I have been security too lot time recently on internet, just reading site by site, without any kind of goal, just clicking in each link that was under the mouse’s pointer…. And after some time I found a "strange" thing. It was a well-known (sub-culture) sentence the you could find all roughly internet. I realize the a lot of of world use it, also earn money through it, or they just use it because that the title of their website or blog. Also as a tags of a nick name in forums, and it surprised me since it was popularly used and I didn’t know where it came from.So, as Morpheo said in the ‘Matrix’ "You feeling something strange but you don’t recognize what is it", i felt the same about this sentence; "Come to the dark side, we have actually cookies". What is it? Why is it soooo famous? where does that come from? Why civilization sell t-shirts through this sentence (another site)? Why there are icons, pictures, cups, etc around it? and also Why the looks sooo comercial, for this reason funny, sooo interesting,… it is entirely a capture phrase. For all of these, I began to investigate…

Of course, when you hear "Come come the dark side…" the very first thing that concerned our mind is Star battles so I made decision to start in this point. "Come to the dark side…" provides sense. Darth Vader called it to Luke Skywalker…. And we every know just how did the story end. In fact, in order come be an ext precise, almost to a freaky-star-wars level, Darth Vader claimed as follows: "Come to the dark side,… together we will dominion the galaxy". Wowww, a tasty proposal, an overwhelming to reject,… but luckly (or not) Luke didn’t accept. Today, i wander what would had happened if Darth Vader would had actually said: "Come come the dark side, we have actually cookies". Possibly Luke would had answered "YES" without any type of doubt and I would had found finally the origin of the sentence. However this is no the case…


Some people in net assure that the beginning of the sentence is indigenous a renowned rock song, yet anybody remember the name of the band or the title of the song, and also others assure that the sentence was taken indigenous a book, one unknown Lovecraft’s book probably, however I wouldn’t bet tough for it, although friend can always find very interesting and also impressive paragraph in books…

Of course, girlfriend can constantly find the "silly" answers which i didn’t take into account (which the doesn’t average they might not be the real beginning of the sentence)… inside this team you can uncover Harry Potter and also Stargate stuff,… ns don’t think they are severe answers the the question due to the fact that the sentence looks lot older than these stuff (according the moment it looks have actually been supplied since). Therefore if the sentence appears in harry potter or Stargate is due to the fact that they take it it from somewhere else…


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Of course if anybody understand the prize of the question, ns cheer him/her as much as send a comment and also bring part light ~ above this mystery. I would appreciate it a many


My very own opinion, after every the time invested on the

, is that probably the idea was in fact taken from in other places (probably a movie, probably Star Wars) and also it just flourished up in the city culture, mouth to mouth, because it to be fresh, it to be funny, it to be a record phrase.

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Is prefer those kind of points that a friend explain you and in a bit, without to be aware of it, you space explaining that to somebody else, or simply using it in any kind of other place. Thus, it has end up being a renowned sentence around all the world, provided in every single object, made famed by all US, in addition in internet, whereby the exceptional and an effective sentences to contact the attention of anyone are very well evaluate (and not just in advertising or service but in applications and also services together Messenger, web page or forums as well).