These stories will deepen her Christian faith by helping you practice Christian worths in your daily life: at home, in ~ work and also in the community. This arsenal will open up your heart to the experience and expression of an ext love in her life and will repeat you that you are never ever alone or there is no hope, no issue how daunting and painful your circumstances may be.

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Jack Canfield, legend author and co-creator of the beloved Chicken Soup for the heart series, has actually been empowering entrepreneurs and also soothing noble souls for much more than thirty years through both his new York time bestselling books and also his formulas for success. Jack, "America's #1 Success Coach," is also the founder and chairman of the Canfield cultivate Group, i m sorry is draft to aid people accomplish both personal and skilled goals. He has been a featured guest on television mirrors such together Oprah, Montel, and also Larry King Live. He additionally holds the Guinness publication world documents for the largest publication signing ever before (Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul) and for simultaneously having seven books on the brand-new York times Bestseller list.

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Chicken Soup for the Christian spirit - Jack Canfield

What world Are Saying around Chicken Soup for the Christian soul

"Jack Canfield and also Mark Victor Hansen have mixed together an additional soul-satisfying and spirit-lifting pot the Chicken Soup. The savory ingredient of love, faith, family, caring, compassion and also humor are mixed together in Chicken Soup for the Christian soul with the seasonings the life to carry us heartwarming stories that will certainly enrich, ennoble and also empower us. Say, guys, deserve to I have seconds?"

Father Brian Cavanaugh, TOR

"Chicken Soup because that the Christian heart is opportunity thinking manifesting itself as tiny stories the irresistibly tug at your heart and leave a lifelong memory. You will do it love this book."

Dr. Robert H. Schuller

"Thanks because that sharing more stories that remind united state of what life is really about. Chicken Soup because that the Christian heart made me laugh and cry and also the ideal part—it’s no fattening!"

Cindy Crawford

Who thinks of the check-out lane as a powerful place? These story remind united state it is! such seemingly random, unheralded scenarios are constantly presenting us with possibilities to exhibit the strength of our goodness with each other, come subtly and also colorfully endure the wonderful, holy, healing characteristics of God that space in every among us. Review this, and also be motivated to dispatch you yourself to experience more of those exquisite attributes every solitary day, where ever before you go, every little thing you do.

Ashley Judd

This thought-provoking book will adjust the means you feel, think and also believe. Review it.

Bob Harrison

"What an amazing celebration of oh my god love because that each the his children! check out Chicken Soup for the Christian soul anytime, yet especially when you require a heavenly hug."

Joan Wester Anderson

author, Where Angels go

and Where marvels Prevail

‘God created man,’ someone as soon as suggested, ‘because he liked stories.’ as soon as Jesus spoke, he spoke most frequently in parables. This collection proceeds the tradition of faithful world telling story of their experience of God met in the program of life. I laughed and cried together I read them. In story after story I well-known the thread of big woven right into the towel of life. A treasure because that Christians who love to hear and also tell stories."

Michael Lindvall

author, The good News from north Haven

Your walk v Christ will be intensified every single day as you open up the pages that this spirit-filled book.

Glenna Salsbury

professional speaker,

author, The arts of the Fresh begin

"Chicken Soup because that the Christian heart is an excellent collection the powerful, heartwarming stories complete of faith and inspiration."

Dave Dravecky

author, Worth the a guy

and founder, Outreach of expect




Stories to

Open the Heart and also Rekindle

the spirit

Jack Canfield

Mark Victor Hansen

Patty Aubery

Nancy Mitchell

Backlist, LLC, a unit of

Chicken Soup because that the heart Publishing, gmbh

Cos Cob, CT

Finally, brethren, whatever things space true, every little thing things space noble, everything things space just, every little thing things are pure, every little thing things room lovely, every little thing things are of good report, if there is any type of virtue and if over there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on this things.

