7 reasons Why Resurrecting Lelouch In password Geass to be A good Idea (& 9 Why It was Terrible) Resurrecting code Geass" Lelouch basically undid the anime"s climactic ending, however it also helped to rectify a couple of niggling plot issues.

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In state of an excellent anime, Code Geass ranking highly, and also that is largely as result of how powerfully Lelouch enthralled his audience. Whether he supplied his geass on not, civilization were compelled to pay attention. Thanks to Ichiro Okouchi’s mindful strategy to the story, that is one that has actually survived for an ext than a decade and also still maintains a dedicated fanbase.

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Code Geass aimed to develop the story that a young man willing to do everything it required to make his world much better for those that loved, and, as with that young man, the show was steadfast—especially in its final act, Lelouch"s death. The newest rate in the franchise, Lelouch of the Re;surrection brings the titular hero back. If resurrecting Lelouch may seem like a great idea, in reality, points aren"t for this reason simple, and there are an excellent reasons why that is, in fact, terrible.

Updated by Alexandra Moroca ~ above September 29th, 2021: code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection has actually been the topic of much conflict in the fandom. In the release, the hero of the show, Lelouch is given a 2nd chance after his disastrous fate in ~ the finish of the show. Part fans have been dazzling at ultimately seeing your hero take it up arms against a fierce adversary again. Others have said that Lelouch"s fatality was the perfect ending and his plan all along. In truth, over there are plenty of benefits to this twist, but likewise many reasons why the brand-new addition come the Code Geass world should have actually taken a different approach.

Fans had actually theorized because that years that Lelouch was alive and also based those theories about C.C."s last line. It was unclear if she was addressing him directly or simply talking to him the same method some people talk to shed loved ones. The dissection the the scene showed the strength that the series had and how it had actually trained its pan to constantly expect a clever trick from that is protagonist.

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But the creator insisted native the outset that the series that Lelouch dying to be the endgame, other foretold in countless of Lelouch"s very own words. Bringing him ago to life, when satisfying for a long-time fan, feels prefer it cheapens the high-stakes human being that Ichiro Okouchi built. To give the creators credit, the 3 recap movies that preceded Lelouch that the Re;surrection had been building up to it. Fans are lastly given your answer and also learn that Lelouch go die through no will to survive--but they perform so just for C.C. To ruin it v her plan to resurrect him.

one of the most interesting moments in 2019 because that anime was the release of the trailer for the new Code Geass installment, greatly featuring Lelouch ~ above screen. Fans had already gotten a taste of that feeling prior to when Akito the Exiled premiered. Numerous viewers tried to decipher whereby it took place and if this confirmed that Lelouch was alive after the finish of the initial series.

Getting to see Lelouch making use of his geass once much more in a trailer for a film through resurrection in the title to be a minute fans won’t forget. Unfortunately, the footage in the initial trailer was never used, i beg your pardon didn"t sit well through some viewers.

Leaving beside Lelouch"s desire to take down his father and avenge his mother, the story that Code Geass constantly rotated approximately the conflict between Lelouch and his best friend turn enemy, Suzaku Kururugi. The enmity in between the two--forged after ~ Lelouch kills Suzaku"s key love interest Euphemia--has made countless fans unjustly despise Suzaku. The pilots the knightmare frame Lancelot against Lelouch"s black Knights and even kills Lelouch in the end, but his actions space understandable. In any case, even if it is viewers favor him or not, the fact remains the Suzaku is vital part the Code Geass.

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In Lelouch the the Re;surrection, that just doesn"t show. He has actually some good moments, but he"s greatly a shadow of what he supplied to be. His solid connection through Lelouch vanishes, to the hinderance of both characters.

13 an excellent Idea: The two Friends carry out Reunite & set Past differences Aside

The movie may have actually done a many of damages to Suzaku"s character, however it does add a few welcome moment of interaction in between Suzaku and Lelouch. Suzaku"s reunion through Lelouch packs a bigger beat than many of the scenes in the movie— literally. Suzaku"s eight at see his friend lively is far more believable and emotional than the other characters" reaction to Lelouch"s resurrection. The two friends reconcile, in their own way, which bring a kind of ache closure to their arc.

having acknowledged the truth that some people may no be top top board v Lelouch"s resurrection, the team behind Code Geass released three movies that produced an alternative universe. Dubbed Initiation, Transgression, and Glorification, the movie changed key events throughout the series without damaging the major plot points. Lelouch still has actually himself assassinated, but the an essential to saving Lelouch turns out to it is in Shirley shedding her facility storyline.

In a series that hinged on developing complications because that its characters, the a shame the the only way they could conceive Lelouch enduring was v simplifying among their ideal female characters. To do matters worse, Shirley barely shows up in the sequel movie, which renders her ahead involvement it seems ~ unnecessary.

11 an excellent Idea: that Sheds some Light on What could Have taken place After Lelouch"s arrangement Worked

In the finale of Code Geass, Lelouch choose to draw all the world"s hatred upon himself. This way, everyone else can obtain a 2nd chance, one the will permit them to move forward while leaving behind warmongering. Lelouch the the Re;surrection renders it clear the his idea walk work, but only for a little while. Over there were other interests in play, and not anyone was happy with his decision.

The country of Zilkhstan--whose main trade was in providing mercenary services--shatters the tranquility Lelouch bought v his life. The pair leaders of Zilkhstan, Shamna and Shalio, have additional interests, together Shamna is also a Geass user and intends to usage it to twist Lelouch"s human being into something entirely new.

Lelouch’s plan was to hold together the world about the devastation of an angry emperor, however with the success of C.C."s plan, the demon has been brought back. Throughout their time abroad, C.C. And also Lelouch regulate to continue to be underneath the radar, yet even so, his an easy existence areas the Zero Requiem in danger. If someone were to find out he to be alive and also reveal the truth to the world, it could come to be a real problem.

