I was an extremely upset v the method my loans and also jewelry to be being handled.....but thanks to Leah, she had the ability to ask the buyer of several of my rings, to return them because of your sentimental value. Leah did not need to do this. I think the she construed why the jewelry to be so vital to me and she take it a risk in mine behalf. There arent too numerous sales world who will perform that. Ns was therefore emotional and also honestly didnt recognize what i was going come do around the ring that had already been bought and also put in lay-away. Needless to say, this to be the very first time I encountered a pawn shop, yet the manager, Ralph, and sales people, Leah and Gabriel, all assisted rectify mine unfortunate situation. I review some of these other reviews and felt badly about them being posted with complaints. Perhaps the customers just needed to communicate with the sales people. When I did that, Leah got to out to me and made my day! currently I deserve to pass under my moms and aunties rings they had intended for my children! now I likewise check through Cash America, or they will certainly reach the end to me, as soon as my loan or lay away room due! You i do not know ask because that any better business relationships than that! thank you Ralph for supporting your sales people and inspiring castle to walk over and over what is compelled of them!

I love this place, the employees space polite, helpful and also i constantly get the price i’m looking for; however today really had actually me at my breaking point. They perform not close in ~ 8 top top fridays, they close at 7. And also 3-4 employee watched me discharge items from my automobile all to pertained to a locked door after ns drove 40 mins come this location. Someone please update the hours.

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This is by far the worst Cash America i have been to. Ive gone everywhere Texas from san Antonio under to body recently and also this one just seems choose they simply wanna charge you everything the highest possible price is without trying to deal with you. I was shocked at exactly how nice the ones in body were they were so inviting an polite and also they normally seemed to love your job and the civilization they attend to daily. Yet here in mountain Marcos its the opposite she treated favor a number just get in get out no connection to the customer. Skip if you can go to the others around.

DONT walk TO THIS PAWN SHOP!!!!!!I offered to buy a lot from this shop yet never again. Walk TO CASH BOX!!! ns don’t work for them but they are courteous and also treat patrons v respect.Rude, dishonest, awful prices, and most of the staff space not knowledgeable of the commodities they buy and also sell. That is horrible, and also damn near difficult to effort to address a fool; they room a i m crying of fools.The manager Ralph is rude, dishonest, and also not also worth the trash the purchases and also sells.

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Awesome ar to perform business. Staff is really informative and polite. Felt very comfortable doing organization with them. Will certainly reccomend.