Philippians 4:8



1. Top top LOVE

Where’s the baby Jesus? Jeannie S. Williams

Ten cent Jeanne Morris

The Night the Chimes Rang Raymond McDonald Alden

Susan’s Gift Eva Unga

The Goodest Gift Jenna work

Why? Author Unknown

God’s own Son Kathleen Weber

Jewel Paul Della Valle

The work Joe Hill came to Stay Elizabeth Leland

The Beautiful shade of Love Arnold watt

2. ON providing

Golden Shoes for Jesus Helga Schmidt

A Tribute to Hawkins Rebecca Christian

The critical Straw Paula McDonald

The Christmas scout Samuel D. Bogan

It really Didn’t issue Charles W. Colson

Is there a Santa Claus? William J. Lederer

The Cobbler and also His Guest Author Unknown

A Thanksgiving Story Andréa Nannette Mejia

A Coincidence? Ed Koper


The Gift of a Mommy Nan Pinkston

My Mother’s hands Bev Hulsizer

Hands Judith Peitsch

Father Forgets W. Livingston Larned

The 2 Sides the Love Gary Smalley and John Trent

The Halfhearted Gift—A Dog because that David Priscilla Larson

Andy’s Dream Anne Bembry

Safety ceiling Reverend Dr. Bruce Humphrey

My father Tom Suriano

The holy bible Beckah Fink

Graduation automobile Author Unknown

Home for the Holidays Linda Vlcek

4. ON belief

God calling Joan Wester Anderson

Invisible Guardians Joan Wester Anderson

Expect a miracle Dawn Stobbe

Perfect freedom Charles W. Colson

Tell the people for Me John Powell

Thank You, miss Evridge Joseph E. Falkner

Recollection of a Gravel-Clutcher Austin Goodrich

Baptist Minister Lalia Winsett

Faith Laverne W. Room

Place of Sacrifice Teresa ann Arries

5. On THE LIGHTER side

How to obtain to sky Sower’s seeds

No Parking Bits & pieces

Irreverent Manipulation Moments for mothers

Sunday college Lessons Susan Webber

Wholly divine Bloopers Richard Lederer

Communion Dick valve Dyke

No excuse Sunday Joyful Noiseletter

Life Begins? Anonymous

Water Closet Author Unknown

Saint Peter in ~ the Pearly gates Author Unknown

Shocking sacrament Moments for Pastors

6. ~ above DEATH and DYING

Golden heart Therese Williamson

What remained in Jeremy’s Egg? Ida Mae Kempel

I’m Here! Moments for mothers

Answering the call Edward B. Mullen

Jason and Tommy Author Unknown

The best Sacrifice Ray L. Lundy

The Wedding dress Barbara Frye, Ph.D.

Helen’s Story Sandy Beauchamp

Sweet Good-byes Jeanine Marie Brown

Good Night, Sweet Dreams, i Love you Marilyn Dunham Ganch

The Ties That bind Virginia Jarvis

The wonder of the Ring Virginia Johnson

Dearest mom Lee Kennedy

7. A matter OF view

Escalator point of view Richard Stanford

An customs of goodness Jeanne Williams Carey

Bobby: when You can’t Be solid for yourself

James C. Brown, M.D.

Erik’s Old guy Nancy Dahlberg

In Jesus’ eyes Helene Montone

Earth Angels Vera luck

Wear Out, nothing Rust the end Marilynn Carlson Webber

Prayer Is the crucial Anonymous

A Sailor’s Christmas Gift William J. Lederer

Our secret Passenger Ira Spector


The Baby that Was Born twice John Pekkanen

Christmas mommy John Doll

A ar Prepared by God Catherine E. Verlenden

Medicine Jeanne Morris

Most Richly Blessed Anonymous Confederate Soldier

Mrs. B’s Thanksgiving surprised Suzanne L. Helminski

Now This Is Music! Renée Lacouague Bondi

A Healing ar Chris McGonigle

The Story the Raoul Wallenberg Tom Veres

An Old ireland Blessing Author Unknown

Who Is Jack Canfield?

Who Is mark Victor Hansen?

Who Is Patty Aubery?

Who Is Nancy Mitchell?




We feel truly blessed to have actually been able to develop this book. It has actually been a true job of love because that us, and also like every divinely inspired projects, it has offered us ago much an ext than we have put right into it. Native the minute it to be conceived, we have actually felt the power of love flowing v us and the magnificent hand of God directing united state in ours every step. Ideal from the start we have been suffering miracles—from opening the scriptures to just the best Scripture we needed, to finding the nephew of a writer we couldn’t situate on the Internet! Our many fervent hope is the you will receive as lot from reading this book as us did in compiling, editing and writing it.

