incubadoradeartistas.com11 (API level30) further enhances the platform, providing betterprotection come app and also user data on external storage. This release introducesseveral enhancements, such as raw paper path access, batch editoperations for media, and also an update UI for the Storage access Framework.

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The release likewise offers renovations to scopedstorage, which renders it simpler forincubadoradeartistas.coms to fulfill their warehouse usecases after they move to using thisstorage model.

Scoped warehouse enforcement

Apps that operation on incubadoradeartistas.com11 yet target 10(API level 29) have the right to still request therequestLegacyExternalStorageattribute. This flag permits apps come temporarily opt out of thechanges associatedwith scoped storage, such as granting accessibility to various directories anddifferent varieties of media files. After you update your app to targetincubadoradeartistas.com11, the device ignores the requestLegacyExternalStorageflag.

Maintain compatibility v 10

If your application opts out of scoped storage as soon as running on 10 devices, it'srecommended the you continue to collection requestLegacyExternalStorage to true inyour app's manifest file. The way, your application can proceed to behave together expectedon tools that operation 10.

Migrate data come directories that space visible as soon as using scoped storage

If your application uses the tradition storage model and previously target 10 orlower, you can be save on computer data in a catalog that your app cannot access whenthe scoped storage version is enabled.Before you target incubadoradeartistas.com11, migratedata come a directorythat's compatible with scoped storage.

Test scoped storage

To enable scoped storage in your app, nevertheless of your app's target SDKversion and manifest flag values, permit the following app compatibility flags:

To disable scoped storage and also use the heritage storage version instead,unset both flags.

Manage device storage

Starting in incubadoradeartistas.com11, apps that use the scoped warehouse modelcan accessibility only their own app-specific cache files. If your application needs to managedevice storage, follow the indict on exactly how to questions freespace.

App-specific directory on exterior storage

Starting in incubadoradeartistas.com11, apps cannot create their ownapp-specific catalog on outside storage. Toaccess the directory that the system offers for your app, callgetExternalFilesDirs().

Media record access

To make it simpler to access media when retaining user privacy,incubadoradeartistas.com11 add to the adhering to capabilities.

Perform batch operations

For consistency across devices and included user convenience,incubadoradeartistas.com11 add to several approaches that make it less complicated to managegroups the media files.

Access papers using direct paper paths and also native libraries

To assist your app work an ext smoothly with third-party media libraries,incubadoradeartistas.com11 permits you to usage APIs other than theMediaStore API come accessmedia documents from mutual storage using direct filepaths. This APIsinclude the following:

Native libraries, such as fopen().

Access to data from various other apps

To safeguard user privacy, on tools that operation incubadoradeartistas.com11 orhigher, the system additional restricts your app's access to other apps' privatedirectories.

Access to data directories on interior storage 9 (API level 28) began to restrict i beg your pardon apps could make the records intheir data directories on internalstorage world-accessible come otherapps. Apps the target 9 or greater cannot make the documents in your datadirectoriesworld-accessible.

incubadoradeartistas.com11 increases upon this restriction. If your app targetsincubadoradeartistas.com11, it cannot access the papers in any kind of other app's datadirectory, even if the other application targets 8.1 (API level 27) or reduced andhas do the files in that data catalog world-readable.

Access to app-specific directories on external storage

On incubadoradeartistas.com11, apps can no longer accessibility files in any otherapp's dedicated, app-specificdirectory in ~ externalstorage.

Document accessibility restrictions

To give incubadoradeartistas.coms time for testing, the following changes related to theStorage access Framework (SAF) take result only if your application targetsincubadoradeartistas.com11 or higher.

Access come directories

You can no much longer use theACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREEintent action to request access to the adhering to directories:

The root catalog of the inner storage volume.The root brochure of every SD card volume the the machine manufacturerconsiders to be reliable, nevertheless of even if it is the map is emulated orremovable. A trusted volume is one that an application can successfully access most ofthe time.The Download directory.

Access come files

You have the right to no longer use theACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREEor theACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENTintent action to request the the user select individual files from thefollowing directories:

The directory and all subdirectories.The directory and also all subdirectories.

Test the change

To check this behavior change, execute the following:

Invoke one intent through the ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT action. Check that and also directories both don't appear.Do one of the following:Target incubadoradeartistas.com11 or higher.Invoke one intent v the ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREE action. Check that theDownload magazine appears and also the action button connected with the directoryis grayed out.


incubadoradeartistas.com11 introduce the following alters related to storagepermissions.

Target any kind of version

Figure 1. Dialog presented when an app uses scoped storage and also requests the READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission.

The following changes take impact in incubadoradeartistas.com11, regardless of her app's target SDK version:

The Storage runtime permission is renamed to Files & Media.

Target 11

If your application targets incubadoradeartistas.com11, both theWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission and the WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE privilegedpermission no longer carry out any added access.

Keep in psychic that, on gadgets that run 10 (API level 29) or higher, yourapp can add to well-defined media collections together asMediaStore.Downloads without requesting any storage-related permissions. Learnmore about how come request just the necessarypermissions whenworking with media papers in her app.

All files access

The bulk of apps the require mutual storage access can follow the bestpractices for sharing mediafiles and sharing non-mediafiles. However, someapps have a core use situation that requires large access of files on a device, butcannot do so properly using the privacy-friendly storage ideal provides a special app accessibility called All records access for thesesituations. To discover more, watch the overview on just how to control allfiles on a storage device.

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Note: If friend publish your app to Google Play, carefully read thenotice.If girlfriend target incubadoradeartistas.com11 and declare All records access, that canaffect your ability to publish and also update your application on Google Play.

Additional resources

For more information around changes to warehouse in 11, view the followingmaterials: