patients in 1 shift. Because that the longterm patients ns was offered the very first week the every month to get them weighed, normally around 80 patient while still perfect my daily caseload. The better I did, the an ext I did, the much more they gave me to do. ~ above January 1st of 2018 together I was assisting my patients with breakfast the staffing coordinator walked in, put the staffing book and also phone down & go out. It was soon lugged to my fist that we only had actually 3 CNA"s in the structure which intended we were short atleast 5 CNA"s. I picked up the phone, began making calls and within one hour had enough staff on our floors. My reward because that this...the staffing coordinator and also CNA super job. Ns was given no training for this position. The HR Coordinator who had actually done staffing in the previous was asked come mentor me. Instead she teach me how to do component of she job...hiring people. The only human who offered me any form of assistance was the longterm ADON. Nobody ever before actually sat down with me for a day, or also an hour to say "hey so this is just how you do this." despite that ns still managed to gain our floors fully staffed, get agency cna"s out of our structure so our patients could have the continuity of treatment they deserved and also ove

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About Casas Adobes article Acute Rehabilitation Center

Casas Adobes article Acute Rehabilitation center is a 240 bed nursing treatment facility. The is situated about the Casas Adobes area of Tucson, Arizona. The encompassing area has actually a dense population, with about 32,000 people living in the 85704 zip code. With an typical per-family revenue of $55,657, that is a primarily middle class area. The is located nearby retail stores, churches, health treatment facilities, and also other regional conveniences. Lock are located only 0.3 miles from Northwest medical Center. There space dozens of medicine stores within a mile the the community. Also, there room a variety of churches within 4 miles, which encompass Faith neighborhood Church, Church of Christ, Northside Church that Christ, and Christ the King.

Casas Adobes article Acute Rehabilitation facility offers multiple care options, including Alzheimer"s care, nursing house care, and assisted living. They are a great choice for occupants who are at all stages that Alzheimer"s an illness and who need special monitoring and also care for their safety. They can also provide for citizens who are largely confined to their bed and also need to it is in under the care of medical professionals 24-hours a day. Furthermore they have the right to house older human being who have actually mobility but need some aid with completing common tasks prefer showering, food preparation, and house work.

This provider offers countless different amenities and also services because that residents. Medical services incorporate speech therapy, physics therapy, wound care, medicine support, and nurses ~ above staff. Additionally offered are spiritual and spiritual activities, educational programs, arts and also crafts , and other entertain activities.

The estimated monthly average price for this facility is roughly $6,942. This is over the Tucson estimated cost of $5,838. The approximated average price of treatment in Arizona is around $4,542, i m sorry is reduced than the nationwide typical of $4,978.

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Casas Adobes article Acute Rehabilitation center has remained in business for 40 years. They"re currently registered v Medicaid and also Medicare. In the most recent Medicare reporting, they got a accumulation score the 2/5 stars based upon a linked criterion that all-around quality, health and also safety evaluations, and personnel reviews. In ~ that period they have had actually the following: no payment denials, 11 deficiencies reported, 19 complaints reported, no total penalties imposed, and also no fines imposed.

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