Nev and also Max attempt to help a young woman named Nae track under her elusive web celebrity crush and also soon find themselves embroiled in a Catfish conspiracy!

Nev and Kamie aid reality TV star Michael sift through Julia"s red flags before he uproots his life to be through her.

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Jason, who is vulnerable after a divorce, starts messaging with and sending money to Mar, but becomes suspicious when a woman answers Mar"s phone.

Despite countless warning signs, will certainly refuses to listen to reason when it concerns Cherry, a Thai cosplayer the met online, so Nev and also Kamie aid him dissect his worldwide situationship.

Tam falls hard for Jamena ~ above a date app, however soon suspects the her virtual girlfriend isn"t that she says she is, therefore she calls on Nev and also Kamie to resolve the mystery.

Samantha contact Nev and Kamie hope they can help her fiance, Paul, obtain answers and move past his first love, Caitea, a woman he met 10 years earlier on Xbox.
After having a two-year long-distance partnership with other adult movie performer Stefany, Tyler contacts Nev and also Kamie to find out even if it is his digital girlfriend is that she cases to be.
After 3 years in a rocky connection with Chris, Courtney is ready to discover out why Chris never ever wants to video chat, therefore she call on Nev and Kamie to coax her digital beau the end of hiding.
Imari reaches out to Nev and Kamie to find out whether her virtual musical mentor is the genuine Dee Pimpin, a rapper who also happens to have been formerly exposed as a catfish.
After a shared friend bring them together, Bryn is identified to figure out why Stephanie only ever calls that from a clogged number and see if their love is real.
Apryl has been receiving illustrations of her self from Daryl for four years, and now that her feelings because that him room growing, she wants to ultimately meet this secret artist.
After lastly agreeing to satisfy Apryl because that the first time, Daryl clears the air about his watch shady behavior over the years.
Join hold Ken Jeong and also celebrities like Jhene Aiko, Saweetie, Seventeen, Olivia Munn and Daniel Dae Kim to stand v the AAPI community with See us Unite for Change, Friday in ~ 8/7c.
Sebastian Maniscalco go his best to discover the vital names because that the 2019 VMAs before he hosts on respectable 26, but he"s gained a long means to go.

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