Cooper City permit Information

To accessibility the Cooper City website about building permits, you re welcome click here.To compare all Broward county municipalities" permit requirements, click here.

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Permit Submittal demands for the Cooper City:BROWARD COUNTY eco-friendly PROTECTION DIVISIONEPD submittal/approval required prior to Bldg Dept submittal. Apply online for defense Code & application number. Walk-thru review. Impact fees will be determined, if any. Submit Asbestos because that if internal only or if renovation/adddition.ELEVATORBroward county Elevator submittal/ approval compelled prior to bldg dept submittal. Submit plans only for review. Applications not required. Permit 1 week evaluation time.NOTICE that COMMENCEMENTRecorded NOC compelled prior to Bldg Dept submittal. Record NOC at County record office. Secure 2 Certified copies. If worth of occupational is under $2,500, NOC no required.

PERMIT APPLICATIONMust be in black color ink. Values, SF & amounts required. Have to be signed by Owner & Contractor. Copy the Contractor"s patent & insurance is required.SURVEYSCurrent s/s copies required. None compelled if interiors only.

ENERGY CALCULATIONSMust besigned and sealed through engineer. None forced if interiors only.

SPECIAL inspection FORMSIf required by code, should besigned and sealed through engineer and must be signed by Owner.

STRUCTURAL CALCULATIONSMust besigned and also sealed through engineer. None required if interiors only.

ORIGINAL advancement REVIEW COMMITTEEPLANSMust send stamped/original signed approved plans. None required if Interiors only.

OWNER/AGENT LETTERLetter must have actually Owner and Agent notarized signatures.

NUMBER the SETSTwo sets. TRADE APPLICATIONSMust it is in in black color ink. Values, SF & quantities required. Must be signed by Owner & trade Contractor. Copy of patent & insurance money is required.

NOTICE of ACCEPTANCEMust be stamped by architect. Windows, Doors, Louvers, Shutters, Etc.ROOF CALCULATIONS (HVC)Must be finish package v roof NOA"s and also roof plan. None compelled if Interiors only.ROOF TRUSS SHOP DRAWINGSMust besigned and sealed by engineer and include every calcs. None compelled if interiors only.FIRE SPRINKLER alarm DRAWINGSMust have hydraulic calculations and also cut sheets of every devices and also panels.

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COMMENTSREVISIONS: require Re-submittal Form. Need Architect"s Narrative. Require clouds and deltas. Use Re-submittal type for "Corrections". Signatures no required.