Paula is a beautiful girl that snatched up Aaliyah"s heart, however when she mysteriously vanishes from the internet, Aaliyah goes come the Catfish crew for answers.

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After year of talking with no video clip chats, Nyhjee questions Cianna"s identity when he it s okay stood increase while trying come visit her, leave Nev and also Kamie with couple of clues come track she down.

Nev and Kamie offer as mediators in between Aaron and also his fiancé after the truth about Aaron"s virtual crush Treyvon balloon to the surface.

Alexis has remained in a five-year online partnership with Jaymes, that is currently transitioning, but her girlfriend Emilee is suspicious that the two have never met or spoken on the phone.

Texas dad Deonn has actually doubts around his virtual girlfriend, Lanise, however when Nev and also Kamie start tracking down clues, they suspect Deonn"s past might be coming ago to haunt him.

Zark is a version who transforms to Nev and Kamie for answers once he can"t crack the password of his an enig Tinder match, Roger, who cases to it is in a government contractor and has cancer.
Nev and also Kamie aid Brittany untangle the truth about Mark, that they doubt is not only connected to one old flame of Brittany"s but could be involved in something far more sinister.
After 13 years of talk on Snapchat, Dey is ready to fulfill the love of her life Cody, but when Nev and Kamie spot part red flags, Dey discover a an enig that could adjust everything.
Kailan met Jordan in an online chatroom once she was simply a preteen, and also after two ghostings and also dozens that rejected phone call calls, she transforms to Nev and Kamie to uncover the answers she needs.
Instagram influencer Diamond has remained in a steamy, year-long relationship with YouTuber Steve, yet Nev and also Kamie wonder if it"s really content creators utilizing each various other for an ext content.
Vonni"s acquiring serious through his digital love, Andrew, and also is also sending the money, so Nev and Kamie set out to assist him find out if the partnership is legit.
Nev, Kamie and Vonni are recorded off-guard once they learn Andrew"s true identity and listen come his unapologetic explanation for scamming world online.
Join organize Ken Jeong and celebrities favor Jhene Aiko, Saweetie, Seventeen, Olivia Munn and also Daniel Dae Kim come stand with the AAPI ar with See us Unite for Change, Friday at 8/7c.
Sebastian Maniscalco does his best to learn the important names for the 2019 VMAs prior to he master on respectable 26, yet he"s acquired a long method to go.

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REVOLUTIONARY: Sean Daley calls in during our live stream come remember Prince his many heartfelt way.