Since the original Chicken Soup because that the soul book was published in 1993, we have actually been collecting and editing story for Chicken Soup because that the Christian Soul. Readers favor yourselves have sent united state over 7,000 stories, all of which we have actually read and been touched by. The 101 stories that you have actually in your hands space the an outcome of endless reading and also rereading, looking for just those stories that would touch your heart at the deepest and also most extensive level. Once we had the book narrowed down to the finest 200, us asked a dashboard of over 40 Christian friend to choose their favourite 101 stories. As a result, we believe we have actually selected story that room universal in your appeal and compelling in their impact.

We believe these stories will certainly deepen your Christian faith and also expand your awareness of how to exercise your Christian worths in your day-to-day life—both at home, at work and also in the community. These stories will open your love so the you might experience and also express much more love in her life. They will certainly deepen her compassion for others and also inspire friend to better acts that charity and philanthropy. They will lead girlfriend to pardon others for your trespasses and also yourself for her shortcomings. They will encourage you to stand up for what you think in and also to believe in what you was standing for. And, perhaps many important, they will remind you the you are never ever alone or without hope no matter how difficult and painful your circumstances may be.

Read what several of our vault readers have actually said about how deeply they have been touched by the stories in the Chicken Soup because that the soul books:

I obtained your third book when recovering indigenous lupus in the hospital. Ns now have actually a far better and much more positive outlook on life. . . . Every story, in its own way, has taught me something.

Hong-Chau Tran, period 21

I am successfully surviving totally blown AIDS. The jail chaplain borrow me your book Chicken Soup because that the Soul, and I have to admit, I’ve never read anything fairly so uplifting and also enjoyable. The stories were real. They were inspirational.


One morning i woke up to uncover my face half paralyzed with Bell’s Palsy. The term is usually three weeks to 3 months. Halfway with Chicken Soup because that the Soul, my face began to restore motion. When I gained voted best Smile in senior Class, I can not aid but think of this book and also the profound affect it had actually on my life.

Kyle Brown

My dad review stories from Chicken Soup because that the heart at the dinner table. After a few stories we laughed, we cried and were touched. That night mine family became closer 보다 ever.

Vanessa Sim, 7th grade

I wanted to finish my life at 14 years old. I’ve had that feeling for 10 years. Now—after reading your books—I promise myself to never ever feel that means again!


I am currently serving a four-year sentence. My dog-eared copy the Chicken Soup for the soul has been making the rounds of mine 121-man dorm. There is no exception, this gang-banging, hard-nosed, tough guys space all moved, periodically to tears, through one story or another.


So from our hearts to yours, we sell you Chicken Soup because that the Christian Soul. As you read these stories, us pray the you endure the same love, inspiration, encouragement and comfort the they carried to us. Us pray the your love be opened, your spiritual and emotional wounds be healed and your soul be overflowing through boundless joy! we send you our love, and also we ask that God might bless you!

Jack Canfield, note Victor Hansen,

Patty Aubery and Nancy Mitchell



Love is patient and also kind. Love is not jealous, the does no brag, and it is not proud. Love is no rude, is not selfish and also does not get upset v others. Love does not count up wrongs that have actually been done. Love is no happy through evil but is happy v the truth. Love patiently accepts all things. It always trusts, always hopes, and constantly remains strong.

1 Cor. 13:4-7

Where’s the infant Jesus?

I will honor Christmas in my heart and shot to keep it all the year.

Charles Dickens

A nativity step without the baby Jesus?!

I have actually one proudly presented at home each Christmas. For me, that a reminder the a previous holiday once I purchased the broken set.

I was bitter and disheartened that year due to the fact that my parents, after 36 years of marriage, were acquiring a divorce. I can not accept their decision come part, and also I ended up being depressed, no realizing they essential my love and understanding more than ever.

My thoughts to be constantly filled through childhood memories—the vast Christmas trees, the gleaming decorations, the special gifts and the love we mutual as a nearby family. Every time I’d think about those moments, I’d burst right into tears, understanding I’d never ever feel the heart of Christmas again. But for my children sake, I determined to make the effort, involvement the last-minute shoppers.

They pushed, shoved and complained together they ordered from shelves and racks. Christmas tree lights and ornaments dangled from open up boxes, and also the few dolls and also stuffed playthings sitting on the practically emptied shelves reminded me of neglected orphans. A small nativity scene had actually fallen come the floor in prior of my shopping cart, and I quit to put it back on the shelf.

