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If you're on Facebook, there's a good chance you've viewed a article or two -- or 20 -- warning you around friending Jayden K. Smith since you might get hacked or have your computer or device compromised.

"He is a hacker and also has the system associated to your on facebook account," the message likely reads. "If one of your contacts accepts it, friend will additionally be hacked, therefore make certain that all your friends understand it. Thanks. Forward together received."

However, follow to Snopes.com, it's in reality the recent installment in a long-running hoax warning users not to enable contact with a human being or group.

"Claim: agree a girlfriend request native a stranger will administer hackers with accessibility to your computer and also online accounts. Rating: False."

an e-mail / text blog post / girlfriend request / sent by real name / e-mail deal with / screen name!If you do, you / your computer system / your on facebook account / everyone on your call list / her childrenwill be in danger of fall victim come a serial killer / computer system virus / hacker / predator."

In the instance of Jayden K. Smith, is it feasible that a hacker can connect to your computer system through a friend request and also wreak havoc?

"The most usual variant of this hoax is one that warns the reader no to accept Facebook friend requests from 'hackers' purportedly named 'Christopher Davies' and 'Jessica Davies,' otherwise among the two will wreak part unspecified havoc by gift able to 'FIGURE the end UR COMPUTER'S ID and also ADDRESS.' ... The course, it's not outside the realm of possibility that an e-mail message or a link posted on facebook might bring a virus payload which could infect your computer and allow it be controlled by a botnet, yet virus warnings the correspond come the trends detailed over can be safely dismissed."

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