UPDATE: countless of these sales have been or will be canceled due to the present health situation. Us will note the ones whereby we have actually heard they are officially canceled. If friend have any kind of information about your city garage sale and do not check out it listed, you re welcome comment below. Give thanks to you and also hopefully following year we will be able to enjoy ar sales again.

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It’s the ideal time that the year, that’s right city-wide garage sales in MN space scattering throughout the state!

Minnesota garage revenue “season” is normally from April-September. However, moving sales, estate sales, and also consignment sales take place throughout the year.

If you’re like me, treasure hunting is among my favorite activities. I assumed it would certainly be much easier to have actually a one-stop list of when and where the sexy city garage sales might be uncovered in Minnesota. Because there wasn’t one ns liked, I decided to develop it because that you and also me!


But first, I’ve obtained a few tips for shopping at garage sales. And, if you’re thinking around hosting a sale, I’ve got good advice for that, together well.

Tips because that Shopping in ~ MN Garage Sales

Plan your route: Using the city-wide Minnesota garage revenue list below will definitely aid you be much more successful as a yard sale shopper. It can offer you a an excellent route because that the day. If you room trying to find garage sales at the last minute or because that this weekend close to you, shot downloading the “Yard Sale” app. Part garage sale hosts are now using this application to inform shoppers lock are open for business.

Dress casually: Don’t be too dressed up, you want to be casually dressed and comfortable. Garage sales can be a the majority of work, driving around, shopping, and loading her vehicle. Stay your many comfortable shoes, too.

Be hands-free: use a fanny fill (you know they are cool feather again), waist belt for runners, coat with big pockets, or a crossbody bag…any type of method to host your garage sale money and also leave both hands totally free for browsing, collecting, and paying for your sale items.

Bring tiny bills and also coins: some times having too big of bills deserve to be hard for the garage sale organize to break. Having actually the correct adjust makes your day go quicker so you can hit increase as numerous sales together you can.

Early or late in the day shopping: If you are on a quest for details things prefer baby gear, go early to find the finest stuff. If you are simply browsing for a basic list that items prefer clothing, dishes, Christmas decor or items come re-sell (at your garage revenue or virtual Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and eBay), go late in the day to snag great deals ~ above leftovers.

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Have a plan for larger items: If you space looking for huge items, like furniture or home gym equipment, have actually a plan in ar for hauling these types of purchases. If you don’t arrangement on to buy a big item during your garage sale shopping, yet happen to come across an remarkable deal be ready to pay for the item and also return the same day come haul the article away. I once snagged a hardly used hot bathtub from a neighbor who happened to ask my husband while searching if he would be interested in owning one. Following thing i knew we were arranging a community move the hot bath tub event!

Negotiate effectively: it is in nice. I understand it appears silly to have to cite this, but I have gone to city garage sales and have watched some shoppers be rude come the homeowner. If friend aren’t interested in the items because that sale just say thank you and leave. Top top the flip side if you space truly interested and want to do a deal avoid being over-anxious. Strike increase a conversation by asking concerns ask about the problem or why they are offering the item, questioning politely even if it is they space willing to come under on the price.

Take a break: If you arrangement a entirety day that city-wide garage revenue trekking, make certain you plan to take a quick break every pair of hours. Lug snacks and also water, or protect against at a park for lunch. Also, don’t forget to recognize where the regional bathrooms room you don’t want to have actually an accident. Never ask a homeowner if you can use their an individual bathroom, either. To trust me I witnessed a male pull as much as the garage sale and also ask if he might use their house bathroom…creppy. She said no. LOL

Always purchase Lemonade indigenous The Kids


Northern Minnesota City broad Garage Sales

APRILApril – Pleasantview Neighborhood, Sauk Rapids – PostponedMAYMay – Vermillion – CANCELLEDMay – Mora – CANCELLEDMay 10, 11 – Clinton – CANCELLEDMay 10, 11 – Sauk CentreMay 14, 15, 16 – IsantiMay 18 – Dilworth – CANCELLEDMay 18 – rush City – CANCELLEDMay 25 – RutledgeMay 27, 28, 29, 30 – RoyaltonJUNEJune 1 – Underwood – CANCELLEDJune 8 – Browns ValleyJune 16 – AitkinJune 25, 26, 27 – 2 HarborsJune 25, 26, 27 – RiceJULYJuly 31, respectable 1 – pine RiverAUGUSTSEPTEMBER

Central Minnesota City large Garage Sales

APRILApril 11, 12, 13 – Plato – CANCELLEDApril – Lamberton – CANCELLEDApril 27 – Dassel, MNApril 29, 30, might 1, 2 – Norwood Young AmericaMAYMay 4 – IsantiMay 11 – Litchfield – CANCELLEDMay 16, 17, 18 – Pleasantview neighborhood (Sauk Rapids)May 17, 18 – Glencoe – CANCELLEDMay 18 – Mayer – CANCELLEDMay 18 – Winsted CANCELLEDJUNEJULYJuly 2, 3, 4 – Cloquet and ScanlonJuly 18, 19, 20 – RichmondJuly 25, 26, 27 – Cologne – CANCELLEDJuly 26, 27 – Cold feather – CANCELLEDAUGUSTSEPTEMBER

Metro – Twin cities Minnesota City broad Garage Sales

MAYMay 18 – Kingfield community Minneapolis – CANCELLEDMay 18 – south Uptown neighborhood MinneapolisMay 31, June 1 – Kenny and Armatage neighborhoods (Minneapolis)JUNEJune 1 – Victory ar (Minneapolis) – CANCELLEDJune 6, 7, 8 – queens Valley neighborhood (Golden Valley)June 13, 14 – Arden Hills – CANCELLEDJune 27, 28, 29 – southern Saint Paul – CANCELLEDSeptember

Southern Minnesota City large Garage Sales

APRILApril 18, 19, 20 – TrimontApril 25, 26, 27 – Vasa/WelchApril 25, 26, 27, 28 – Caledonia – CANCELLEDApril 26, 27 – Courtland – CANCELLEDApril 26, 27 – Houston – CANCELLEDApril 26, 27 – Le center – CANCELLEDApril 27 – Howard Lake – CANCELLEDApril – new Richland – CANCELLED