UPDATE: Wizards that the coast ended its connection with Terese Nielsen in June 2020 after dispute over Nielsen’s Twitter follows and also likes that conspiracy-driven and also trans-exclusionary accounts and tweets, as well as a donation of artwork she made come a racist, QAnon, and also conspiracy-focused YouTube channel.

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Chandra, Torch of Defiance, the 3rd of the 5 San Diego Comic Con promotion planeswalker paints by Terese Nielsen, has actually sold for $35,000. The last bid all but doubled in the closing minutes of the auction that ended on eBay Sunday evening.


Full Art

The Facts

Chandra, Torch of Defiance is a traditional painting developed with acrylic, oil, and also colored pencils measure 14.75” x 20” (image) on 17” x 22” arches Oil Paper. Every SDCC planeswalker paint by Nielsen that we have actually seen so far has been produced at the same size and also using more or much less the same collection of materials.


Chandra, Torch of Defiance In Process. Indigenous The arts of Terese Nielsen facebook Page

The Hammer



Chandra spring smug

We also see model and former Magic cosplayer Christine Sprankle more plainly here 보다 in any kind of other the the paintings. For anyone acquainted with her Magic cosplay work, she is undeniably Chandra here. Perhaps one day us will see her return to the game and also reprise this function she illustration so well.


Christine Sprankle modeled both Chandra and Jaya, and was simply one piece of reference offered by the artist. Indigenous The arts of Terese Nielsen on facebook Page


If you are still searching for a way to collection these works, Terese has actually just added their white-backed Artist proof counterparts to her online web store. Usually an artist receive 50 non-foil and also 30 foil versions of each card, however due come the advancement nature of this cards, it appears those quantities are different (see she numbering on the bottom of every card). Together with every one of Terese’s Artist Proofs, the price varies based upon the card and also as access decreases, prices will go up. There is right now no option to add a sketch to the white backs.

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With Chandra, Torch the Defiance sold, that leaves just two last paintings. After speaking through Terese via email on Sunday, the auction for Jace need to start soon, with Gideon following one week later. The sketches will then be detailed one every week in the exact same order the final paintings were sold: Liliana, Nissa, Chandra, Jace, & Gideon.