9 destructive Idea: the Aborts Nunnally"s Arc transforming Her right into A Plot device Again

one of the most endearing and important components of Lelouch"s personality has constantly been his connection with his sister Nunnally. After ~ the Zero Requiem, Nunnally to be left behind ~ Lelouch sacrificed himself together the sacrificial lamb he believed his civilization needed. It was clear that she possessed the top quality of a benevolent ruler, yet the inquiry remained if the remainder of the civilization would have the ability to accept her or view her as someone weak to it is in deposed.

In Re;surrection, fans acquire to check out that she being a true leader was never also considered. She is only an Honorary Consultant for the UFN. To provide her credit, she has successfully been dealing with peacekeeping missions, with Suzaku"s loyal support. Unfortunately, this doesn"t last. She is bring away captive and also used as a device in Shamna"s arrangement to channel the power of Charles"s Geass. In the bigger picture, she is as soon as again turned into a plot device and who Lelouch needs to save, which walk nothing for her character arc.

Lelouch making it through doesn’t seem to have anything to perform with Nunnally being captured and Suzaku gift unable to conserve her, but, there is no him, the chances of her escaping were low. Since this isn’t a direct sequel to the series, that is impossible to say that Nunnally would have actually been kidnapped on the goodwill mission, however it appears likely. Due to the fact that they were going up versus someone who had actually the ability to travel earlier in time, without Lelouch’s unrivaled strategic prowess, Nunnally may have even died in the main reality.

7 disastrous Idea: Lelouch"s emotionally Involvement In His Sister"s Presence and also Rescue appears Lackluster

in spite of the close, practically obsessive link Lelouch had actually with Nunnally in vault installments of the series, the recently resurrected Lelouch doesn"t it seems ~ to show the exact same investment in her well-being. That does want to conserve her, but compared to his vault intensity, he appears aloof and almost uncaring. His fire has completely burned out. It"s understandable, considering that there have to be some side effects to dying and also being brought back. Even so, it"s a basic change come the character that doesn"t really fit him. That felt as if his resurrection did damage to who he truly was.

C.C. No the most energetic character in the plot the the key series. For the most part, she was satisfied to watch what Lelouch would carry out with a power that had caused her so lot hurt and also loneliness. In a way, it is a large part of her story arc, being displayed that the curse she believed she boring wasn’t specifically as it seemed.

However, if C.C. Was supposed to be in love with Lelouch every along, that is difficult to accept that she wouldn’t try to prevent him native enacting his plan, or at the very least come up with one of her own so the they might both acquire what they want. Developing this alternating universe whereby C.C. Is the one responsible for his resurrection gives her an company that she didn’t totally have before.

5 destructive Idea: The emphasis On Lelouch & C.C. Pipeline Very tiny Room for Kallen

Kallen Kozuki shows up in Code Geass together Zero"s most trusted black color Knight and also protector. Her rivalry through Suzaku and her prowess in the Knightmare frame Guren space both legendary. It"s thus quite outrageous the in Lelouch the the Re;surrection, she is likewise reduced to a grasp of scenes the don"t really show the depth of she character. She and also Suzaku both have intense battle scenes, but it seems choose the two are just there to make huge explosions.

Kallen might not acquire a the majority of time to shine, however she does manage to connect with Lelouch as soon as he is tho a shell of his previous self. Her reaction to seeing him is important endearing, and the means she stop his mindless form and cries is a touching minute that continues to be in the hearts of her fans.

3 terrible Idea: Lelouch"s Return provides The Zero Requiem Obsolete & Unbalanced In Suzaku"s Disfavor

The finishing of the film indicates that Lelouch is walking to continue being “dead.” He offers up his name and also starts going by the initials L.L. To imply that while he may have actually returned, he’s no going ago to his old ways. V Nunnally saved and Suzaku return to being Zero, things are back on track because that the tranquility Lelouch wanted.

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But all points considered, this reiterates the reality that the Zero Requiem important wasn"t a good idea. Lelouch is a understand strategist that is able come deduce the someone has the power to travel into the past once she die after she is able to predict every one of his moves. He must have actually known his fatality wasn"t truly necessary. That was never ever really just around peace, but rather, around Lelouch"s desire come die and Suzaku"s desire to be punished. And with Lelouch"s return, only among these facets has to be preserved. Suzaku lives on moving the burden of Lelouch"s command, yet Lelouch is complimentary of the obligation of what he has done. It is unjust and it unbalances the initial ending.

romantic was never ever at the love of Code Geass, so it"s no surprise that the ending of the original anime didn"t precisely wrap up their story in a means that do shippers happy. Instead, it gave us a forlorn C.C. Who appeared to have discovered happiness many thanks to Lelouch however didn"t must be with him.

This universe"s C.C. Is less satisfied v letting Lelouch contact the shots. That didn"t consider her in regards to killing himself, and so she doesn"t see any need to take his feelings right into account as soon as resurrecting him. Lelouch comes back to her, and also after the battle ends, the 2 leave together. Lelouch"s pledge to adjust his name for her is a clear acknowledgment the his love and dedication come her.

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1 disastrous Idea: that Made C.C."s character Almost Impossible to Recognize

Lelouch and also C.C."s romance may have been endearing, yet it additionally made C.C."s character impossible to recognize. She seems far an ext outspoken and also open than the emotionally far witch faithful fans know from the series. Her emotional eight in the cockpit that the Mahoroba is completely out that character. Her brand-new pilot fit doesn"t help, together it"s hard to take someone seriously as soon as they"re gift so blatantly objectified. She might have conveniently grown together a character and also even taken procedures to resurrect Lelouch without turning into an entirely various person.

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