Complete shining Lights, paris City18Bounty plank (Sanctuary)3208 XP, $692, attack Rifle or Pistol

Head over to Ellie in The Dust and she’ll point out that she desires to escalate the half-assed feud in between the Hodunks and Zafords to a greater level. She to plan on act this through planting the various other clan’s emblem after doing part “restructuring.” Go inside her garage and also grab both bunches the dynamite, then walk to the junkyard to grab the emblems.

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With every one of the item in your possession, the next thing you must do is head on end to the Hodunk Speedway and plant among the shooting powder on the assistance beam. Once it walk boom, plant the Zaford emblem on the tire and also head come your next objective, The divine Spirits. This is situated in The Highlands area and while friend can enter The holy Spirits (it’s its own area), you don’t desire to as the target is outside of it. Plant the fee on the tank outside, then leaving the Hodunk emblem. When you’re done, head inside and talk come Mick Zaford to finish the mission.


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Explosions and sabotage…two an excellent things.

Clan War: first Place¶

Complete vault mission16Mick Zaford (The divine Spirits in The Highlands)2611 XP, $275, Shotgun or Grenade

It’s time for part “payback” for what the Hodunks did come the Zafords’ distillery, so Mick argues going after your cars, which will certainly be at the racetrack. Follow him right into the basement and also grab the explosives that provides, climate head to The Dust. The racetrack is just beyond where you damaged their sign in the vault mission.


You’ll need to location the 4 explosives at certain spots on the track, which will be marked on your map. If you’re having trouble getting to the exactly area, then just follow the track until you get on the bridge, where you’ll discover the areas of the 4 spots needed. ~ above finishing the location of the explosives, you’ll need to acquire a vantage point.

Luckily, there is a ar near where you set the dynamite the the pyrotechnician deserve to be found. Rise up the ladder and also when ordered, kill the pyrotechnician that will certainly be sit on the couch. As quickly as friend do, the race between the Hodunks will certainly begin. You must wait till they are on the leg (there’s 3 of them) before pressing the detonator. If any type of vehicles survive, you’ll need to hunt them under personally. As quickly as you ruin all three vehicles, go back to Ellie to finish.

Clan War: reach the Dead Drop¶

Complete ahead mission16Jimbo Hodunk (Hodunk Speedway in The Dust)261 XP, $55

Jimbo, who needs a translator as result of his old man gibberish, wants you come clean the Zafords’ cash stash for them. Head come The Highlands and also then get to The holy Spirits, walking inside. You’ll find the Hodunk dead drop on the second floor, wherein this mission will certainly end.

Complete vault mission16Dead autumn (previous mission)2611 XP, Shotgun (Triquetra)

The Hodunks don’t know specifically where the Zafords keep their mystery cash stash, for this reason they want you come tail your bagman to its location. The catch is the if you gain too close, you could spook him and the mission will fail; this is likewise the case if you happen to fire a gun as well close. Once you very first go through the door where he is located, he will certainly come out of the door the opposite of you.


You have to be cautious not come be watched by the Bagman (left). Eventually, he will lead you come the cash stash (right).

The best thing to do is come wait until he beginning moving and also you see his objective marker pointing down, which way he has actually gone down a ladder. Position yourself at the peak of the ladder and also continue waiting here until he has actually gone a think about distance from you prior to you drop down yourself. Hear to the bagman’s ramblings to take note on to once he’ll gain to the cash stash.

Eventually, you’ll autumn down one more hole and will involved the Ale Wee Cavern, whereby you will ultimately be notified to death the bagman. The is equipped v a shotgun and likes come teleport around, therefore don’t it is in surprised to view him disappear now and also then. When he go teleport, he’ll leave behind one explosive existing that can cause corrosive damage, so save an eye the end for that.

Once the bagman finally goes down, loot the crucial he drops. Prior to you go to open up the exit, friend will notice that one optional objectice has made decision to popular music up, i m sorry is to loot ten stashes. These space the larger chests that normally contain ammunition, only currently they contain a most money instead. This optional objective will certainly disappear if girlfriend unlock the exit, so gain them now if friend want. Return to Jimbo Hodunk to end up the mission.

Clan War: Trailer Trashing¶

Complete previous mission16Steve (The Dust)2611 XP, $137, SMG or Rocket Launcher

Mick is a little bit peeved the someone reportedly from the Hodunks have killed his son, Peter (you understand who did it). The plans on acquiring revenge by burning their trailers come the ground, with an included optional target to obtain there at night therefore he deserve to see castle blazing. If it’s no night however in-game, you deserve to simply stand where you obtained the mission and wait until it does end up being night.

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Also, prior to heading to the trailer park, i beg your pardon is whereby you gained the with the Dead autumn mission from, you’re walking to require a fire weapon. Any kind that fire weapon will do, so friend don’t must go and grab a particular one. Her goal is to walk to the gas tanks attached to the four marked trailers, rotate the valve to open them and also then shoot lock to make them walk boom. While some opponents will display up, you perform not need to kill them and also once you make all 4 explode, go back to Steve to finish the mission.