The guy that was claimed to it is in ringing united state up was an ext interested in anyone elses register. And also no one was asking for his attention however us climate on finishing the sale he stop the bag another 2 mins helping various other customers until I ultimately asked his attention to stay focused on one thing at a time. Smh. The stores jewelry prices were ridiculous im guessing because everyone is tryna gouge peoples wallets for stimulus checks lol. Will never return. Never mind the one star rating. This keep deserves no stars.

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Excellent service and also wonderful employees. They space nice and they always have a smile on over there faces

Just watced an employee lean versus the counter with a client pistol (barrell up) under her chin having a leisurely conversation. Unprofessional, slow, and dirty.

Always very polite and also honest! Never had actually a poor experience here! great prices and also deals! Only place in city I will use

Fantastic and also friendly an extremely helpful. Dee was really helpful I will go come Cash America from now on for any kind of of my needs.

The staff at this location is exorbitant they go the end the way to make sure you room taken treatment of I would recommend this location

The staff and awesome and very professional I would recommend come shop right here everyone is polite and caring

I have actually shopped this store for years and also the employee has always been courteous, friendly and helpful. I extremely recommend this store!

The employee were an extremely helpful and also was complete of humor the key two that constantly have positive mindsets when ns make visits to the Cypress place Moya and also Dee

Walked around store because that 20 minute no one also acknowledged i was there, wanted to hook a game system increase girl over there told me it had a guarantee that she didnt have actually time come hook that up. Acquired home it didnt work, obtained my money earlier went under the street to CBS PAWN who asked me as shortly as i came in the door exactly how i was and also did ns need any kind of help, they hooked the video game up there and also showed me it operated great, i entirely recommend them any kind of day to cash america.

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Took my silver- in Cash America and they stated it to be fake, climate took it to a pawn shop under the road and they experiment it, and also it was real, and they purchase it. Lol. Weird.

If the were feasible to provide zero stars i wouldVery crude oil & unprofessional. The girls perspective would gag a magett. Exhausted telling me they market drills for no an ext then 25$ i asked her to display me ONE ~ above the shelf because that 25$. She couldnt. So i asked her to ask who abover her to give me a reasonable price and also he offered me means more then she did. Im simply saying I would really introduce going come Cajun pawn pretty clean expert friendly human being there

We have been going there for around a year always traeted us great always remember who we are and constantly helpful

Walked in stood there 20 mins wait to get helped come buy something had actually 3 workers and also only 1 other customer the 2 females over there looked in ~ me then looked away i ultimately had to go over and say pardon me come get assist then castle didnt want to hook up the video game to present me it operated just stated it works we examine them all well im sorry but i dont yet used items there is no checking to see if they work went down the street and also got a far better deal and also much friendlier company at a neighborhood owned shop no go earlier to this corporate own business

Visited the Cash America Pawn below in West Monroe and encountered a mrs by the name of Catelynn that was very rude and also unprofessional. Rather of doing right here job and also being helpful, she stood there nonchalant v a smirk on her challenge laughing once I asked her a question around a apologize watch that she was acquainted with. I had to ask an additional employee (Meisha) for assist me. Meisha didn’t understand anything around the watch, but she still went out of her means to assist and even called another another employee on his turn off day. She was really polite and also provided great customer service. Catelynn was mean to have been help me yet started providing service to an additional customer as Meisha tried to number out what come do and I waited. The entirety time Catelynn knew exactly how to do the watch but stood over there smirking and laughing because I asked she a question she no like, i’m assuming. She began waiting on an additional customer and also wasn’t even done through me. Meisha had to complete my transaction. Catelynn took more than 45 minute on one customer because she was talking about her boyfriends ans ex boyfriend out loud whereby everyone might hear and other ingredient as human being was wait to it is in helped. Few of the customers also walked the end the door due to the fact that of no company being provided. At the finish of the day, everybody the enters these doors no in desperate require of money. This is a business and bulk of the customers expect to be cure with good service. I was in this ar for end a hour. Entirely unacceptable due to the fact that of one unprofessional employee. We need an ext employees prefer Meisha and also less favor Catelynn. She does as well much and also talks as well much. Use that same power to help your customers and also be expert Catelynn. I will certainly be contacting the manager together well