After glancing in ~ the endless checkout line, I chose it wasn’t worth the effort and had made up my mind come leave as soon as suddenly i heard a loud, spicy voice cry out.

Sarah! You gain that point out of her mouth right now ‘fore ns slap you!

But Mommy! ns wasn’t puttin’ that in my mouth! See, Mommy? ns was kissin’ it! Look, Mommy, that a little baby Jesus!

Well, ns don’t care what it is! You placed it down best now! friend hear me?

But come look, Mommy, the son insisted. It’s all broken. It’s a tiny manger and also the baby Jesus acquired broked off!

As ns listened indigenous the next aisle, I uncovered myself smiling and also wanting to check out the small girl who had actually kissed the infant Jesus.

She appeared to be about four or 5 years old and was not properly dressed for the cold, wet weather. Bright, colorful pieces that yarn were tied ~ above the end of her braids, making her look cheerful despite her ragged attire.

Reluctantly, i turned my eye to she mother. She to be paying no fist to the child however was anxiously looking v the marked-down winter coats on the bargain rack. She was likewise shabbily dressed, and also her torn, dirty tennis shoes were wet from the cold, melting snow. Asleep in her shopping dare was a tiny baby go together snugly in a thick, washed-out yellow blanket.

Mommy! the little girl dubbed to her. Deserve to we to buy this here small baby Jesus? us can collection him ~ above the table by the couch and also we could—

I told girlfriend to placed that point down! her mother interrupted. You obtain yourself over below right now or i’m gonna offer you a spankin’. You hear me?

Angrily, the mrs hurried towards the child. Ns turned away, no wanting come watch, expecting her to punishment the kid as she had threatened. A few seconds passed.

No movement, no scolding. Just finish silence. Puzzled, ns peeked again and was astonished to check out the mother kneeling on the wet, dirty floor stop the son close to she trembling body. She struggled come say something, however only regulated a no hope sob.

Don’t cry, Mommy! the kid pleaded. Wrapping her arms about her mother, she apologized for she behavior. Ns sorry ns wasn’t great in this store. I promise ns won’t ask for nothin’ else! i don’t want this here little baby Jesus. Really ns don’t! See, I’ll placed him earlier here in the manger. You re welcome don’t cry no more, Mommy!

I’m sorry too, honey! answer her mommy finally. You know I don’t have enough money come buy something extra right now, and also I’m simply crying ‘cause i wished i did—it being Christmas and also all—but ns bet come Christmas mornin’, if friend promise to it is in a real great girl, you just can find castle pretty little play bowl you to be wantin’, and also maybe following year we can get us a real Christmas tree. How around that!

You understand what, Mommy? the boy asked excitedly. I don’t really need this here little baby Jesus doll anyhow! You understand why? ’Cause my Sunday college teacher says Jesus really stays in your heart! ns glad he stays in mine heart, aren’t you, Mommy?

I watched the child take she mother’s hand and also walk to the former of the store. Her an easy words, exclaimed v excitement, to be echoing v my mind: He stays in my heart.

I looked in ~ the nativity scene and also realized that a infant born in a steady some 2,000 years ago is a human being who quiet walks v us today, make his existence known, functioning to lug us through the obstacles of life, if only we will certainly let him.

Thank you, God, I began to pray. Thank you because that a wonderful childhood fill with valuable memories, and also for parental who detailed a house for me and gave me the love i needed during the most vital years of mine life. Yet most that all, thank you for providing us her son.

Quickly, I ordered the various pieces of the nativity scene and also hurried to the check-out counter. Recognizing one of the clerks, ns asked she to offer the doll to the tiny girl that was climate leaving the keep with her mother, and also explained that I would pay for it later. Ns watched the kid accept the gift and then give baby Jesus one more kiss together she walked out the door.

The small broken nativity scene reminds me each year of a kid whose simple words touch my life and transformed my despair into new assurance—and joy!

The infant Jesus is no there, of course, but every time ns look in ~ the north manger I know I can answer the question, where the baby Jesus?

He’s in mine heart!

Jeannie S. Williams


Reprinted through permission indigenous Bil Keane.

Ten cent

I am just one,

But still i am one.

