Local comic shops welcome readers back for complimentary Comic publication day in 2021 after critical year's occasion was cancelled because of COVID. (Patrick Cooley, incubadoradeartistas.com)

incubadoradeartistas.com, Ohio - After gift canceled in 2020 because of the pandemic, the popular complimentary Comic publication Day makes its return in 2021, albeit a few months later than usual.

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Saturday, august 14, marks the return that the yearly event, began in 2002, and also many regional shops have a wide selection of activities, unique promotions and complimentary comic books easily accessible for both hardcore pan and new readers alike. We’ve compiled a list of 21 stores in Northeast Ohio that space participating in the promo this year.

In enhancement to the cost-free books, numerous locations will likewise have comic artists and writers visiting. An ext information around the books that will be easily accessible can be uncovered by visiting freecomicbookday.com.

Several regional shops made decision to skip this year’s event. In addition, some other owners discussed a degree of uncertainty around the virus make planning difficult, leading to them scaling earlier their promotions.

John Dudas the Carol and also John’s Comics in incubadoradeartistas.com had actually the following to say: “I personally encourage everyone to visit as many comic shops as they can that day come really obtain a feeling for every little thing the culture has come offer. A many shops had to put quite a many blind confidence into placing their events together early on on, hoping that they’d actually be able to have one once the date came...All area shops need to be applauded for your efforts!”

The shop will be offering away thousands of complimentary comics (limit 10 every person) also as extr extras for at an early stage attendees. Legendary “X-Men” writer chris Claremont will be in the store signing autographs (1 free per guest, $10 for added autographs). Dozens of regional artists will be doing complimentary sketches for guests. Additional events for the day incorporate a Claremont-themed arts show and also the Rust Belt Monsters cumulative will be paint a live Avengers-themed 12 foot mural.

Full slate of complimentary books will be easily accessible (limit among each book per family). Elevation comic creators, rick Lozano that “American Knight” and Chris Ilcisko and also Milo Miller, writers of “The Heel,” will be visiting. In addition, the store will it is in running number of sales (25 percent turn off toys and also statues, 50 percent off sets and 50 percent turn off current back issues).

Large assortment of publications to be given away, including some books from critical year. Local artist Al Sharp will certainly be doing totally free sketches. Limit of 3 publications per guest.

All guest will obtain a seize bag of 3 free comics while offers last. Seize bags will be collection up by period range. Revenue items in the store will incorporate trade paperbacks, activity figures, Funko popular music figures, and all licensed apparel.

All earlier issues will be an additional 20 percent off. Local writer Tim Ingram will be in the store promoting his book “Hellplayer.” 2 complimentary titles every guest.

Free Comic book Day corresponds with the store’s one-year anniversary. Festivities begin Friday indigenous 8 p.m. - 11:30 p.m. In ~ Bottlehouse incubadoradeartistas.com, followed by a midnight opened (until 2 a.m.) featuring over 40 totally free books to pick from. 1 copy of each title per guest, topic to availability.

From 3-8 p.m. Saturday, the store will hold local comic creators and also artists in ~ Bottlehouse Lakewood, including local comic legends Jake Kelly, man G., and also Gary and also Laura Dumm. Additionally, members of The Apollo base of the Star battles Rebel Legion will certainly be in the save from 3 p.m. - 8 p.m. For picture opportunities. All purchases Friday night and Saturday will enter guests in a raffle because that a chance at comics, games and raffle baskets. Raffle begins Saturday night at 8 p.m. And runs till 10 p.m.

In enhancement to publications from this year, part titles from critical year will likewise be available. Every guest may select up to 5 free titles. Additional books accessible to guest who make a donation of at least $3 come the Comic book Legal Defense Fund.

In addition to cost-free comics and other unique deals, the save will also be hosting raffles to advantage A distinct Wish incubadoradeartistas.com. Guests because that the work include activity Art, TCG Traphouse and also Heroes unified for children in Ohio.
mr_jollys_8_bit_kingdom will likewise be in the save displaying your wares. Guests are asked to limit themselves to one copy of each title.

Special deals will certainly be following throughout the day. Neighborhood artist Nick Podgorny will certainly be on place selling prints. Limit 5 books per person.

Multiple specials every day including select $1 back issues, 25 percent off action figures and also toys and 50 percent off other choose items. Guest artists incorporate Darryl Banks, Brandon Franklin and also Landon Franklin. In enhancement to 2021 books, some free books indigenous prior year will likewise be available. Border 10 complimentary books per guest.

Celebrating 20 years of FCBD. End 40,000 ago issues ~ above sale for $1 each. Select magazines, activity figures, DVDs, graphic novels and much more will likewise be top top sale. “The Fuhrer and also the Tramp” writers Sean McArdle and also Jon Judy space also collection to appear. Limit 3 cost-free books per guest.

Doors open at 11 a.m. Passes will be handed the end to the an initial 10-12 guests. Additional guests will be allowed to get in the keep as those guest leave.

A storewide 20-percent-off sale will certainly be to run all day. Roughly 40 free titles will be available. Guests are asked to border themselves to 8-10 publications per person.

The save will likewise be having a sale on comic back issues. You re welcome note free comics are minimal to 5 every person.

In save guests will be local artist Damion Kendrick, creator and also artist on the books “Chang Fury” and also “Knightglaive,” and also Dan Gorman, artist on “Kringle” from resource Point Press and “Mississippi Zombie” and also “Harvest of Horrors” indigenous Caliber Comics. Likewise appearing, Marvel artist Matt Horak. Artists will be signing, sketching, and also doing commissions. Additionally, all earlier issues significant $6 or less will be only $1.00. Revenue excludes wall books, slabs and also shelf books. Guests are asked to limit themselves to one copy of every issue.

Stuff Genie Comics and Collectibles

(330) 575-5579; 556 W. Tuscarawas Ave, Barberton, 44203

Opening 9:30 a.m. Because that Team 25 Members; continual customers gain in at 10 a.m.

In keep guests will certainly be Caleb Thusat, creator and writer the “Supercats” released by reconnaissance Comics and also Brian Dunphy, artist on “Spaced Out” from source Point Press. Thusat will be in the save until 2 p.m. And also Dunphy will be existing all day. Additionally, all earlier issues will be $1.00. Revenue excludes wall books, slabs and also shelf books. Guests room asked to border themselves to one copy of every issue.

Sweets & Geeks

342 E. Blacksmith Road, Medina; 330-662-4272

Open Saturday native 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.

All guests can receive one gold or two Silver comics (see website because that list) because that free. Guests in super-hero-themed outfits will receive a free candy act bag. A costumed super hero will additionally be present to pose because that photos through guests. Every comics and super hero goods is discounted 15 percent (LEGO excluded). In addition, there will certainly be a scavenger hunt in the store and a Barrio food van on site.

The playthings Time Forgot

137 Cherry St E, Canal Fulton; 330-854-1700

11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Day includes face paintings, Music by JT, food, raffles and prizes & lot more. Additionally, there is a storewide sale of 20%-30% off. Limit 10 complimentary books per person.

Special guests because that the work include: Ghostbusters that Northeast Ohio; Tony Isabella, writer for DC and also Marvel Comics, and creator of “Black Lightning,” pop culture artist Ed Griffie, spray paint artist Daniel Watts; Lee Chandler, writer/creator of the independent comic, “Millennials” and Riley Rivera, comic publication superhero “Hope” from resource Point Press.

Is her store missing from our list? you re welcome e-mail mrose
incubadoradeartistas.com v your store info and event details.

Note to readers: if you purchase something through among our affiliate links we may earn a commission.

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