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Are you trying to find a women’s wellness provider?

This list focuses on gynecologists and obstetricians in the Champaign-Urbana metro area.

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Some civilization might call these medical professionals the gynie; the obgyn; a infant doctor; or also baby catcher.

Maybe you space thinking around becoming pregnant, are pregnant. Or possibly you are brand-new to town and also want to make sure every one of your clinical needs are addressed. Or perhaps your doctor has retired, relocated or otherwise left the community. Nevertheless of the factor why you are seeking a brand-new one — and regardless of your period or stage — remainder assured, there space no shortage that high-quality gynecologists and also obstetricians in ours community.

 If you space a woman who stays in the Champaign-Urbana metro area, you will require one that these doctors – also if you aren’t to plan to have a infant anytime soon, or ever. 

When we asked for recommendations for Champaign-Urbana OB/GYN Obstetrics providers, and nearly 200 incubadoradeartistas.com readers answered. The list of physicians and midwives listed below was generated by personal recommendations indigenous incubadoradeartistas.com facebook readers. You re welcome note, providers readjust often; no every physician is a great fit because that every person.


Christie Clinic 

Doctors mentioned, v comments associated with every one:

Susan Cooper-Morphew, MD. “I think I obtain pregnant simply so I deserve to see Dr. Cooper at Christie regularly.” “That’s why I had actually four kids in five years lol ? haha” “So personable. She genuinely loves every patience she has and also knows all the kids name by heart. She yes, really cares around every human she takes care of. Love her.” “She knew me and my body.” “Such a calm energy and also someone who “gets it.”Sarah Young, MD. “Amazing, caring, knowledgable, professional, awesome, compassionate.” “Greatest Dr. Ever!!” “She to be so laid ago and simple going and also never made me feeling pressured into anything.”Tamara Helfer, MD. “She constantly takes her time with me where various other doctors I have seen i feel choose just one more patient and not a genuine person.”Candace McGregor, MD. “Had her for my an initial and now my second. She’s amazing!” “She important listens and shows real compassion.”Sumra Tayebaly, MD. “She listened and helped me.”Julia Anquandah, MD. Multiple mentions.Midwifery Services:Cathy Hinton, CNMLindsay Bustle, CNMAnnelise Smith, CNM

Reader comments: “Love them, great, wonderful.” “Fantastic.” “I certain adore her and would obtain pregnant just to it is in in her care again.”Carle affiliated providers.

Most the these physicians are situated in the southern Clinic, Urbana; some have actually hours in various other locations. 

Doctors mentioned, with comments connected with each one:

Michael Hennesy, MD. “Very thorough, kind, and patient. Defines things really well. Did great with mine c-section!” “He has actually made me feel comfortable at all of my appointments and taken his time to describe things and answer mine questions.” “Very thorough.”Dana Morrison, MD. “Wonderful endure all the way through. Loved her!” “Super under to earth, responsive, and chill – simply my style.”Chanda Reese, MD. “She to be super helpful and was there for me with my pregnancy difficulties and also even made sure she was the one who yielded our precious daughter. Very recommend.” “Really friendly and also cares about her patients.”Anna-Lisa Schmitz, MD. “Dr. Schmitz was amazing! She likewise stayed on till I delivered my daughter at 2 a.m. On great Friday as soon as she wasn’t forced to. It to be my first pregnancy and I can’t even start to express the gratitude my husband and also I have actually for her and also the Carle team that took treatment of us the whole time!” ” She’s awesome.”Jeremy Johnson, MD. “When my medical professional was on vacation after my child was born, he pertained to talk come me and also was amazing. Currently he’s my new doctor because mine retired! security a lot of time chatting and getting a complete history.”Valerie Jennings, MD.

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“I felt therefore in regulate of what was going on. She amazing!” “She recorded my placental abruption and saved my baby and also I!”Tiffani Dillard, MD. “I had actually to have actually a procedure done and she come in and held my hand as they placed me to sleep. It to be touching.” “I absolutely love Dr Dillard and her NP Jamie Nixon. They’ve been good with both my very first pregnancy and also delivery and now 2nd pregnancy.”Aubrey Hudson, PA. “She is FANTASTIC!” “She was such a calming presence during a seemingly stressful and scary time!” ” I simply love her honesty & straightforward attitude!” “I love Aubrey and truly credit her with “finding” my chest cancer. She encourage I have a baseline mammo in ~ 37, which showed a pea size tumor.”

Midwifery Services:

Ellen Solis, CNMVanessa Grafton, CNMCarissa Swiatek, CNMSarah Procko, CNMand others

Comments native readers: “Wonderful, short waiting time, med/intervention free, never feeling rushed, listens.” “ I had actually wonderful births with them and I constantly left their office lifted up and encouraged.”


Dr. Suzanne Trupin, Women’s health and wellness Practice. “She is very open come talk around the scientific research behind her techniques of care and also I discovered that significantly helpful.” “I love Trupin’s direct, evidence-based strategy to she practice.”

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