I cannot perform everything,

But quiet I deserve to do something;

and since I cannot execute everything,

I will not refuse to perform the something that

I have the right to do.

Edward Everett Hale’s pledge to the

Lend-a-Hand society

Miss! over here!

Waitress, might you inspect on my order?

Could you carry the infant some much more milk?

I sighed and pushed the hair ago from my eyes. The gray February lunch hour uncovered the restaurant wherein I worked packed with human being anxious to escape the eye turned come rain. Over there was also a big standing crowd wait for tables. I was currently exhausted, I had actually a dividing headache and it wasn’t also 12:30! just how was I ever going to survive the day?

I’d been plenty thankful to obtain this job the year before. As a suddenly solitary mom v two little children to support and little in the way of education and learning or skills, it had actually been a godsend come be rental by a better-than-average restaurant close to a renowned hospital in our city.

As the new kid in ~ the restaurant, I had actually been began off v the worst station, a little room at the earlier of the building. It was a long method from the prior entrance and equally far from the kitchen, so service there was unavoidably slower than in the front dining area. The room held two large tables and several small ones by the windows. As a rule, most of the client exiled come the ago were either solitary women dining alone or big families with kids who were expected to be loud and demanding.

After practically two years and several brand-new hirees, ns was still stuck with the ago room. Generally I no mind. The see from my windows revealed a steep ravine, greatly wooded top top both sides, which crib a small stream in ~ the bottom. It was a how amazing beautiful clues to discover hidden far in a large city. Through that view, I could relax throughout off hours and also find a minute of peace.

But this particular day was among those days when I longed for among the prior stations. Although i was pushing myself to save up v the demand, ns was steadily losing ground since of the risk of acquiring through the mob between my tables and the kitchen. This to be made more complicated by the fact that both my large tables to be filled come overflowing through extra chairs and high chairs the blocked the aisles.

I quit for a moment and glanced approximately to watch what were the most urgent that the plenty of things demanding mine attention.

That’s as soon as I observed her. She to be seated at the farthest table, jammed right into a corner, her enjoyment of the view hampered through the unappetizing continues to be of who else’s meal in prior of her. She showed up to be around 70 year old, through white hair, a deeply lined face, and also hands that testified to a lifetime of difficult work. She wore an old-fashioned navy straw hat, and also a cotton housedress under a shabby brown coat that appeared inadequate for the weather. She satellite quietly, through an wait of dejection and an expression of disastrous sadness.

I hurried over, and as i cleared the table, I began a monologue—scolding the hostess because that not telling me the woman was waiting and also complaining about the busboy for not clearing the table. He’ll obtain no dessert this evening for that kind of work! ns added.

She smiled to tell me she knew i was joking, however the smile did not reach she eyes.

It’s all right, she said. I live on a farm and out that home window it almost looks prefer home.

I’d love come live in a pretty place, too, i said, however she was no interested in proceeding the conversation.

All she had ordered to be a cup the tea. I made certain her tea to be hot, and told her i hoped she’d come earlier when us weren’t so busy. Climate the voices approximately me dubbed for mine attention:

Waitress! wherein is mine coffee?

Over here! It’s been 20 minutes due to the fact that we ordered!

And ns was ago on the treadmill, also farther behind.

When i looked over again, the old mrs was gone. I couldn’t aid but wonder what had made she so terribly sad.

A couple of moments later on I heard my name called and also I looked up to see her pushing her method through the overfilled aisles. I have something for you, she said, and also she organized out she hand. I put down the plates i was carrying and also dried my hands so she might give me a dime.

She didn’t recognize that most waitresses below laughed at civilization who left only tiny change because that a tip. Then ns thought about how much she had to come, pushing her way through the crowd just to give me her money, and how she most likely couldn’t afford even that little bit.

I smiled and also said, You really didn’t have to do that.

She answered, I know it no much, yet you went the end of your means to it is in nice to me. I simply wanted you to know that i appreciated it.

Somehow my basic thank you no seem adequate, so i added, and also God bless you.

Her an answer was sudden and also unexpected. She got my hand and also started come cry. Thank you, Lord, she sobbed. You knew exactly how much I needed to understand there was another Christian nearby.

Leaving the dishes whereby they sat, ns led she to a chair and also said, "Tell me what